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  1. I went and did a quick look-see on Angst this morning before flying, late, out the door, hair still dripping and shoes untied... but anyway, he was up and swimming and looking fit as a fiddle. His lumpy-bumpy, however, is slightly changed. The white part is completely gone, and the pink part has turned a more muted, dull reddish-pink. ... Diagnosis good or bad, do we think?
  2. Yeah, I thought of that right after I posted, and ran out and picked some up at Target. I pulled Angst up, dried off the little spot with a Q-tip, rolled a second Q-tip dipped in the stuff over his lump, and RELEASE! He dropped like a stone. At which point I girly-screamed and began frantically waving my arms to get his attention. "Blink once if you can hear me" and all that. No dice. So I *raced* out into the hall shrieking for my mother, because... obviously she'd be able to do something? And by the time I came back in, the stupid fish was swimming all around chasing one of the shrimp, and acting like he'd never heard of anything as silly as sinking to the bottom of the tank. Sigh. So yes! Hydrogen peroxide applied! Yay team!
  3. Ahahahaha, and after my father realizes what he had for breakfast, Minx is thrown out of the house to scavenge for food and shelter in the streets, stealing hubcaps and donating kidneys for petty cash....
  4. Mmm... It does sound like the sort of thing that would look half-way edible if left unattended in the fridge. Unlike, you know, the majority of gel food, which at least in my household looks like guacamole gone terribly TERRIBLY wrong.
  5. They were apparently out of hydrogen peroxide at my local pharmacy today -- I say "apparently" because when I asked for it, the fourteen-year-old at the counter looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. "What?" "Hydrogen peroxide? HYdrogen peroxIDE? Comes in a brown bottle? Gross colour? Can burn the eyes out of a goldfish?" "...What?" Methinks someone's been sampling the merchandise, eh, pharmacy worker? So anyway, I'm going over to Grandma's tomorrow. She not only has a whole bottle, but she's willing to part with it with only a minimal amount of "You need this for your fish?"ing.
  6. Rock on!! I'll grab some hydrogen peroxide when I'm out tomorrow, and swab the heck out of his creepy growth of creepiness! (Minding the eyes of course... lord, *there's* a nightmarish thought as well, me accidentally burning his eyeballs out...) I'm really hoping it's not anything bad; like I said, they looked fine aside from that, and they've been up off the bottom since I salted the tank, and they're eating their medicated food like it's... something really delicious. Peas? Peas. Why thank you! Bette Davis has been bragging recently about how she's the only one who isn't causing mommy trouble at the moment. "Oh di do di dooo, aren't I an angel, don't you think I deserve an ooorange?"
  7. WOW that goes on the list of things I never wanted to have a mental image of... So what do we think, then? Is there something else I should be doing, treatment-wise? Angst wasn't even having creepy stuff dripping off his mouth -- he was just bottom-sitting at the same time that Sirius and Chester were, so I treated him just in case.
  8. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 Ph Tank: 7.7 Ph Tap: 7.6 Test Kit: API drops Temperature: 65ish Tank size: 29 gallons/running seven months Filters: Penguin biowheels 250 and 100 Water changes: Twice weekly 10%, once weekly 50% # Fish: Three (and between 0-3 shrimp) Conditioner: Prime Food: Once daily Jungle AntiBacterial (halfway through two weeks treatment for columnaris) Meds: Their tank is salted to 0.2% because of their columnaris issue last week Unusual findings: TOTALLY DISGUSTING FACE PUSTULE All righty. I know that orandas can get weird zit-like growths on their wens, and apparently this is totally normal. So when I saw this horrifying, bursting-out-of-Angst's-head thing today, I remained totally calm and snapped a few photos. Voila: Nothing to worry about? Totally normal?
  9. They're all rocking solid, except for something I'm about to post in the Diseases forum... But THIS problem, at least, seems to be completely cleared up. I've been staring at their respective mouths like a crazy person for *days*, and nothing new has appeared, so I think we're golden!
  10. Thankew, thankew... I picked up the food on my way home -- the instructions say something along the lines of "Feed your fish as much as they can possibly eat at one time. Just shovel it into them. Twice a day." Can anyone weigh in on how accurate this is? Because I definitely only fed them, like, a pinch or three. Also, the bottom sitting continues on and off, but Sirius' mouth looks quite a bit better, so I'm hoping that five more days with the medicated food and the salt will clear it up.
