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  1. I seem to remember feeding Fiona peas a lot. And some goldfish keepers make a habit of feeding peas every day to help regulate digestion. I don't use peas anymore for some reason. But I see no problem as long as you're feeding your fish something else to go with the peas.

  2. So...

    How many gf can we get in there and how big would they get? :tbanana

    Yes! :) "Kokosgoldfish.com and sponsors are now the record holders for world's largest goldfish tank". I can see it now. Would it not be amazing to swim with our little buddies?

  3. I add in water usually twice a week.

    You add in water twice a week? Do you mean you change the water (like take some out and put new water in) or you simply add water after some has evaporated? Because adding new water is not the same as changing water. Since just water evaporates from the tank, you're not taking out any of the waste in the tank by simply adding water. Please post water parameters asap and specify about water changes.

  4. She could vary well have an intestinal blockage and fasting her would be a good idea. The reason I suggested eggs was the sudden on set and the swelling on one side. However, when you say the food won't stay in long do you mean that she spits it out? Spitting food out is a sign of parasites or a blockage. I am not sure that I would continue the Maracyn. I would try fasting her feeding peas, and using the epsom salts and see how it goes. You should replace the amount of epsom salt you took out with the waterchange. This link will help you out with your meds. Meds

    Good advice. Although remember, if you're simply replacing evaporated water to a salt treatment tank, remember not to add any salt, as the water may evaporate, but the salt stays in the tank.

  5. I have a 75 gallon tank with 19 fishes in it, but the 19 fishes only stay on the right side of the tank. And even though they have a lot of space, when i clean the tank, their is so much feces and other excretions by the fish. So should I move them into a smaller tank?

    First off, let me ask what kind of goldfish you intend to keep in the tank. If you intend to keep comets, or common goldfish, you won't have a chance of fitting them all in there, especially once they grow. If you're keeping fancy goldfish, monitor their water quality. Ideally, you should have more room for 19 goldfish. The standard rule is 10 gallons per fish, but maybe that rule becomes less relevant when your numbers grow? A picture of the tank with the fish in it would be helpful. Another thing, how long have the fish been in the tank?

  6. First time poster here, you see i have 2 goldfishes which i have separated because they're scales are hanging out. Could someone please tell me what this disease or disorder is??

    -Night Stalker1

    Welcome to Koko's. You will find a lot of help here :)

    Now onto your fish. By hanging out, I think you mean your fish's scales are protruding, or sticking out from the abdomen, sort of like a pine cone. It looks to me as if your fish might have the beginnings of Dropsy, a syndrome some goldfish catch. Could you please post a picture of the infected fish and your water parameters, as well as tank size and water change schedule? Thanks, and keep us posted.

  7. Bette Davis did, however, miss me enough to produce a creepy toothy *thing* which is currently growing out of her side ,that I'm sure will soon turn into a tumor the size of my fist, rendering her fins useless and forcing her to scoot along the bottom of her tank whilst using her eyeballs as stubby little legs.

    Or, maybe she's evolving what every goldfish covets...a second mouth...


    Scary mental image.

    Hahahaha. SOO true. Fiona would kill for a second mouth/stomach. She nearly chokes herself trying to fit as much as possible into her tiny mouth.

  8. Hum, well your tank's water parameters look pretty good except for those darned nitrates, have you tested your water out of the tap? I suspect they're probably high in your water supply, and I'm not sure there is much you can do about that. As far as what's wrong with your fish have you seen her poo? Is it white and stringy or normal (the color of her food)? I am thinking she's probably egg impacted since she's just swollen on one side or has some type of bacterial thing going on inside. What dosage of epsom salt did you use? If it was eggs the epsom salt should have helped.

    Thanks for the quick response. I don't have nitrates in my tap water-I don't know where they come from. They run about the same in ny 125 gallon tank of various tropical freshwater fish. I haven't actually seen anyone poop in the tank for a while, but I do see poop around. I don't know who it comes from, though. This morning, Blacklip did have a small, thin piece of poop coming out-about 1.4 inch long. It was the color of her food-brown. It didn't move much in the 45 minutes or so I observed her this morning before I went to work. It was gone when I got home. She is still trying to eat, but the food just won't stay in for long. The maracyn two treatment was done, so I changed the water (about 30%) tonight--should I add more epsom salt? By the way, I had added 1/4 teaspoon/10 gallons water epsom salts. Maybe it will just take a little longer. I did find some medicated fish food at the pet store--maybe I'll try that since the Maracyn is done--it's made by jungle labs and contains sodium sulfathiazole and nitrofurazone. I'll just see what happens for a few days unless anyone has any other ideas--I feel bad for her laying there on the bottom, but she doesn't seem to be in pain or anything. Thanks again.


