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  1. All righty. Today is the last day of the Triple Sulfa treatment, so sometime this evening I have been instructed by my helpful package to "replace 25% of the water."

    Is this the point where I also replace the filter inserts?

    Also, my filters have biowheels -- will they be okay, or will they also need to be replaced?


    The fish themselves seem to be doing okay -- there have been *two* new batches of eggs while they were being treated, so perhaps sulfa medication puts them in the mood? :rofl

    Chester's cyst looks... better. Not perfect, but the red part is much smaller and a much "scabbier" color, like it has dried up.

    So hopefully this will have killed everything that might have been released into the tank!

    (Also hopefully, it will have killed off the columnaris. They're going off the medicated food tomorrow and I'd hate for the stupid disease to crop up again....)

  2. What kind of new shrimp are these? We need pictures! We demand them!

    They're impossible to photograph! I've tried!

    The three of them will saunter up to the front of the tank, all "Oh, I think I'll go for a casual, slow walk, right here on this leaf, with the sun shining behind me and a smile on my face!"

    And then the second I raise my camera, BOOM.


    I'll occasionally get some blurry, totally useless image, but nothing that actually shows off their cuteness.

  3. Let us all take a minute to thank the Aquarium Gods that I did not have to cut Chester's cyst off with a knife.

    ::: shudders :::

    His horrible bleeding shoulder of bleedingness looked a little bit better today. It's not as huge and rounded; it has flattened out and become sort of ragged. I'd assume he has been scraping it on the filter intake, the poor thing. I hope the Triple Sulfa makes him feel better!! (Also, I hope he doesn't read into this that I'm rewarding him with a super clean tank and more yummy medicated food, just for bursting his Germy Weapon Of Mass Tank Destruction all over the place. Bad Chester. Trying to kill off your tankmates is bad.)

    I did a full water change again to get rid of the salt -- I had just done a full change yesterday, and you could tell the fish thought I was a little bit nuts. My folks did as well. ;) -- and added the meds.

    The shrimp are in a bucket, being shrimp.

    Thanks y'all! Will update as needed. :Jig:

  4. You'd think so!

    It appears, though, that she has to resign herself to each new thing she finds. So it's always a shock when there's something weird, followed by resignation that her daughter has yet again brought something bizarre into her home.

    (In her defense, these shrimp are really scary. They are not the adorable ghost shrimp we're used to. These ones are built like linebackers and look as though they are thinking, very seriously, about gnawing their way through the tank, hunting us down in the night, and laying eggs in our ears.)

  5. Okay, last question, and then I promise I'm done --

    No, wait, two questions.

    a) Should I take out my shrimp? Before I begin the sulfa treatment, that is?

    b) Shoudl I replace my filter inserts, since I suppose hypothetically there might be Cyst Ooze chilling in there as well?

    Maybe Chester thinks his oozing free-roaming pathagons are a really cool way to take over the world.


    Greeeeeaaaaat, just what I need, a maniacal goldfish with plans to rule the globe.....

  6. I've actually got some already in stock -- after the first time I treated his cyst with it, I decided to always keep it around. Will the salt have to be taken out first?

    Chester seems oblivious to the fact that he's oozing everywhere. Hopefully it's a relief to him to have the dumb thing finally exploded. ;)

  7. Ammonia: 0

    Nitrite: 0

    Nitrate: 10

    Ph Tank: 7.8

    Ph Tap: 7.6

    Test Kit: API drops

    Temperature: 65ish

    Tank size: 29 gallons/running almost eight months

    Filters: Penguin biowheels 250 and 100

    Water changes: Twice weekly 10%, once weekly 50%

    # Fish: Three (and between 0-3 shrimp)

    Conditioner: Prime

    Food: Once daily Jungle AntiBacterial -- They completed two weeks of it the other day, but after one day on the regular food, Sirius had white stuff hanging off his mouth again. Have restarted treatment.

