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  1. lol ok ty now all i need is my dictionary since english isn't my 1st language:P
  2. well its been few mounths since my fish died and i let the tank go wild now ive rinsed my live plants+ gravel and ive managed to clean evry leaf. im not sure if i should keep this plants and gravel since my fish died coz of dropsy and its a bacterial diseasse. so this means i probably have few of this bacteria in my tank so should i get ride of my live plants eaven tough i managed to get ride off all the algie and other things atached to them.? what about the gravel its a bit green coz of the algie, should i get ride of the green colerd gravel or just dump it all and buy new gravel? what about the spunge inside my internal filter should i cook it like my gravel?or should i buy a new one just to be sure? and should i clean my internal walls of my tank with boiled water so it gets ride of all live bacterials and other harmful things or will a good spunge clean do it? what about the wood and the lava stone that i have in my tank should i boil it and keep it, or dump it? and is there anything else i should wory about since my fish had dropsy and i don't want anything bad like that to happen to my new fish that i will buy as soon as i get the tank cycle ready? ty for all your answears
  3. ty for your answears i've got live plants and the products i use are: the one for geting ride of clor is>>> Sera aqutan VBC-stress protection and the one for geting ride of nitrites and ammoniun is>>> Sera nitrivec Biostarter
  4. do i need to get new gravel or do i rinse this one and cook it for 20 min or so? do i need to get ride of my plants? how do i clean my tank now? what about filters do i need to change the spunge...? i got alot of green algies in my tank i heard algies aren't bad for fish but.. it looks like ive done something wrong with my fish coz one of them died (still got one in the tank but not sure if she will make it). i change 5% water evry day if not evry 2nd day, i add anty clor liquid and liquid that gets ride of nitrates and ammonium. ty for all your help ps: is there something else i need to add to my water like lets say sulfat neutraliser?
  5. well this is the 2nd day ive notice that my ryukins scales are sticking out and hes siting at the botom. i haven't tested my water, coz so far when ive done the test they were all fine 0 all exapt nitrat levels, but eaven nitrat levels were in fine leve. i have 2 fish in my 30 galon tank that has been runing for 3-4 mounts as i said humpys body is all swelling and his scales are sticking out>>>like at the dropsy photo. ive notice that hes been making white thin popo, but i tought i shouldn't wory. now i know it had to been bacterial since its conected with the dropsy disease. ive done a 5% water change evry 2nd day or evry day. i put in my water anty clor liquid and something to clear water up and another liquid that gets ride of nitrites. i didn't put in any medications. i feed my wish with socked flaked food and peas from time to time>>>also socked. like i said my ryukin is siting at the botom. i also have to ad ive aded my ryukin to a another tank with no gravel so that he doesnt hurt his belly also got bubles there and a slow runing filter so that my fish can rest in pice my other fish oranda doesn't loke like she has dropsy, but he is siting at the botom as well. i saw his scales sticing out befor anything was wrong with ryukin, but now oranda looks fine >>only bad thing is that he is siting at the botom. also my ryukings apetite has falen he doesn't want to eat at all. by the way im changing water as fast as i can. so i guss its RIP for my ryuking and i hope my oranda will be fine
  6. OMG thats the most beautiful fish ive ever seen in my life!!! no realy i love him!Lucky you daryl!
  7. lol he reminds me of me 1 year ago i couldnt't belive that a gold fish needs so much room.
  8. nice photo i bet you have a nice camera. ow by the way how many galons do you have:P?
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