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  1. Apparently I spoke too soon... that weird cyst thing is back again, having un-receded from Chester's side.

    Is there any chance that's just the bacteria working its way out of his body, now that he's on medicated food?

    Could it maybe actually be a little tumor thing? Ugly but nothing to worry about?

    Or, God help us, is the alien *hatching*!?

    (By the way, what is your real name?? I am tired of saying Minx or Chester's Mommy.. you wrote it in the beginning I think but we didn't talk as much then)

    I am the terror that flaps in the night... obviously, my true identity must never be revealed! :peeka

  2. Awwwwwwwwww he's too cute :heart That's really scary what the employee said, I hope he doesn't make away with all the celestials they recieve :(
    I'm hoping (HOPE HOPE) that they'd just never seen one before, so they didn't recognize him for what he was amidst all the masses of feeders. The only other goldies they had there were fantails, but... yeah. I was pretty horrified.
    Terracotta pots work good ..as long as they are not painted ...also big PVC piping works well :D
    Ooh! Awesome!! I'll go pot shopping tomorrow then! :D
  3. ::: squeals with glee :::

    Loves him! I definitely should not have put him in my bedroom to QT, because I cannot pay attention to anything else.... :rolleyes:

    He's being treated with General Cure (I had no other prazi-meds on hand...) and eating MediGold, so hopefully that'll take care of the health aspect. Now I'll just have to get his tank all awesome -- Can I use any kind of pot? I don't have *any* decorations in my other tank so I'm not really sure what kinds of materials are safe for fishies.

    (I'm not used to having a goldfish this... small! I'm worried I'll break him!!)

  4. So here's a story, friends.

    I was out of town this weekend visiting my grandparents -- they have a petstore nearby (we'll call it P*tco) and I wandered in this morning to poke around and lust after various fishies. As one does.

    Anyway, I looked through everything and was walking past the Tank O' Feeder Fish, when I said, "Hold up, what's that? That tiny little guy, stuck to the filter? ...twitching?"

    I will show you what was that:


    So I approached the Aquatic Specialist.

    Me: "Excuse me, I was wondering about that fish you have there."

    Specialist: "Oh, yeah. I was just about to... take it into the back."

    Me: "Oh, actually, I was interested in buying him."

    Specialist: "We can't actually sell it. Sorry."

    Me: "Because he's painfully thin, has a crooked back, and looks a little gnarly?"


    Specialist: "What? No, because of his eyes."

    Me: :blink: "Excuse me?"

    Specialist, talking to me as though I was four: "Do you see the other fishes' eyes? See how they are flat against their heads? That's how goldfish eyes are supposed to be. Now, look at this one. See how its eyes are PROTRUDING? That means it's sick, and we can't sell sick fish."

    Me: "I'll pay Fancy Goldfish price for him."

    Specialist: "Enjoy your new pet!"

    He survived both being peeled off the filter and the three-hour car trip home in a P*tco bag, and is currently cruising around my quarantine tank eating like food is going out of style. So now I have a teeny-weeny little... something. I'm thinking of naming him Bette Davis, aha.


    Anyone have a guess as to what he is? (...Celestial?) Anyone see anything seriously wrong with him offhand?


    Also, isn't he CUTE!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!! :wub::wub::wub:


  5. Well friends, I haven't noticed them yawning since I mentioned it, so I think we must be golden.

    Also, they made it through a weekend without me! ::: dances ::: So I am almost (almost) willing to hope they are all totally healthy and going to survive without further insane intervention from me. Huzzah! And there was much rejoicing! :alc

    (Of course, when I got back it looked like my tank had been attacked by an Egg Monster; there were eggs on my *filter*, eggs on my *bubbler*, eggs going up the *wall*, eggs all over the *plants*, eggs on *Chester*....)

  6. Oh my goodness, Minx.. :hi what you've been through with your fish! They're beautiful. :)

    Aw, thankies!

    Of course, I always knew they were gorgeous, but it's nice to have it validated by someone who *isn't* necessarily attracted to freakish, broken goldies. :rofl

    (PS, I love this guy too. :happydance He sort of encompasses my mood nine days out of ten.)

    Often you can find what you are looking for just by reading through.. It's amazing what you will learn on here..

    But what about all the things you *don't* learn, hmm? :huh:

    How to rig up a filter using nothing but a coffee mug and six paperclips?

    How to teach your goldfish to call 911 for you in case of a medical emergency?

    What to do if your goldfish start loudly and incessantly singing showtunes at four in the morning?

    You know -- Basic, useful stuff like that?

  7. Anything else you want to mention?

    I know a few people who sell their work online, and one thing they've noticed is that a lot of people are interested not necessarily in a fantastic painting, but rather something they can have online, for their own websites or something like that. Maybe you'd want to also offer a reduced-price option where honestly all you do is sketch out a drawing, scan it in, and upload the file to the client.