    Meds: Their tank is salted to 0.2% because of their columnaris issue just over two weeks ago. I had stopped salt around the same time I stopped the Jungle food; have restarted after Sirius showed symptoms again. Angst has had peroxide put on his head twice this past week because of a bright red pustule -- it has died down, though, and now looks just like one of those pimply, my-wen-is-growing marks.


    Well, it finally happened -- Chester's giant cyst exploded all over my tank.

    As you can see from these blurry-yet-graphic photos, it is extremely gross.




    Doesn't that kind of look like one of those big red Launch Missiles At Russia buttons they have in Cold War-era movies?

    Eeuw again.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd get an opinion as to how to treat.

    The fish are all still eating AntiBacterial food -- Their two weeks were up a few days ago, but after one day off the food Sirius' mouth started shredding again, and Angst resumed bottom-sitting, so I started them up on it a second time, and once again they appear to have "recovered."

    Because of this, I have continued to keep the tank salted to 0.2% as well.

    Angst's head issue has resolved after two applications of peroxide, so that's at least one thing off my plate o' fish illnesses.

    I have some BioBandage that I suppose I could tack on Chester, but honestly, since he has already been oozing pus into the tank for who-knows-how-long, I wonder if it would be better to keep it open so at least the salt can clean it out.


    Also, if I just stick a Snoopy Band-Aid on him to cover up the severely nasty red blob, would that... negatively affect his slime coat? ;)

  8. My mother walked into the living room today and freaked out when she saw one of my shrimps skittering across the tank.


    Silly mommy!

    Those are not crawdads!

    Those are... some other kind of shrimp things!

    It was decided by both of us, however, that if we were swimming along minding our own business and a two-inch-long muscular crustacean scuttled over at us, we'd have a panic attack on the spot.

    I hope my goldfish are braver than us.... ;)

  9. Uuuugh.

    I'm trying to imagine the havoc that would be loosed upon my tank if I used Pepto Bismal to cure SBD.

    And think of the post titles we'd start seeing on the board!

    "Can't see fish because of SBD treatment!"

    "Java fern stained bright pink -- how to fix?"

    "Sick, and out of Pepto Bismal in my house! Safe to reuse what's already in my tank?"

  10. ::: LAUGHS :::


    Yes, alchohol *would* be lvoeluy!

    Unfortunately I have none around the house to send you.

    So for your prize, you can have your pick of...

    ::: roots through her bedroom :::

    ... of a slightly misshapen cactus, a half-full bottle of Pepto Bismol, an "I :heart Girl Scout Camp 1992" stuffed horse, or my roommate's wisdom teeth.

  11. But if anyone has any tips for holding a telescope with pretty big eyes to inject.. that would be reeeally helpful!!

    Was it difficult?

    I've *never* picked up my telescope -- I'm terrified of knocking his eyeballs right off!!

  12. Hi Prathika! Welcome to Kokos!! :D

    I'm going to sort of go down a list of things based on your last post. I'm sorry if it seems like a lot!

    First off, 35 liters is very *very* small given the number of fish in your tank. "Fancy" goldfish like fantails and orandas should have at least ten gallons (about 38 liters) per fish. When they are crowded into a small tank, they not only won't grow as big as they should, but they're much more likely to get diseases, or have problems due to water quality.

    Water changes are extremely important, especially with a smaller tank -- you'd want to be doing them at least weekly, if not more often. When your goldfish's tail looked "like it was eaten away by something," it was probably suffering from fin rot. That can happen when the water quality isn't good, from not being changed often enough. I can't tell you how many times I've heard things like "Take care of the water in your tank, and the water will take care of your fish" since I came here. It really is the most important thing you can do for your fishes' health.

    Also, whenever you buy a new goldfish, we recommend that you quarantine that goldfish in a separate tank while making sure that it doesn't have any diseases. If your fish were fine before the new orandas showed up, then they might have brought some sort of infection into the tank that killed off your others!

    Finally, 27 degrees Celsius is awfully warm for goldfish (assuming I'm converting it correctly! ;) ). Really, unless they're sick, they don't need a heater at all; just room temperature water will be fine for them.

