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    My little Fiona has been with me for almost 3 years now. I got her at vvvv for a bargian, and took her home when she was but the size of my thumb. Upon arrival, she was quarantined, and treated before being introduced to the main tank with my other goldfish. Unfortunately, my other goldfish was kind of nuts and decided she'd make a lovely snack. After having around half of all her fins bitten off, Fiona hid under a leaf where I found her after school. Chester was removed from the tank and died a few months later. Fiona regained strength, to my amazement, and now has long, beautiful fins, as well as marvelous coloration. She's also layed eggs a few times, showing her rediness for a boyfriend :).
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  1. Thanks guys. I hope 30 minutes in the solution was enough. I didn't see any movement after 10 minutes, but I just wanted to make sure she was nice and "asleep" before I buried her. I would hate for her to have woken up after I buried her.
  2. Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the help, but I ultimately decided to just let her go. I fixed her up with some clove oil blended nicely into some of her tank water and put her in a decently sized bowl. It took a few minutes, but she stopped breathing. She didn't struggle too much, I was even able to pick her out of the tank with just my hand. I know I made the right decision. It wasn't fair to her to make her suffer longer without me there to help her, and it wouldn't have been fair to my parents to make them look after my sick, dying fish. So in the end, I thank you all so much for your help and support. Dropsy really is the silent killer. I only had a few days to realize what was going on, and by that time, it was too late. I never thought she would go this soon, she had always been a strong little girl and I had always taken good care of her. She lived 3 years and even laid eggs twice. I am proud that I have given her such a full life. I think I will bury her in the backyard, so she can live on in our garden and help give life to other things. It was a hard thing to do, but when the time came, the choice was made for me. Thanks everyone.
  3. So today I got the medicine and medicated fish food for her, but I came home and she was one her side, breathing sort of heavily, and with a few scales falling out I can't stand to see her like this. I know she must be suffering. I got Maracyn-Two, but I don't know. I am seriously thinking of just putting her down, instead of risking causing her more pain at the expense of my parents. My mom in particular is an animal lover and can't stand to see them suffer. So, what should I do? I leave in a few hours. Should I use clove oil, if I choose to put her to sleep?
  4. Well, since I'll be going out of town for a while, I don't think the ordering medicated food thing would work. But I'll talk to my parents. Also, will the Jungle anti-parasite food even work? I trust your judgment and you seem very experienced (and you have been most helpful!) but isn't dropsy a bacterial thing, not a parasitic condition? But maybe the food acts in multiple ways? I'd like to thank you two for your ongoing support. Whenever Fiona is sick, I just go to pieces. I get so stressed out and I'm really not myself when my little Fifers is sick! So, alongside the medical attention you are showing me and my fish, I also thank you for the prompt posting and psychological support you guys have shown for me. I am beginning to remember why I loved this place so much
  5. How do I start the salt treatment? I have a thing of Aquarium Salt from API, will that work? I will try and get my hands on those meds fast! Thanks for the prompt responses, everyone. What could have caused this? I mean, her water quality doesn't seem that bad. Her fins are looking a little raw, but she's had them bitten off almost to the nubbins before (years ago by a psycho goldfish) and she was a fighter and made it through. I am treating her fins with some API green tea extract medicine and frequent water changes. Anyway, is Dropsy sort of an auto-immune thing like cold sores, where you either have it or don't? Can it just appear?
  6. Here are some pictures My link It's on a photobucket account
  7. Well I'm a high school student living with my parents, so a pet sitter shouldn't be too much of a problem. Her pH is 7.0, nitrites are zero, ammonia is zero. The only problem is her nitrate level, which is 10-15 ppm. I think those are the only things I left off.
  8. Alright. So I have been a member of this site for years now and I know all the procedures. I've taken all of my tank stats including pH, Ammonia and Nitrates/nitrites. Fiona's nitrates are through the roof, so I did an emergency 60% water change and installed an old canister filter of hers which is quite advanced and even has a built in UV sterilizer. She now has two working pumps at her disposal and a great big batch of new water to boot. However, I am worried. She doesn't seem bloated, but then again, Fiona is a fancy goldfish (telescope eye) and has a normally rounded body. She has normal buoyancy and her gills are not inflamed. Her eyes are clear as well. The only thing that worries me is that she is very sedentary and her scales are raised a bit. After reading several goldfish books over the years, I know this as a sure sign of dropsy. However, since the other symptoms haven't shown, I believe it to be in the early stages and possibly curable. The only problem is I leave for Europe Wednesday at 2 am. So a little over two days left. I am going to be doing massive water changes in the next few days. I was just wondering if anyone had any strategies to beat Dropsy other than water changes? Salt bath, for example? I really don't want to lose my baby. She's been with me for over 3 years now and I've always taken great care of her. She lives alone in a 30 gallon tank with live plants. I feel like a horrible fish daddy, and I know that if she doesn't show signs of improvement before I leave, I'll be feeling awful the entire trip. I really appreciate the help, guys. Bubbleboy
  9. Welcome to Koko's. I can see that this is your first post. I'm sorry your first Koko's experience has to be in search of a cure for a fishy illness. The slime description sounds very very unusual. I would think that (based on your descriptions) it is some sort of fungal infection(s). The fins could be finrot, while I have no clue what the deal with the slime is. My advice to you: Continue using some sort of fungal medication. Make sure you follow the dosing and even when your fish seem better, use the medication for the full period. Otherwise, it could very well come back (which is what might have happened). Other things you can do are just keep up with your 50 percent water changes. Daily. Water changes are an essential part of combating any fish illness. Unless your medication specifies otherwise, do water changes. Also, bump up the amount or or number of times you perform a water change per week. 3 or 4 goldfish in a 42 gallon tank is kind of crowded, and being messy fish, requires more than a 20 percent a week change. Also, if meds don't do the trick, perhaps look into a salt bath for your fish. Know that this is advised only if you fully understand it and if you are off all other medications. You don't want to stress your fish out too much. Keep us posted, and I hope your fish get much better very soon!
  10. Don't disrespect the kH it's a lesson I had to learn the hard way. It's really linked to the pH which is important to your fish.
  11. Lucky >.> who would throw out such a great tank?! At least have the decency to sell it! But just goes to show what you can find if you dumpster di...ehem...I mean...apply yourself jk haha
  12. I mix carbon and biological media in my filters. In my opinion, it's the best of both worlds but I suppose chaning over to biological wouldn't be so bad.
  13. Omega 1 goldfish food does the trick. It's full of fatty acids that goldfish need to thrive and as a bonus, it utilizes Salmon skin to boost your goldfish's colors. I recommend it 100 percent.
  14. Just get another tetra whisper and keep your receipt . You can always take it back later if it breaks.
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