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  1. 1. Fan Tails 2. Ryukins 3. Orandas 4. Telescopes 5. Ranchus
  2. My Beluga is blue and I have had her over a year now. She is siler blue 100% she is no lighter are no darker than when I bought her and she has no gold spots just silver blue.
  3. Yes, it is one of the most toxic minerals on the earth. It is used to control people. They found out long ago that when people were given small amounts of Fluoride then they would believe anything that you told them. I would stay far away from it. I only brush my teeth with baking soda and I have never had a cavity since I gave up toothpaste with fluoride in it. Your teeth will be no better off with or without it trust me. All fluoride does is alter the mind. Also it can kill you if given to you in large amounts. LOL I guess that did not answer your ? about fish. I do not think it is good form them or anyone, however people have been keeping fish in city water for years and years I do not know the long term effect it has on the fish. They would be better off with out it. I would guess running the water though charcaol would remove it.
  4. I like Yellow like Talula I like blue like beluga I like calico like Pebble Loo and I like white with a lemon head like LeeLu
  5. Sooooooo Adorable !!!
  6. Yes, That is a white Ranchu. Her name is LeeLou and she will be with me one full year this Oct. 31 on halloween .
  7. Thank you! It has been a fun this year watching them grow.
  8. Beluga my Silver/Blue Oranda and She is still Very Silver/Blue No signs of changing. She makes my tank look so graceful. One Year ago when I bought her. Here she is Today Talua my Ryukin/Fantail mix. She was as tiny as my thumb nail when I bought her for a $1.99 and she has grown so big and is Bigbird Yellow. She brightens up my tank so much. One Year ago when I bought her. Here she is Today
  9. I have 4 in a 100 gallon. I would go with the six the more space the better for you and the fish. However the eight is fine. I just feel less fish and more space is better IMO.
  10. How Fun it is starting over. I have also Stoped and Started over several times thought out my life. This is my fouth attempt and I have been going strong for 5 years and so far so good. So .
  11. And I am the worlds worst at reading things the wrong way.
  12. I agree that it can be done. I did it with 2 goldfish and a 10 gallon tank. With daily 100% water changes they grew huge and were healthy. Happy I am not sure. I have learned a lot over the years and I must say even though my two goldfish grew I feel my 4 goldfish in a 100 gallon tank with 90% weekly water changes seem much more happier. Also I am much more happier as well. Clean water is the most important thing for Fish to grow and be healthy IMO.
  13. How ADORABLE That is a BEAUTIFUL Fish!!!
  14. I agree, I think they are like little puppies in water. Also their size and they are Soooooo Graceful and such a delight to watch. I also like the different colors, how peaceful they swim, and how they greet you with a wiggle. I have had lots of different fish and I can and will say GOLDFISH are the best IMO.
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