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  1. I honestly don't think the fish had that long...drastic measures.
  2. Update to all. Fish more mobile this morning. Tail fins are open... top fins still clamped but they're swimming and not hiding in the corner. Running water tests now and will probably have to take out some and replenish. Good opportunity to vacuum and then get more salt in though. I went straight to .3% because they looked really sad and "salty" yesterday (if I were a fish....looking salty would not sound like something I wanted to have said about me). They have responded well and that's nice to see.
  3. Hello All Returning after a few years sans Goldies...I was waiting for the right time to set up my tank. Anyhow, my son won 3 fish at a fairground...typical...I flipped out, foreseeing the expense of a 30gallon tanks and stand. Thankfully I have some goodies in a box like my 60 gal filter to get running. Hitting a few snags. Prob is tank not fully cycled...because I wasn't ready to own again but that's besides the point now. ...they now have ich, dart about with clamped fins and look generally mad at me, though their eating is ok. Tank has been up a week and I have added, a real plant from my 10 gal trop tank, and a fake plant from my trop tank, also put in a dirty filter bag to generate the bio filter. Today I bought & added Biozyme. Levels showed some Ammo last nite so I changed 60%, added, salt, stress coat and turned up the heater to 80. Put some backing poster around the outside corner of the tank so they have a hiding spot. Levels look ok for Ammo today but I'll check before bed. I am guessing I could have introduced ich from the trop tank even though those fish are fine.. the parasites probably can't get a strong foot hold there bu t with stressed goldies...they have ran riot. I'm focusing the efforts on getting the bio filter running rather than medicating the water at this stage. What are your thoughts?
  4. Tank is definitely cycled. There is minimal trates because I change the water frequently.. It's been established and never less than 50% full. Just more info.
  5. OK here' Params I can do Ph 7.0 (normally my water is a bit higher 7.2-7.4--all other fish other are fine) Ammo=0ppm Trites=0ppm Trates=0ppm Temp had been up around 80 for a few weeks. I've been setting heater lower and now heater set at lowest, so now I have it timer on and off each 4hrs. Temp now 74ish Powerhead running Bio Wheels 55GallTank I guess the heat could have affected him but it isn't like the water was bubbling.
  6. I'll run the params, and repost--I just found him this am. Was alive but not looking good around 2am.
  7. Hi All--been a while. One of my first GF died today. Marlon. He was not his normal self for a few days. Siting at the bottom. However he did struggle with SBD so he has done that before. The only thing I know happened was he got his long tail caught in the intake for the powerhead. There was no damage once I had freed him he was just caught there. I am thinking maybe he was slowing down any how and this allowed him to get stuck. So maybe it was his time. He didn't sem right after that though so perhaps igetting stuck did something to him internally. He has no visible signs (worms, lumps scales sticking out) on the outside that would show something was up. All other fish are fine. I thought maybe there was a slight mark on his head--like a faded area but not something that looked sinister. My heater has been keeping water a little warm around 75-78 so I have it on a timer now to keep it a touch cooler. Anyway Hope you are well if any one has any thoughts let me know. I Guess Marlon was about 4 years old, and had a bent tail fin. I guess that 's why he was the last one left at mmm...I shall miss him and his waggly swimming. Richy
  8. Thanks to all. Fish looking better, I did salt and it looked like it improved slightly and stabilised. I added Melafix yesterday...totally cleared it up!!!
