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  1. Do you happen to know your KH/GH? I've seen some theories lately about that effecting a fish's black color (I think in Koko's or Daryl's posts...can't remember).

    I... don't, actually. It's the one part of my testing kit I've put off buying. Bad Minx... :(

    I can take some in to my local PetDumb, though, and they could tell me what it is, right?

    It could be scar tissue maybe. One of the fish I took from somebody who was moving had had terrible finrot to the extent where he lost almost all of his tail and when it grew back there were big black marks in it.

    I don't know if she's had finrot... although given her condition at the pet store it's as likely as anything!

  2. Ammonia - 0

    Nitrite - 0

    Nitrate - 10

    Ph - 7.5

    Temp - 68ish?

    Size -Ten gallon tank, running for about four months

    Filter - One "Whisper 10i" (my second one just gave up and died Monday... have to get a replacement this week, blah)

    Water changes - 25% daily, 75%-100% every other week

    Fish - One, 1.5 inches (and one ghost shrimp)

    Additives - Prime, LeafZone

    Food - Flakes/Gel food/Crumbles/Misc veggies, 1x daily

    New Fish - No

    New Meds - No

    Unusual Findings - The tips of all her fins and tail have been turning black slowly over the past month or so

    Unusual Behavior - No

    Bette Davis is having a big of a fin discoloration issue at the moment.

    I associate "tips of fins turning black" with ammonia burns, but... might it just be a color change?

    This isn't a biggie, obviously, since she seems fine, but I just wanted to check.

    Tiny camera-phone video here:

    (Try to ignore the shrill scream of my bird right at the end, aha. ;) )


  3. Hi Janelle! :welcome

    I don't think I'd be able to poke out one of my fishes' eyes, either. Blech.

    If it won't fall out on its own, though... anyone reputable and mod-ish know if it might be better to just try and suck it all the way out with the siphon? Finish the job it started, so to speak? It seems like that's the way most fish lose their eyes completely anyway.

  4. -is still bitter that PhoenixFail was the first to get the boot.-

    ::: patpatpat :::

    I know, I'm sorry! I'd have kept him forever if I could....

    But Dobby (formerly PhoenixFail) is so happy at his new home!

    Plus, his mother is like... well, like a new mom.

    I've gotten approximately thirty calls in the past two weeks:

    "I'm not sure he's I'm feeding him enough! He always looks hungry!"

    "Should I get him toys? I don't want him to get bored!"

    "I was singing to him last night and he was obviously not listening to me! He doesn't accept me as his new mother!!"

    It's magical.

  5. They need to develop some sort of Fish Off! spray for live plants... you know, like you can get if your dog is chewing on the furniture?


    Right. I'm off to patent that, then!

  6. *starts humming the Circle of Life* ... Fish waste -> Bacteria eat (nom nom) => Bacteria waste -> Different Bacteria eat (nom nom) => Different Bacteria waste -> More Bacteria eat (nom nom) => Not so toxic tank = Happy fishies


    I'm sorry... I'm trying to imagine all of the little bacterias singing Lion King showtunes at the top of their tiny little voices....

  7. My baby brother was home over Christmas, and (no surprise) he was given the SUPER AWESOME gift of two handsome baby goldies, along with a tank, from his fantastic older sister.

    He was packing to get ready last night, because he had to take off at a really horrid hour of the morning today.

    We got everything ready, set the tank up, put the seeded filter media in a plastic bag, etc etc, and were about to plop the babies in their transport tank when he suddenly remembered -- oh no! He was going home in a car filled with five other people and their luggage, and that there wouldn't be room for the tank!


    Chester, halfway through an absolutely brilliant rendition of the "Thank God The Babies Are Gone And I'll Have My Tank Space Back" dance, froze in horror.

    You could really almost hear him shrieking Nooooooooooooooooo as we shoved the media back in my filter and stuffed the new tank under a desk.

    My folks are going to take him the babies when they go down to visit next, probably in two or three weeks, but until then I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting the silent treatment from Chester. Or, um, the silenter treatment. :rofl

  8. My baby brother is running off with two of my babies, so I sat him down with his new tank and took everything apart and explained how he's going to have to take care of his goldies.

    But he kept asking questions, if you can imagine that, and I suddenly realized that I don't actually know the specifics of stuff like the beneficial bacteria that lives in the filter media. "You need it so don't kill it," was about all I had.

