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    My little Fiona has been with me for almost 3 years now. I got her at vvvv for a bargian, and took her home when she was but the size of my thumb. Upon arrival, she was quarantined, and treated before being introduced to the main tank with my other goldfish. Unfortunately, my other goldfish was kind of nuts and decided she'd make a lovely snack. After having around half of all her fins bitten off, Fiona hid under a leaf where I found her after school. Chester was removed from the tank and died a few months later. Fiona regained strength, to my amazement, and now has long, beautiful fins, as well as marvelous coloration. She's also layed eggs a few times, showing her rediness for a boyfriend :).
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I'm interested in Music, Orchestra, Bass (classical), Symphony, movies (especially ones based a long time ago like pirates of the Caribbean), reading (somewhat), outdoors, friends, and of course, Goldfish! :)

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