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  1. Yes!! Okay. He's officially named William the Bloody. But I shall call him Spikeyboo when no one else is around.

    (Thanks Chrissy. :) I suppose babies have to leave at some point... plus, I can always get me some new young'uns from the EGGS THAT ARE PERPETUALLY COATING MY TANK OMG WAI!?)

  2. I also explained about the bacteria that grow in filter inserts. He said that his wife's new goldfish was coming up to the surface a lot, like it couldn't breath, and someone suggested that it was probably because of ammonia. The tank was plenty big for the two goldfish he described, but he knew nothing about cycling, so I explained that, too, and recommended doing large daily water changes since he already has the fish. I forgot to suggest a water test kit... oops!

    You're like a Goldfish Guardian Angel! Protecting fishies and spreading cycling knowledge everywhere you go! And think of how many problems you've probably saved those poor people from, just by talking them through how to use a filter.

    Of course, in a way it's sort of sad because that means it's less likely they'll coincidentally end up here on the board, since most newbies show up due to OMG CRISIS in their tanks, myself included. ;)

  3. In other not-quite-related news, my friend is bringing down my birthday present next week. She claims it's a Vampire Shrimp. Anyone know if they're compatible with Ghost Shrimp? (Also, do they suck blood? Loathe garlic? Shimmer in the sunlight? Will I have to invite it into my tank before it can enter?)


    You should call it Edward :tomuch:


    Oh, gosh. You know, I would, but then every time I looked at the shrimp I'd hear Edward whinging on about how "This is the SKIN of a KILLER, Bella!!!!!" and I'd have to roll my eyes and sigh.

    Angel, though. I could name him Angel. Or Lestat. Or Carmilla or Blade or Ruthven or Alucard.... Really, the possibilities are almost endless!

  4. Well, friends, I've reached that tragic point -- All of my frylets are gone.

    Gone off to live with their new daddy!

    I'm empty nesting like a crazy person! nc-cry.gif

    On the upside, my big goldies did a dance of joy and joyness upon realizing that the net, which has been plaguing them lo these many months, has finally been removed.

    At least, Chester did.

    The others didn't really seem to notice, being much too busy devouring my (no longer so) gigantic moss ball, which they had previously been ignoring but yesterday realized could be torn into little shreds and thrown around the tank, thus clogging filters, snagging all over the bubbler, and driving their mother crazy.


    In other not-quite-related news, my friend is bringing down my birthday present next week. She claims it's a Vampire Shrimp. Anyone know if they're compatible with Ghost Shrimp? (Also, do they suck blood? Loathe garlic? Shimmer in the sunlight? Will I have to invite it into my tank before it can enter?)

  5. That would have been my first guess when I got them, but the shrimp have managed thus far to cohabitate fairly peacefully with the goldies -- at least, only one has gone missing in all the time I've had them, although I did catch Sirius playing cat-and-mouse with them early on. :rofl

    Maybe my fish are becoming more skilled, shrimp-catching-wise? I'll have to restock....

  6. I was doing a quick clean on my main tank this morning, and realized that all of my ghost shrimp save one have apparently gone missing...

    At first I thought they might just be hiding and/or taunting me with their powers of invisibility, but I swooshed around all their plants and they continued to not show up.

    I'm a little worried!

    I'm wondering if they just died of old age, since they were about six months old -- but since I know absolutely nothing about the species I don't have any idea what their average lifespan is.

    (Plus, Bette Davis' friend continues to tool around her tank just fine, looking fit and not at all aged, and I got him at the same time.)

    My only other guesses are:

    a) They got some sort of disease to which the single survivor was immune.

    b) They all shed their creepy exoskeletons of creepiness at the same time, and while they were weakened and unable to fight back they were murdered by their one surviving tankmate.

    c) I accidentally killed them all off when I dosed the tank with Prazi. Whoops.


  7. Chester lost a scale (or *something*) back when he had bad fin rot, and the exact same thing happened -- a bump that gradually got bigger and darker, and now he's got this weird, maybe permanent cyst thingy stuck to him.

    Don't know if it's the same thing, but I had absolutely zero luck treating him with either medicated food or sulpher-ish medicines.

  8. Yesterday was a sad day in Minxland, friends...

    I got home from my birthday party, all hyped up on pizza and whatnot, brand-new gift tank in hand, given expressly for the purpose of rehoming Elevensies.

    Only Elevensies wasn't swimming!