    It's kind of a sad day when people don't actually want a quality piece of artwork, but I know from what my friends tell me that they get a lot more business with that option.

  8. They weren't treated with Prazi-prazi, just with... oh, what was it? It's an API thing with prazi *in* it. I want to say it was General Cure? Anyway, they did the whole dosing of that, which I believe lasted for ten days.

    I checked their gills for tears -- nothing, thank goodness, or I would probably have shrieked loud enough to shatter their tank :rolleyes: -- and they've already got more bubble sticks than any spoiled goldfish could want, so for now I'll just keep an eye on them. If I notice it getting more frequent, I'll actually spring for the good prazi stuff and do a full 30-day treatment.

    Silly fishies. Why must they worry me so?

  9. Hooray! Hooray for the fantasticalness of my tank! :rockon

    But KH.... ah.... I don't believe I've seen such a thing?

    I have a super-snazzy set of API drop testers, but as I was grabbing them off the shelf I only noticed the four options of ammonia/nitrate/nitrite/pH.

    Are KH testers somehow too awesome to be sold alongside the other ones? Or are they only available online?

  10. ::: patpatpat :::

    You're not a bad pet owner! Heck, I let my fantail's entire tail fall off before I sat up and paid attention, and if I've been reassured that *I'm* not a bad pet owner, you certainly aren't. :)

    I am a little new person here, but I figured I'd answer what I could just so you'd have something else to work with while we're waiting for Sue and her Brilliance to come back and/or for this thread to be moved to the disease section.

    As far as I'm aware, you *should* remove the carbon from the filter if you're going to be treating with medicine, but the Biowheel should stay put.

    I'm pretty sure you shouldn't treat your moor with Maracyn if he's not showing symptoms... but I suppose the argument would be that he probably has whatever your ryukin has at this point... and if you absolutely cannot set up a quarantine tank it's a moot point anyway. You have to treat your sick one, so he'll be treated along with it. (I don't know if you can use salt along with the meds; that would be a question for someone wiser than I.) And remember -- dark room. Daaaark room. Or in a closet, or under a bed.... Otherwise the meds don't work as well.

    It's fantastic that Steve is eating, for all that he's sick! I hope he improves quickly, so that you can get back to, you know, tiny things like grad school apps.


    Shazaam! :happydance

    Hey, in a sort of on-topic question, is yawning (in a fish, now, not me) ever just a sign of... fatigue, or something? Rather than a problem?

    Because I noticed my guys being a little yawny yesterday, but their water is perfect, they were recently treated for flukes, and they seem awesome in every other possible way.

    Fun story -- fish yawns are apparently contagious as well as people yawns -- I almost passed out watching them yesterday.

  12. Huzzah!!

    I am 100% in favor of believing this, because that means all I need to think about is his Cyst of Doom, and that's really enough for me.

    Poor guy... I just re-hooked up my little BioWheel 100 that I'd turned off to give him some un-currented swimming area, and now he's being thrown all over the place. He seems very grumpy about the whole thing.

    (Thank you to catering to my whinings. Of course... it'll just encourage me to do it more in the future. God help us all.)

  13. All right, they're all getting the medicated food. Yay decision-making!

    (Really, it was more because I've been staring at Sirius' eye for the past week and have gradually decided that... does he have popeye!? :krazy: But I can't worry about it, because I have no idea how to tell, since he's a telescope, and I'm hoping that the food will lay to rest any niggling suspicions I might have. Yes.)

    PS! ::: bounces ::: Tail! Look at the *tail*!! Is it the rabies!?!?

  14. Ahaha, well, it doesn't matter now; she called me all excited at 2am last night, because apparently her father, seeing her carting home a giant rubber bin, went out and bought her a Beautiful Brand New 29-Gallon Tank.

    (Cue me saying, "But... but that's not big enough....")

    So she has returned said giant rubber bin, alas.

    I'm going to suggest, I think, that she keep the smallest of her comets in the original 10 gallon and move the other three into the 29 gallon... then, I suppose, we'll just have a long talk about Proper Water Care.

    Because, you know, I've always been so good about that. :rofl

  15. Oh, hey, fun story about how I never actually posted a picture of Chester's tail, which was the original reason I'd made this thread...


    There's the white part I'm talking about, the part that's getting bigger.

    Again, it's not... fuzzy, or anything. It's just sort of larger than it was, growing outward along with the new tail growth.

    I really do think it's just a big fishy scab, or something, but I no longer trust my own judgement, so I thought I'd ask all y'all to confirm/deny.

    (Oh, except for the previous post, where I totally made an independant decision. Yes.)

  16. Okay, having stared at those rubber straps for about an hour... the way one would use them is to... attach them to each side, so the straps run over the top of the bucket and keep the sides from dipping out? Yes?

    Or do you circle around the whole... the whole bucket itself?

    Are the straps to tie the tank to a wall...?

    :blink: ... :blink:

    I am not an engineer here, people! Most days I can't even tie my shoes right!

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