  11. That's... that's a pretty rockin' emoticon there, Martha. They're all up and swimming as of now, so I'm going to add another .1% and hope for the best!
  12. All right, gorgeous! If no one is bleeding/gasping/terrifying their concerned mother, I'll add another 0.1% before I leave for work, and then get the food on my way home. And victory will be mine!!
  13. Okay. I put both Angst and Sirius in the quarantine tank with salt whilst I raced to the store to get some Antibacterial food. No good. They've stopped carrying it. As have the other four stores in town that were still open at night... Sigh. And by the time I got back, Chester was sitting on the bottom. Sigh again. So now, I have put Angst and Sirius *back* in the tank and have salted the whole thing to 0.1%, and hopefully Chester won't have a freakout. I'll get some medicated food for them tomorrow, but it won't be until after work -- 5:30pm or so. D'ya think they'll be okay until then?
  14. AAAH! I went down to scoop out Sirius and Angst is bottom-sitting now! Should I pull him out too to salt?!
  15. Okay! I'll pop him into QT and salt the heck out of him for... a week? Until symptoms disappear? (And by heck, I obviously mean, "safely and responsibly at 0.2%) Thanks Trinket!
  16. Oh, I've got one I can pull out (somewhere... oh, lord, think of the cobwebs...) but I didn't know if I should treat all of them; if it is columnaris, it wouldn't have spread that fast, would it?
  17. Nope! pH is still fine. (7.6, blahaha!) I don't have a kH tester (bad Minx!) but can I just... assume that if the pH is rocking solid the kH is as well? All I've got for meds in the house, food-wise, is Jungle Parasite and some five-month-old MediGold, so I'll run out to the store tonight and pick up some Jungle Antibacterial. Should I feed the whole tank? (If I shouldn't -- if I need to take Sirius out -- I'll probably salt him instead, actually. I'm reluctant to salt the main tank because of how Chester reacted last time, but I don't think Sirius has any sensitivity to it.)
  18. Let me check the pH again -- that test was from this morning, so I suppose it might have changed. Back momentarily.
  19. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 Ph Tank: 7.7ish? Ph Tap: 7.6ish? Test Kit: API drops Temperature: 65ish Tank size: 29 gallons/running seven months Filters: Penguin biowheels 250 and 100 Water changes: Twice weekly 10%, once weekly 50% # Fish: Three (and between 0-3 shrimp) Conditioner: Prime Food: Once daily; gel food, flakes, veggies Unusual findings: Sirius has *something* hanging off of his mouth Unusual behavior: Sirius is bottom-sitting and yawning Hi all! Apologies for the vanishing act; life has been crazy at the Minx household. However, let it never be said that I won't reappear for, you know, CRAZY ILLNESS DISASTERS! Sirius was bottom-sitting when I woke up this morning, but was responsive and hopped right up swimming when I walked up to the tank, so I figured it was nothing. When I got back home this evening, he was still swimming, but yawning fairly extensively. Thanks to the yawning, I noticed that whenever he closes his mouth, *something* sort of... drifts out and then gets sucked back in. It looks vaguely skin-ish -- very light and floaty. No other symptoms; lips themselves don't look swollen or discolored; no spots or other marks on his face. Anyway, the only mouth disease I know of is Columnaris, and I was under the impression that was *super* bad, so I wanted to check and see what y'all thought before I began the panicking and tossing in of medications right and left. No photos, sorry -- it won't show up on camera, so all I ended up with was a lot of Sirius looking pissed that I was blinding him with the flash.
  20. If you don't want to go through the hassel of soaking the shrimp every time you feed your goldies, you could always buy frozen ones -- they come in little ice-cube trays and you can get them at basically any pet store!
  21. Mine... well, they probably don't, if I'm going to be completely honest, but I've certainly attributed personalities to them!
  22. I blend the heck out of mine -- zero chunks, you could *drink* it -- but I usually just let it defrost in a cup of water. Depending on what I've put in it it's sometimes a little cloudy, but because I usually toss it in still slightly chilly (and slimy, ick) it stays together pretty well. Maybe you just need to not defrost it quite as much?
  23. Yeah, what she said. Yay for us, Kathy! We can roam the world together spreading diseases!!!
  24. Oh, I *always* remember to wash my hands! Really well, with soap and/or other cleaning agents! Both before and after I do anything with either of my tanks! I never just plunge myself up to my armpits in water, dry off with an old rag I keep in my siphon bucket, and wander away to make myself a sandwich...
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