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  1. There are a couple of groups in my area that set up fish tanks for kids who have mental disabilities and need something relaxing to focus on; you could check in your town to see if there's anything like that -- I know the ones here are always looking for healthy fish, and they purchase aquariums that are the correct size, too.

  2. A friend of mine had Rotala Indica plants and said they grew like crazy when they were left to themselves, but when she introduced them to her goldfish tank, her fish promptly killed them -- apparently they're fragile and don't appreciate nibblings and bashings.

    That could have just been her experience, though, rather than the norm.

  3. Whoo! What an adventure -- I'm glad everything went well for you!

    Out of curiosity, do we have anything like this pinned anywhere on the forum? It was really informative and would probably be useful to others who plan to move with their fish....

  4. ::: LAUGHS :::

    Right after I posted I checked my email, and my mother had sent me a message:

    "I glanced into the living room just now, and Chester is casually cruising the bottom of the tank, in what appears to be a fairly effortless fashion. So maybe he's recovered from whatever it was, or maybe he's just adapted to his ongoing loss of body parts, in his usual brave, uncomplaining style -- he's really a role model to all of us..."

    You know I've been freaking out about my fish when my parents are going out of their way to check up on them... XD

  5. It's enough to make me want to put just a liiiiittle bit of food coloring in the water, to see if it dyes them... mwahaha....

    In other news, the fantail was swimming around quite a bit more last night, and not bobbing up nearly as often. He still seems a little... distressed, and stays in the upper third of the water, but hopefully he's on his way to a total recovery!

  6. I can get prazi from a place about an hour away from me that also has *everything* a girl could want, goldfish-wise... the downside is that when I ask about certain medications, they look at me as though I've somehow allowed my firstborn to contract a terminal disease. "I don't *know* how he got parasites, I'm sorry! Please, stop glaring and sell me the meds!"

  7. Ah well... luckily for me my pets seem to be providing me ample reasons to post...

    Of course, if they suddenly become healthy... measures may have to be taken.

    ("Lynda! OMFG, my telescope suddenly turned purple! As though someone drew on him with a colored sharpie marker! What should I do!?")

    He's *never* growing his top fin back, I've already learned. After five years, the only thing it has done is turn from a creepy gaping hole of nastiness into a rather funny looking back. So that's good, at least.

  8. Oh, caudal fin is what's currently wreaking havoc on my sanity, dorsal fin is what was missing when I bought him, along with a huuuge chunk out of his back.

    Some might have said, "Minx, why in the name of all that's holy would you pay actual money for this fish?"

    I'm just a sucker for things that are floating upside down and bleeding, apparently. :wub:

  9. Okay good. He definitely still has tail left on the sides, but it was the middle I was worried about... but there's certainly more than 1/8" left. :thumbup2:

    (And I suppose in a worst-case scenario, he won't look any crazier or be any clumsier than he is already... I *really* need to get photos up so you can see his terrifying lack of a dorsal fin.)

  10. You are obviously the Sherlock to my Watson -- It totally never occurred to me that the tail might, say, affect his swimming abilities.



    If he doesn't even like going low enough to get into a vase... should I turn off my bubbler? I've got a *very* frisky filter and live plants, so it's not like I'm using the bubbles for anything more than entertainment, and if they were turned off it would make at least one side of the tank tamer, water-wise.

    (And yeah. The whole tail. Well, more like strips of the whole tail, so that instead of just a giant chunk 'o tail, there were instead looong wisps of it littering the floor. Sick.)

    (Define "as long as they haven't rotted all the way down to the body"? Not that I'm saying the tail fell off all the way down to the body...or anything....)

  11. Sorry Lynda! :D I've been dealing with the crazy.



    Are you ready for this?

    Fantail is back in his tank with his buddies, I dosed them all with prazi, and sat back in satisfaction waiting to hear their little fishy songs of joy.

    Four days ago: I walk in to say good morning, and there is Fantail's tail. On the floor of the tank. Which, obviously, is not where it is supposed to be.

    Cue the crazed and frantic screaming.

    I've subsequently sort of decided that maybe hypothetically it was just the dead part of the tail falling off? Because his tail is now all nice and lined with healing tissue... and by nice, I mean that he's got little trails of tail and not much else... it's pretty terrible... but anyway! Thoughts?

    ALSO! To make matters slightly crazier, he's either developed a bad swim bladder problem, or he's chronically constipated; as of four days ago, at the same time his tail went bye-bye, he has been spending most of his time bobbing at the surface of the water. He tends to get drawn up butt-first, which I believe is a sign of constipation, but I'm not entirely sure. I starved him for three days and fed him peas this morning, which he went right after and subsequently swam around a bit more, but then bobbed right back up to the surface.

    (Tank parameters continue to be perfect, praise the god of aquariums.)

  12. I sent an email off to the company to get there response to this idea. And I will call the customer service number Monday. I'll post the results!

    That is a really nice idea! Can't wait to hear their response...


    Although now that I know the rest of the world just dumps 'em, I'm feeling less than guilty about it. :whistle

  13. I haven't seen the oranda shiver since the last time I posted -- they all still seem a little bit itchy, but not to the point that they're actually scraping themselves on things, so... yeah. We'll see. Probably I'll panic and as soon as the meds get here I'll dose them even though the fantail is still in his quarantine tank. ;)

    (I'll just have to pass him off as, like, a room decoration, since he's currently living on our back porch, much to the rest of the house's dismay.)

  14. I've recently come into possession of a filter that has no markings at all and does not have any filter media, but I'd really like to use it because even with my new tank I'm sort of cramping my babies.


    My question is, can I just... buy any random filter insert and jam it in?

    Or will it... not work... if I don't figure out the exact right one to purchase?

  15. ::: basks in the glory of her new name :::

    All right. Here's a question that'll probably suggest I don't care about my fishes, but really it's just that I am a lazy lazy girl.

    Do you think I can put off treating the fish with prazi for the next 10 days, until I put the fantail back in with them and he's had a chance to recover? Or will that result in their imminent deaths? He's doing the same swim-along-the-bottom thing that the telescope is doing, so probably I'll have to medicate him too, and if all possible I'd *love* to have them all in the same tank getting the same meds rather than him in a separate, barely-cycled tank for an undetermined length of time. Plus, it'll give the meds time to ship here. :)

    (Have they been living with flukes for this long!?!? I AM A TERRIBLE MOMMY!!)

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