    She could be egg bound, but I find when goldfish float and are bloaty, sometimes it's a problem with their diet...at least that's what was wrong with Fiona. Go ahead with your treatments, but you might want to think about fasting your goldfish for around 2 or 3 days to help clear a potential blockage in her intestines. Since your water parameters are somewhat ok, this seems like a likely candidate for what is ailing your fish. BTW, does your fish have sort of pine conish scales? Like do they protrude away from her body unusually? This is a telltale sign of Dropsy, a serious fish illness.

    Keep us posted.

  9. Welcome to Koko's. :) you'll find a lot of good info and nice people here.

    First off, I'm impressed you took so much initiative and got a bigger tank, filter, and test strips. But I am with Chrissy when she said that strips aren't as accurate as drop test kits.

    With regards to the temperature vs. lightbulb thing, it helps if you have fluorescent lights for goldfish, as they give off much less heat than traditional incandescent lights. As an added bonus, they give off a cleaner looking pale light, as oppose to a yellowish gold light. That's just a pro for me though. If you can't get fluorescent lights, for now, try turning off your fish's lights the majority of the time, except when feeding. Goldfish don't really need all that much light, and having lights is more for our convenience (and if one wishes to grow plants).

    Good luck with the fish :)

  10. I'm concerned about the PH, not that it is low but that you want to alter it. Sure, 6 is low for PH but fish can tolerate a wide variety of PH levels, they get used to them but they can't tolerate sudden changes. Between doing water changes, adding and then readding ph buffers, you may cause more stress. I lost a fish during a PH crash where I resorted to PH buffers

    Just to clarify this info - a tank is more at risk of PH crash the lower the PH. The higher the PH, the more alkalinity the water contains - this alkalinity acts like a sponge in absorbing the acidifying process of the nitrogen cycle (ammonia is alkaline, but as it is converted into nitrate it becomes acidic). A tank in the 6.00 range is far more at risk of a crash then if it can be buffered to about 7.5. Coral and Buff it Up will not cause a crash; they prevent it. Other products like PH7 or Perfect PH have been known to crash the PH so those ones are to be avoided. It is important to test the KH (this measures carbonate hardness, rather than GH which tests mineral content)as this provides a more acurate picture than just PH.

    The PH must always be raised gradually to avoid stress. A drop is far harder on a fish then a rise, by the way. It may be that the water is lower in KY than TN - this would have been a stressor to the fish.

    Hope this makes things clear.

    Like I said, I had this problem a while back and some crushed coral solved it. It's cheap and easy to find. Plus, it does not drastically alter your pH as some chemical buffers or additives can. Another bonus is you don't have to keep adding more and more, I never have. It just does it's job.

  11. it sounds like you have a very good grasp on how to keep goldfish. I would just like to add that the bulk of a goldfish's diet should be composed of vegetables. brine shrimp do make a good treat though, so I would feed that once or twice a week. it's difficult to say just how much you should be feeding your fish, but generally the right portions are much smaller then we think we should be feeding them. I wouldn't worry too much about under feeding your goldfish :)

    Like I said, I've been keeping Fiona for almost 3 years now, and I've definitely been through a lot in terms of Goldfish care, so yes, I know my stuff :) . But I surely don't know everything, which is exactly why I come here to this valuable source of information. Where did you hear Vegetables are supposed to make up the bulk of the diet? I always thought that it was proper to balance vegetables with meats (brine shrimp, beef heart etc.) to get a healthy combination of minerals as well as proteins and fatty acids that goldfish need to stay healthy. Hmmm.

  12. It sounds to me like more than anything, your fish were probably stressed from the move, and therefore, had a weakened immune system, making them more vulnerable to disease.