  9. I'll try to get some pics...usually can't quite get a good shot though. What is .3% of 55gals in spoons?...roughly
  10. Hi all OK Tank is 1yr plus well established and cycled. Temp around 72 Nitrate and Ammo are fine and safe. It's a 55Gallon tank, whit bio wheel filter. I just noticed on my black moor and ryukin that there are a few what look like small white blisters or bubbles on their tail fins nowhere else on body just the tail fins. It's definitely not ich...I've had a few bouts with that. Fish are behaving fine otherwise and 3 other goldfish are good and clear of any sign of trouble. I'm thinking of staring a salt bath tomorrow for them before I try meds. Has anyone got any ideas? The spots look as if the fish got a little bit dusty. especially the black moor. Other than that I hope you and your fish are all well. Rich
  11. Mr Loach died at some point today. I don't know what happened...maybe he critically injured himself or something.
  12. Loachy no better. Now languisihg on the bottom and breathing slow. I think he's had it unfortunately.
  13. Loach not looking too good. He has red (blood) marks on his body. I think he's p'd off the betta by going into his spot and getting nipped...I just don't know. Thinking about taking the loach out and ending his misery. Not swimming too much and he has darkened in colour Any thoughts?
  14. Hi All I've had connection problems so I could only just get back. Water is good...I haven't had any problems with that. Plus all the other fish are doing great. He eats and swims about...his condition hasn't changed for good or bad so maybe he has hurt himself. I'm watching him he hides a little bit but comes out for food, which isn't oo unusual. the bend is no different. I'll just have to keep an eye on him...poor guy. Thanks for help:)
  15. My Dojo looks crooked. He looks like he has a dent and his body is crooked. I know he hides behid the powerhead and other stuff. Do you think he ould of injured himself? Any sugggestions?
  16. Aha! Just notice a poop coming out of the middle of the area. I think it's just the fact that she ( I think it's a she--Outtie) is black and th area is slighter is stands out. It looks the same colour as my other goldies botty's too. I'll keep an eye on it though.
  17. I'm not sure what it is doesn't look sore to...I'll watch it and see what develops.
  18. Things look good. I have Nitrates and Nitrites...so it's just a matter of the filter growing and converting the Nitrites into Nitrates. I don't think it will be long. Amonia barely showed up at all, then today it's zero.
  19. I think like red and sore looking as if irritated by something...not frowning! hehe
  20. Yeah saw the patch before meds. Never seend tubicles on anyone...me included!! Think Rodger is a Rodgerette...the area looks healthy pink not irritated. I'll watch for now.
  21. Hmm My Black Moor, Rodger, has a rather pinkish anus. He is acting fine and I am not worried just curious if this is b/c he is a female and ready to breed? Temp is slightly high 78-80...treating for Ich thought I saw some white dots on another fish, so taking a precaution. PH 7.2 AMO, NITITES and NITRATES all zero...tank is well cycled. 55Gals 9 months old 1 common 4-5 ins 1 Ryukin 4 ins 2 Orandas 3ins 1 Moor 3ins 7 Minnows 2in or less 1 Betta 2 Dojo Loaches (New) I'm not adding anymore fish...I think it's full now and the variety is nice. I do 30-50% weekly changes. I'm on well water so Chloramines are virtually nil. I'm not seeing any odd behaviour and the pinkish area is around the anus and is not swollen. I've noticed it for a week or so but nothing else. I salted the water a little just in case but that's all. Any thoughts.
  22. Well no more goldies...I have 5 of em, 2 Dojo loaches and 7 minnows in a 55 gal tank which is clean and well changed. I don't want to add more fish to that tank, b/c of the bioload. I think the Dojo's will "pay for themselves" in the bioload by eating the food debris that collects, which will probably leavemore than enough room for their own waste. The 10 gal is just a small trop tank for me to play with until I get up to a 30 or 45 gal trop tank. I have 6 Danios to which I'll add 6 Neons hopefully (can't see any advice on their compatability), I might then plop my Betta in their with a plant hanging upside down at the top for him to hide out in. A little tight but I'll maintain it regularly
  23. I Have a bit of gungey filter floss from the goldifish in the filter box sehind the new filter. I'll move the gravel tonight.
  24. Try this: Get small terracotta plant pots from art store (50cents). Gently chisel them into rough halves. You can place them on the bed of your tank, or silicone (use aquarium sealer only!) some gravel over them and around the rim to build a more rocky look and make the entrances smaller. You could also build a pyramid of them too--the plant pots are the base, just get creative from there on. Rich
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