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  1. Hi can any one give suggestions or possible cause??? my 1month and a half fry just died, and now only one is left...i even thought that the 2 of them push thru....because they are the ones who are left and still alive (they are fighters)...but i just found out one of them died and it was the bigger one of them....so i'm only left with only one fry now....its so frustrating =( thats the longest fry that I have who ever lived that long....i even thought that its all good now and i have a healthy baby fry that i can watch grow.... I'm not sure what the problem is but i'm pretty sure that i took care of them the right way.... but this pass few days when i was observing my fry who just died, Im puzzled because it became thinner and a bit pale from its usual color... but my other fry who's smaller is alive and doing well. what could have been the problem? I also had a new batch of fry now....and taking care of them the same way i did with the earlier ones.....but any suggestions or comments would be so helpful.... Infos(about my fry tank): 1.)tank is big enough for the two of them 2.) filter (small so it wont cause a strong current) 3.) light 4.) baby powdered fish food (also have brine shrimp) 5.) medication like (mythelene blue)
  2. hi thanks a lot for the reply...so far the baby fry that are left are doing fine....
  3. hi thanks for the reply... I set up a tank for the baby fry....just a small one..but big enough for them.. i put... 1.) sponge filter 2.) airstone 3.) small plants 4.) light 5.) powder food for fry and i do change their water, but half of it, so i can also remove the uneaten food... Hope this info can help... Thanks
  4. Hi, just hoping if anyone can give opinion or guide on the best way to take care of my baby fry....it would really really help me a lot...I only got to save only a few of them because didn't noticed right away that there we're eggs in the aquarium...fortunately i got to save some of them and put it in another small aquarium.... my goldfish and pearlscale had babies last month (August) and 8 of the babies made it thru they are 1 month old now...but lately some of them are dying and i don't know the cause...I have only 4 fries left...and its frustrating to see them die...because they are much bigger now and has well-developed body.... the incident was the same for the other 4 fries who died... when i arrived home i would see one of the baby fry on the bottom of the small tank, but it still moves a little...and the rest are fine...they are swimming and eating....but eventually come morning the baby fry that stays at the bottom die.... I dont want to lose another fry...only 4 of them are remaining...Please please please help me....
  5. I've just joined this group and was browsing around when i saw your post about your tank... i like the set up of your tank (Bare bottom tank)..ive done it before....but i dont like to see the sight of the fish food all over the bottom of the tank....and as i've observed, it easily gets dirty... so I used an under gravel filter..... Can u give me some tips on what i should do if i want a bare bottom tank? like equipment, cleaning...etc.... Thanks thanks!!!
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