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  1. You know it has been so long since I have gotten to read any of your rants...I miss them so. I immediately require pictures of your crew.

    ::: laughs :::

    Can do! Let me recover from the Harry Potter midnight show (ye gods, I have to work in three hours...) and I'll get some posted.

    Just no calling the babies names. They're awfully sensitive about the fact that they look like terrifying zombie fish, staggering up from the depths with only some of their body parts still connected. ;)

  2. ::: LAUGHS :::

    Wow, it has been... a year, since I posted here.

    I am ashamed of myself!

    Terribly, terribly ash--no, not really. But I'll at least fake remorse.

    Anyway! How have y'all been?

    I was cleaning the baby tank today (I say "baby" although Bob and McGee are a full year old at this point, for all that McGee is still the size of a bottle cap) and noticed that McGee had something wispy and worm-like drifting out of his gill.

    I flew into panic mode!! :krazy: :krazy: :krazy: :krazy:

    Salt in the tank, check! Lights dimmed, check! Terrifying new vampire shrimp herded into a corner so I wouldn't be distracted by his creepiness, check!

    My mother came home an hour later to find me hunched over the tank, laptop in hand.

    Mom: "So, Minx... whatcha doin'?"

    Me: "I'm researching! Something's wrong with McGee! I'm assuming it's some sort of parasite, but it's complicated, because if it's a gill fluke I shouldn't be able to see it, and it's way in the wrong place for anchor worm--plus, it doesn't look like anchor worm at all--and my tank doesn't have a substrate, so I'm assuming it can't be some sort of random planaria worm hanging out where it shouldn't... my GOD, does that look like Columnaris to you!? Can fish even get Columnaris on their gills!?!?"

    Mom: "Oh, really, it just looks like something got caught on that... what's that thing called? The part that's all curved and sticking out of his head?"

    Me: "His weird curvy gill plate?"

    Mom: "Yeah, I think he's just a little tangled in something."

    And she reaches down, flicks at his head, and what (suddenly) obviously is just a piece of plant material drifts away from his gill.


    I feel a little bit like I imagine nervous parents who are also pediatricians must feel. Everything is always an emergency, because I know everything that can go wrong. :rofl

  3. Wow...only you Minx could get a free vampire for Halloween! I missed seeing you on the board.

    I missed all y'all toooo!

    I'm going to try to be a little more here, now -- my babies are growing up so fast that I'm going to need to shower the board with photos. ;)

    (Plus, it doesn't hurt that my new job allows me more computer time....)

  4. It kind of looks like a vampire but where are the fans?

    We're not going to focus too much on that... I'm hoping now that I've sat him down and said, "Little Creeper, you're a vampire shrimp. You're nonagressive and get along great with goldfish," that he's going to follow suit. He probably doesn't know what he is anyway. I bet he's glad for the direction. ;)

    He seems to be doing fine in his new tank; I imagine it's nice after being in both the filter and then the fry tank for so long. The goldies haven't even noticed he exists yet, so all is peaceful and well with the world! :clapping:

  5. ::: cheers :::

    Thanks guys! I appreciate all the detective work! ;)

    I took him out of the floating fry tank and stuck him in with the babies; they don't have any shrimp in their tank, and they've got a nice bunch of plants and a pot where Little Creeper can hide.

    Of course, we still don't know how the heck he got into my tank in the first place... but let's just call it a Halloween Miracle and not think too hard about it. :doh11:

  6. i looked at the pics closely.., i think i can see pinchers forming.. yes?

    I was thinking the same thing, having stared both at him and at the photos -- he has little grasping pinchers way up in front, between his two first muscular legs. I don't know if they're still growing, or stunted, or if that's just... what they're supposed to look like?

  7. And then I would tell him that he should get used to the camera and :borgg:

    Poor Sirius. He never knew he was going to be used on a message board for all eternity when I made that photo.... :rofl:lol1


    One of my co-workers suggested he might be a vampire shrimp, but I can't find any good photos to back that up.

    I'd obviously need to immediately rename him Edward, if that was the case....

    If he is indeed a crawdad, what the heck do I do with him? Is he tank-safe? Do I need to get him other crayfish buddies?

    This is absolutely ridiculous, by the way. I give up my Freak Fish ways and swear to keep no more mutants, and what happens? They apparently spontaneously generate in my tank.

  8. Maybe he escaped from District 9 :rofl.

    Seriously though, I haven't a clue except that it's clearly a shrimp-like crustacean. A friend/colleague of mine is a bit in to shrimps so maybe he can identify it. I'll send him a link to the picture and let you know if he has some idea about that weird fellow (or gal) 's identify ...

    That would be awesome! I really don't have the resources to give him his own tank, so what this will boil down to is a) should he float in a brick-sized fry tank the rest of his life, b) can he exist peacefully with the amanos in my big tank, or c) if he promises to be a nice boy, can I put him in with my babies, or will he jump onto them like a velociraptor and chew off their fins?