    I can't think of anything that white spot could be. It does not sound like Ich the way you phrased it (as a large pimple ready to pop) so perhaps it is some other sort of fungus. Does your fish have a wen? This white spot could also be just another part of the wen starting to sprout up. Or is your fish a male? It's unlikely, but perhaps your bump is a breeding tubercle. Males get them when they're frisky and ready to mate. A picture would really really help.

    The pH is Wayyy too low. You should be somewhere around 7.5 for goldfish, as I recall. Start by checking the pH of your tap water. If it is high enough, try doing daily or twice daily water changes of 30 to 50 percent to stabilize the pH. Another thing you can do (I've done this myself) is add crushed coral to your filter or gravel. It helps raise the pH in your water.

    Good luck, and keep us posted :)

  13. Wow. You take very good care of your goldie. She is lucky to have come to you. Congratulations. You deserve to be very proud.

    Thank you Anielynn. A Goldfish keeper is always pleased to hear he takes good care of his fish. I'm sure you are quite the fish keeper yourself :) .

  14. Hey everyone, new and old, I'm back!

    I'm sorry my absence was so long. I became very busy toward the end of my school year, with studying and life just became complicated for me. Don't worry, I still took and continue to take good care of my darling goldfish, Fiona. :)

    I just had a question about her feeding regimens.

    If anyone here remembers me from a while ago, you will remember also that my only Goldfish, Fiona, has always had a sensitive stomach. Given prepared foods (flakes, pellets, gel food) her stomach bloats and she has a nasty case of the floats and struggled to remain right side up. It absolutely broke my heart, so I started feeding her only natural, fresh or frozen foods that I prepare myself only minutes prior to feeding (these foods include fresh, blanched spinach/broccoli and thawed brine shrimp). I did feed her twice a day for a long time, but given her sensitivity to foods, I decreased her feeding to once a day. I alternate every day between greens and brine shrimp, one feeding per day, and she seems happy and healthy. To my greatest pleasure, She has not had one case of bloating since her new diet has been in order. However, I do sometimes wonder if she is hungry with her once a day feeding? I always take to heart the saying "a hungry goldfish is a happy goldfish" but being a goldfish parent, we always wonder about our dear aquatic friends.

    Just for specifications, Fiona is an almost 3 year old Telescope eye goldfish. She resides by herself in her furnished, 29 gallon tank, with 50 percent water changes every week. She currently has 2 filters running (a common hang on filter and a canister filter with UV sterilizer) as well as an aerator.

    Once again, hello everyone. It's good to be back :)


  15. *Sigh* well, most of you will remember my post around a month ago containing a complaint that my fish Fiona was bottom sitting very frequently, and suffered from a red, irritated lower left tailfin. Currently, there is no reason to my knowledge why this should be happening. Perhaps someone could offer some help?

    Tank Params:

    Ammonia: 0

    pH: 7.5

    Nitrates: 10

    Nitrites: 0

    Temp: 75

    I've been doing weekly water changes of over 30% as well, and doing weekly tank scrub downs. I also changed her filter last week to rid the possibility of something rotting and being caught in there. She still has 1 filter to be changed though (her canister filter). Just out of curiosity, how often does a canister filter need to be rinsed/changed?

    Fiona currently lives off a diet of fresh veggies (blanched zucchini, brocolli) and brine shrimp. She gets 1 meal a day as she has a very sensetive tummy and has suffered slight swim bladder issues in the past due to her diet. She can't eat anything pre-prepared (flakes, pellets, gel food) so she's really eating the best in fishy cuisine.

    I can't seem to find out what could be wrong, no matter how many times I scratch my head. Could some salt help to heal her red fin? Or perhaps some Melafix? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's the older picture of what Fiona's fin looked like. I couldn't get a good shot of it tonight, but it's virtually the same, maybe a little more redness.


    I think it's good that it hasn't spread to her other fins, or parts of her body. That means it's not an infection right? And I don't think it's something like hemoraggic septicemia, because that starts with cysts on the body and moves down to the fins. At least that's what it did with my other fish. Thanks for the help guys!

  16. Oh my gosh they're so cute :) you must be so proud! I know I would be. You've taken great care of them. Hehe that's so funny to see the little goldfish baby poops :D .

    P.S-your "Pseudo Ranchu" could be twins with minx's fish. She has one just like that! :)

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