    Could someone give me a quick rundown on BBs so I can explain them to him (and to me)?

  9. When I do my 100% water changes, I cheat a little bit -- I empty it to about 80%, and then I add another ten gallons, empty it to 80%, add another ten gallons, etc... that way, I figure I get basically everything, without actually having to take my goldies out of the tank and worrying about temp and stuff.

  10. I'm so proud of them!

    They had gel food the other day and went after it just like big goldies!

    Even Elevensies, thank goodness, since I'm almost out of First Bites and I don't know what I'd do if, at two and a half months, he hadn't moved up to visible food.

    The babies are looking great and just as adorable as ever. Are you still threatening them with a wooden spoon that they must keep their spots?

    Oh, most definitely. Thus far the Fear of Spoon seems to be working, but once they're out of hearing range, I think they'll probably relax and turn a nice un-spotty orange... ;)

  11. There I was, friends, walking past my main tank in my pajamas, when I thought to myself, "You know, self, I should probably siphon out some of those stupid eggs before they actually *do* hatch and I'm forced to name them and love them and find them all homes."

    So I carefully roll up my sleeves and start siphoning really slowly and sleepily, and all the while I'm chatting with my fish.


    "Why hello, Sirius! Aren't you looking just dashing today? And Chester, I'm so glad you don't have Face Rot like I'd originally been anticipating! Angst, please get off the siphon. You cannot mate with it. Oh, and hi Elevensies! Aren't you just the cutest litt-- ELEVENSIES?!"

    Ah ha ha.

    Guess whose breeding tank had somehow managed to break open in the midst of my cleaning?

    Hoo yes.

    Elevensies, oblivious both to the fact that I'd just let go of the hose (pouring water down the wall of my parents' living room and all over my nightgown) and to my increasingly frantic shrieks, was scooting back and forth across the bubble wall and looking extremely pleased with himself.

    Sirius and Angst were equally oblivious, thank goodness, but Chester was going in for the kill, forcing me to up the volume of my shrieks and slow-motion backhand him across the length of the tank.

    So I manage to scoop Elevensies back into his lid-defective tank and pluck him from the water whilst he jumped for joy at the rescue, only to belatedly recall the the breeding tank has holes in the bottom, meaning that he wasn't jumping for joy, but rather jumping from asphyxiation.


    Elevensies dropped back in main tank with lid firmly in place.

    Chester coaxed out from behind the plants with bribe of beef heart.

    Wall sponged off.

    Pajamas snuck into hamper so mother won't wonder what in the name of God happened.

    Minx crawls to bed, resolving to never mess with her tank after midnight.

  12. Aw, poor Bubba! :( RIP little buddy!

    Know what new show is really good? Big Bang Theory.. It's a newer comedy and I am not a comedy person for the most part but that show just makes me laugh.

    That show makes me laugh until my larynx shoots out my nose, mainly because my guy friends are those guys. Awkward and brilliant. So terribly, terribly awkward and brilliant.

  13. Ah, no. I don't believe so. It was fun, but just keeping the four alive that I managed to was waaaay more work than I anticipated. I think I'll just let nature (and the filter) take its course this time.

    Of course, I say this now, only because none of the eggs have hatched yet. If I actually see the babies struggling against the fierce current and dodging their hungry parents, craziness might win out over common sense. :rolleyes:

  14. All righty! Bubbleboy had asked for a baby update, and heaven knows I'm always up for more bragging about my frylets. PhoenixFail has already been gifted, but I've still got three left, so I set up a bit of a photo shoot in my living room.

    Me: "Hi baby! Would you mind staying real still so I can take a photo?"

    Unnamed Frylet: "Sure thing mommy!"


    "I love to be photographed!"


    "Look at my cute little tail!"


    "It's fun to stay really still so mommy can take comparison pictures!"


    Me: "Hi Elevensies! Can you stay still just like your big brother?"

    Elevensies: "Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"




    "You can't make meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"


    "If you don't stay still, so help me, I'll feed you to your father!"



  15. As per your request, Bubbleboy, I've updated my babies thread over in the breeding section.



    Thirty bazillion fertilized eggs?! You are a baby-fish making machine over there! Your life is so exciting!

    ::: LAUGHS :::

    See, my reaction was more, "No, guys, why!? WHY!? Now the filter intakes are all clogged, and... oh, Lord, Chester, you've got eggs stuck on your tail again!"


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