    He wasn't floating!

    He was... sunk. :(

    And very, very dead.

    So I settled down to have a good shrieking/wailing fit, and was trying to decide if it would be better to bury him in a film canister or perhaps in two pop bottle tops taped together, when my mother walked in.

    "Aw. Poor Elevensies. Well, you did the best you could! And thank goodness it was him and not Chester, or you'd never get him to fit down the toilet."

    "Mother, I'm trying to have a moment here! I'm in mourning!"

    "Oh for heaven's sake, I'll do it."

    ::: insert scoop and flush here :::

    "Aaaah! You didn't even let me say goodbyyyyyyye!!"

    "If you're planning on doing yoga tonight, you'll want to hurry up, or you'll be too tired to get all the way through the DVD."

    "I know, Mom...."

    "And don't forget in the morning to put your new license plate tags on your car. You don't want to get hit by another child molester and not have everything up to date."

    "Mom! As just evidenced by my birthday, I am an adult! I am grown up! I am completely capable of remembering things for myself and figuring out my own bedtime and disposing of my own fish even though I'm squicked out by dead things!"

    "Also, I packed you a lunch for tomorrow. It's in the fridge, and I left you a note on the counter to remind you."

    "Does... does it have cake in it?"

    "A corner piece."

    "Thank you Mommy...."

    So the moral of this story is a) rest in peace, little Elevensies, I liked you best out of all the frylets, and b) I yet again am forced to acknowledge that an increase in age does not equal an increase in maturity. ;)

  9. You know, Sephie may end up being white as well -- Angst went through a color change that looks almost exactly like what your baby is going through, from blackish to gray to bronze, and went white rather than orange except for the spot on his lip.

  10. ::: knocks on wood :::

    I think he's going to be all right -- I haven't seen him doing it since I originally posted, and I should be getting him a new tank shortly, so hopefully he'll rebound as much as he has *ever* rebounded, and go back to twitching and swimming in crazed circles and being miniature and runty.



    I'll just stop siphoning out all the new eggs and get me an Elevensies 2.0? :blink:

    (I lie, I lie! Elevensies is the only fry for meee!)

  11. I just replaced my tragically broken Whisper filter with a brand new... potentially broken Whisper filter.

    My original one was quiet as could be -- I absolutely loved it.

    This one buzzes like crazy. Although it works just fine, suction-wise.

    Is there any way to fix the incredibly irritating noise, that anyone knows of? Or should I take it back?

  12. ::: laughs :::

    That is the most bumbly little thing ever!

    It sort of makes me realize how un-celestial-y Bette Davis is. Wrong body, wrong back, wrong tail, eyes point silly... but at least she runs into things and looks confused! Score one for her! :happydance

  13. He's my favorite tooooooo!

    You know, out of my babies. ;)

    I'm going to swing by a friend's place over the weekend and see if I can steal one of her slightly-smaller tanks, just to make it less ridiculous. Then he'll have his own place to grow up immense and warped! :Jig:

  14. Bette Davis is kind of the same way, so I think you can just chock it up to a) the fact that celestials are, you know, blind as bats and b) that he's new and might still be adjusting.

    (Mine won't find food unless she literally runs face-first into it, which is why as far as I'm concerned it's good that she scoots around the bottom -- otherwise she'd starve!! :rolleyes: )

  15. Whoa.

    I'm definitely getting me some of that lionhead food the next time I'm at PetDumb.

    I assume they sell it at PetDumb?

    Because Angst definitely has a teeny-weeny wen, and although it is adorable and yellow, it would be nice if he could bulk it up a bit.

    BTW, now I will never be able to look at guacamole without thinking of your gel food. Thanks. :glare: I used to love guacamole.

    Blahahahaha am filled with evil.... :D

  16. I vote yes on a gel food party -- we could have themed food, too! Like guacamole!! :Jig:

    (Can you feed that lionhead food to any goldie? It won't, like, spontaneously make wens pop up on otherwise un-wen-y fish, will it?)

  17. Oh shoot, I hadn't even thought about that! :(

    The poor babies!!


    This'll sound bad, but I might not bother -- the two strong babies are leaving me as soon as my folks go down to visit my brother, and the only tank I have available is my big quarantine tank, which I sort of hate to have set up and sitting in the middle of my bedroom just for one, single, already-sort-of-weird frylet.


    Of course, now I feel super guilty, so quarantine tank, here I come! :rofl

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