    So... to sum up, if you're thinking of starting over, you shouldn't have more than one goldfish in that tank -- total -- and should be doing water changes on a much more frequent basis. ;)

  13. Apparently you just need to walk up with a crazed grin on your face and say, "I need six of your most adorablest ghost shrimp. Like that one. No, not that one. Thaaaaat one. The little guy. No, the other little guy. The cute little guy, are you blind!? He's right there waving at me!!"

  14. Oooooooooooooooh.....

    After careful examination (by which I mean I shook all my plants wildly whilst shouting "Shrimpy shrimpy shriiiiiiiiimp!!" and waiting for them to drop out of the roots), I think two of them are these guys and the other one is this dude.

    Blahahaha. I feel as though I've stolen from PetDumb. Still confused as to what they were doing there, though....

  15. It's taken me about a month, but I have come to the decision that my remaining main-tank ghost shrimp are not actually ghost shrimp.

    There are only three left, as far as I can tell, but they're *big*.

    And over the past few weeks, they've gradually been getting bigger. And darker. And now, they don't resemble ghost shrimp in the slightest.

    For one thing, they appear to have way more legs.

    For another, they're the wrong color -- two of them have kind of a dark reddish line running straight down their back, and the other one is covered in brown speckles. None of them are see-through anymore.

    So my questions to you, friends, are these:

    a) What on earth could PetDumb have sold me in my last Big Bag o' $0.49 Shrimp, and

    b) There are no creepy shrimp that might actually, you know, eat the faces off my goldfish, right?

    I am completely and totally positive that Bette Davis' friend is the right species, but the other day when I was gazing into her soulful soulful eyes, I thought I saw *something* small and shrimpy skitter past into her foliage. So now I'm a little worried that Friend is spontaneously breeding....

  16. I've actually gotten a couple of those from PetDumb -- a Java fern, I think, and two or three little anubias... anubis... anubes? Whatever. Those ones with the sort of heart-shaped leaves.

    Anyway, they all turned out just fine! The gel washed out easily, I soaked them in a bucket of water overnight just to let the roots open up a little before dropping them in the tank, and they've lasted... almost nine months, now, and are growing like crazy!

  17. Sooooo....... you're saying that the babies have Bette Davis eyes, but she's not in the same tank that the babies were made in? And the two known or suspected parents DON'T have Bette Davis eyes?! Now THAT is some recessive gene! But....... if you keep all your menfolkfishes all together and they's no womensfolkfishes, how did momma become momma?! I'm sooo confused!


    Let me explain.

    No, there is too much.

    Let me sum up.

    One baby has Chester's body, one has Angst's head, and one has Sirius' eyes.

    As far as we can tell.

    Thank goodness Elevensies died -- I fear to know what sort of freakish characteristics *he* would have developed. With my luck, antennae.

    Also... I have absolutely no idea if the menfolkfish are actually menfolkfish. One can probably safely assume not, due to the egg fertilization and all that. (Unless it was you, God?) HOWEVER! They all have guy names, so they will continue to be referred to as males. Which may give them some gender identity issues to work through, that later in life will require thousands of dollars of therapy as well as result in a deep, ingrained anger towards me for confusing them during their developmental years.

    But I'm willing to risk it for the sake of simplified pronouns.

  18. a) Goldfish chlamydia? Eeuw.

    b) I live in terror that one day I'll overfill a bucket or forget a siphon and my parents will throw me out of the house for turning their living room into a swamp. In their defense, I did once get distracted whilst refilling the bucket in my bathtub, and by the time I raced back in the water in the *tub* was almost over the edge, ahahahaha. I'm much more focused now.

    c) I'm a little horrified that you joined a month later than me and are already up to 1000+ posts. I'm obviously failing at this. Shall spam own blog for sole purpose of raising stats....

  19. I called about the Koi Pearl. They want $2700.00 for one!!!

    Ahahahahahahaha no.

    For that price, I could practically buy my own personal Minx submarine and see my fish close up whilst also being an awesome submarine captain.

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