  9. I love its cute "I will kill you in your sleep"-expression.

    It's less endearing when I'm actually worrying about it *doing* that.... Luckily my fry tank is SUPER STURDY, like something that could hold very small zombies. Creepy shrimp are no problem.

    It looks like some type of Crustacea, but which one, no idea :idont

    At least I got the right board.... ;)


    Okay! Here are some additional photos.

    I hope they're helpful, because Little Creeper got all nervous as a result of the camera, and started tapping around his cage in a threatening way, and I felt both "Awwwwww" and terribly intimidated.

    Have at, brilliant Koko-type people!




  10. ::: LAUGHS :::

    So it *is* an alien shrimp!?

    I don't know what to tell you guys -- I really try to never ever introduce new things into my tank, because Chester is allergic to pretty much everything under the sun and his eyes tend to swell up and fall out when I change his food, let alone add in a new plant. ;)

    I got the amanos about a year and a half ago (well, a year and seven months, if you count their quarantine period), and I added a new java fern maybe... eight months ago? But it was one of those prepackaged dry ones that they sell sitting in clear goop on an endcap at Pet$mart, and I rinsed it like it was my job before I put it in the tank.


    It's like a Halloween horror movie, aquarium-style. Who knows what terrors lurk within your filter.................... :o

  11. So, I'm hoping you beautiful, brilliant Kokos folks can help me out with this one --

    About a month, I noticed that one of my Amanos was pregnant, which is ridiculous of her, because who gives birth in a goldfish tank? Have some sense, shrimp!

    Anyway, last week, as I was pulling out my filter insert for a cleaning, this dude came along with it:


    I screamed like the little girl I am, and threw him into a fry tank, where he has been floating ever since (much to the horror of the goldies, who apparently view the whole scenario in much the same way I would if someone hung a twinkie just out of reach above my bed).

    Is this... is this what baby Amanos look like? He's about as long as a silver dollar, and a half an inch wide, and he just seems... burlier than his parents. And the wrong color. And he's got spikes on his feet.

    Assuming he is indeed just a little baby Amano shrimp, does anyone have any idea how long it'll be until he starts looking more normal? I'm afraid to toss him into the main tank to fend for himself, because he still seems sort of squishy.

  12. Hi Minx!

    Wow, they have grown. Bob is the one without a tail, right? It is amazing that he has managed to survive, and thrive, by the looks of it. And, yep, they look just like their parents. :D

    Yeah, Bob is my tail-less baby, and McGee is the mouth-less one. You wonder why they were the only fry no one was willing to adopt. :doh11:

    We did finally work out a way for mutually beneficial feedings -- Bob takes on a big chunk of gel food, because that way he can sit on the bottom of the tank and gnaw at it, and not need to swim, and then McGee sort of circles around him suctioning up all the microscopic scraps that are flying everywhere. Ah, adaptation. It's a wonderful thing.

  13. Hey friends! It has been a long, long time, I know. :rolleyes:

    I thought I would swing through, though, to show off how happy Bob and McGee are in their new 20-gallon! They're a little shocky at the space -- they're sticking to each other like glue. Or duct tape. Or something else that sticks things together.

    I can hardly get over how big they are (well, not McGee, but the fact that he doesn't have a working mouth is probably partly to blame...).




    ::: happy sigh :::

    They look just like their parents, don't you think!?

  14. Shimps are live born. They eggs are carried in the mother till ready to hatch. I think that is true with all shrimp. So most likely it is goldfish eggs.

    See, I'd thought that, but when I touch them they slide across the glass -- they feel almost hard on the outside. Usually when I touch my goldfish eggs they squish. In a creepy, creepy way.

  15. I want to see pictures of your little babies. I hope they make it. It would be amazing to raise Bob to an adult.

    Right. You're going to have to take my word for this, because I'm fully aware this looks like an alleged photo of the Loch Ness Monster, but Bob is in there. If you look carefully. wink.gif


  16. You'd think, if I was doing grad school online, that it would mean I'd spent more time online, ergo spending more time playing on Kokos.

    But alas.

    Apparently what it really means is that I rush home from work every day, limbs all akimbo, and throw myself onto my laptop there to frantically type for the next five to six hours (occasionally horking down a sandwich or something) before dragging my bleeding eyes up to bed.

    Anyway! Apologize for the absence, am not dead, all is well, etc.

    Update on the goldies before I resume my research on Prison Libraries:

    My three big guys are all fine, although Chester's got a touch of the Pop Eye. But what else is new? They've been laying like crazy but I'm letting the shrimp eat everything, because I am not equipped to deal with more than one batch of frylets at a time.

    Bob and McGee (I renamed Hazel-rah after I thought of the joke), my only surviving babies, are still doing their thing.

    Bob has compensated marvelously for his lack o' the tail, and really at this point you can hardly even tell he's broken! Except for the way half of him is missing. But he's super cute so it doesn't even matter. :wub:

    As McGee has been growing, I noticed that unfortunately he's developing the Thing that half my babies seem genetically predisposed to have -- that is, his mouth is... not really there. It comes to a point, like a beak, and he can't really open or shut it very well. He's a little bit spindlier than his brother, due to obvious reasons, but we're working on it.

    Feeding time is a joy with the two of them, as you might imagine -- Bob has to have a big piece of gel food to gnaw on, because he can't swim fast enough to catch food that drifts, and McGee has to be caught and then kept in a plastic cup while he eats his fry food, because he's too dumb to find his way into the cup by himself and the fry food is so small that I can't just toss it into the tank.

    Do you ever think parenthood might be easier than fishkeeping? At least until the little buggers become all mobile and choking-hazard magnets?

    As an aside, what to shrimp eggs look like? I only ask because these weird little clear things have been popping up all along the sides of my main tank. I know I don't have snails, and I'm pretty sure my goldies haven't mutated to the point that their eggs have become hard and semi-circular, so the only thing I can think of is that the wood shrimp are breeding too. (And if *that's* the case, obviously all those urban legends about birth control in the water system are liiiiieeeeees....)

  17. I've spent the weekend cleaning out Bette Davis' tank -- I'm not entirely sure that it's diseased, but just in case, I don't want to take any chances.

    Once I'm satisfied that it's all ship-shape, I'm going to move the babies in! They're big enough at this point that they could definitely do with some more room, and... I no longer trust them with their parents, due to the unfortunate "omg yum luv to eat baby tails" incident the first time I tried to let them loose.

    I'm still at a loss as to what to do with my shrimp. They are *so* huge and *so* terrifying and have *such* immense, graspy arms, that I'm pretty sure they'd be able to snatch my babies right out of the water if they so chose.

    But I can't very well move them into the main tank, and (despite the suggestions of my parents) I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be setting them free in the nearest water source.

    I don't suppose they can be de-clawed?

  18. Frylet Bob, against all odds, actually appears to be putting on weight!

    Bob, as a reminder to all those who can't read my mind and thus don't know absolutely everything happening with my goldies, is one of the two wild babies I found tooling around my tank a couple of days ago. Tragically, on the 16th, when I went down to feed the boys, there were only one and a half babies tooling around. Bob had been bitten(?) completely in half and was sort of drifting, vertically with his head down, around the tank.

    This is obviously the time I should have flushed him, but you know me, so instead I popped him and his brother (Hazel-rah) into the baby tank, and left them to their own devices. Hazel-rah seemed distressed at being stuck in a tiny space with his newly-deformed brother, leading me to believe that Hazel-rah... is a hater.

    But! It has been four days now, and Bob has actually stopped bobbing, and has started swimming (in a jerky haphazard way), and is eating like normal, and honestly he's looking so good that if you didn't know better, you'd hardly notice that he's missing from the dorsal fin down. ;)

  19. Aw, thanks guys!

    I really do feel I did the right thing, but it still bums me out when I think about it....


    On a brighter note, I currently have a baby who has, despite being bitten completely in half, continued to thrive, so poor Bette Davis will soon be replaced by an equally freakish fish.

    The circle of life continues!!

  20. Well, I had to euthanize Bette Davis about... oh, ten minutes ago.


    That's the first big goldie I've lost since basically... ever.

    Goodbye, Bette Davis!

    We'll miss you and your laser eyes!


    (Now the question becomes, what do I do with my shrimp? I assume they're like tigers -- now that they have tasted the Flesh of Goldfish, they will go on mad rampages through any tank I put them in, devouring everything in their path with their terrifying, terrifying claws....)

  21. Well, it's done... :(

    *I* didn't do it, of course -- I handed my daddy a cup with the clove oil in it, a bottle of vodka, and Bette Davis in a Bucket, and then ran and hid. But I came back right after, because I didn't trust him to really, reeeeaaaally stare at her to make sure she'd passed away after adding the vodka.

    Because if there are any fish that might come back to life, in the dead of night, as creepy-eyed zombies, it would be my fish. ;)

    I think it really was the best thing. I'm kind of in shock because it was so fast, and her tank is still burbling away next to my computer, but by the time I got back from the store with the oil she was breathing about eighty times a minute and every time her gills moved her entire body would shudder and she'd leak reddish stuff all over the tank. Plus, you know, the shrimp had gotten to her so bad, with her fins and her body (and her eyes...) that I think she was seriously suffering.

    Pout pout pout. :(:(:(

  22. She's got some fins left -- it's the huge chunks that are all gnawed out of her sides that are worse to look at...

    She's not even moving anymore, just stuck up under a plant looking like she wishes she were dead.


    On the upside, who knew that I had a well-stocked health food store so close to my house?!

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