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  1. All righty! I have him in the 10-gallon with .1% salt (I think that's the right decimal...) and a heater. I'll check on him in six hours and we'll see where we stand. The food was Jungle anti-bacterial; I've put a couple of pieces in the quarantine tank but he has thus far ignored them, so... we'll see if they're there in the morning. He definitely wasn't floating before the salt, but of course part of me is already convinced that the tail rot opened the door to all manner of other bacterial infections... LIKE OMG DROPSY. My poor baby. I *do* have some Maracyn II; if he's still looking icky tomorrow should I pop that in? (I suppose it would help treat the tail issue too, really.)
  2. Temp is still down in the 60s. I... have no idea what his poop looks like. He has been constipated in the past, but usually then he doesn't... bob. That's why it caught my eye as soon as he started doing it -- he acts like he *wants* to be lower but can't get any lower. His fins aren't clamped but his tail is looking bloody and streaky, waaaay more so than this morning or yesterday. No white spots or patches that I can see, but he's missing two scales on his midsection, and I don't know if it's just now that I'm staring with my eyes a milimeter from the glass or what, but he's looking a little poofier than I'd like. Eyes aren't bugging as far as I can tell. Not feeding the med food; he hasn't had that in three weeks (thank goodness I was using it as his Look Guys A Treat! food, because it meant he didn't get it every day...) Plenty of aeration. And nope, no digital camera. I went screaming to my friend's house and escaped with her extra 10-gallon, which I've set up with a filter, bubbler, and heater. Just say the word and I'll QT.
  3. After a water change and the last dosing of salt, my tank levels currently stand at Ammonia 0.25 Nitrite 0.5 Nitrate 15 So... we're getting there. I'm getting a little nervous about Mr. Fantail; he's been giving me wide-eyed looks and sticking kind of close to the top of the water. He's not pineconing, but do we know of anything *other* than dropsy that would make him overnight start bobbing towards the surface? (ie, at what point do I need to move *this* portion of the discussion to the 911 area of the board?)
  4. Oooh, the tub idea is fantastic -- thank you! I'll run out and get one of those today when I'm restocking on Prime; I'm pretty sure I'm financing the company at the moment. (I'm using it to help neutralize the ammonia along with fixing the water; I'm assuming that's the most chemical blocking I should do, rather than getting something like Ammo-lock?) Desiree, my first-test levels were, as far as I can guess Ammonia 15 Nitrate 90 Nitrite 5 The levels I left the tank at as I dragged myself to bed were more along the lines of Ammonia 0.5 Nitrate 5.0 Nitrite 0.25 I don't actually have a pH tester -- let's all just imagine that it was bad, eh? I'm having my roommate add the second dose of salt water while I'm at work today (she took one look at my six-page list of instructions and threatened to never help me with a tank ever again) and then when I get home I'll test all the levels again. My fantail looked much more cheerful this morning. Very much along the lines of "Hi mommy! Isn't today a wonderful day? My scales aren't on FIRE anymore!" Of course, the other two act like they don't understand why he's whining; they've obviously adapted to swimming in bleach.
  5. Ahahahahahahahaha... ::: eye twitch ::: Well, fun story. So I pick up my brand new ammonia/nitrate/nitrite testers (I've only ever used those sticks before, you know, the ones that don't actually work?) and take them home to give them a try. I do not lie when I say that on the color scale of 0 being yellow and 8 being a dark, dark green, my ammonia level was probably 15. Oh yes. It was black. So! A bottle of Prime and fifteen 50% water changes later (is that 750% or doesn't it work like that?) I got it down to .5, and that's where I've had to call it a rest for the night, because it has been five hours and I'm worried that I'm going to tip the tank over with sleepy clumsiness. I added in the first batch of salt and also hooked up my extra filter as well as crammed another carbon thingy into my Penguin filter to try and get my obviously nonexistent bacteria to grow, goshdarnit! (Who feels like the worst mommy ever? I feel like the worst mommy ever.)
  6. I *knew* I should have paid more attention in my math classes... if only they'd told me I'd need it with my pets!! (Thanks for the detailed instructions; in a worst-case scenario I'll have my roommate sit and take Salt Notes so I don't mess up.) Fake plants, so I'll leave them in, and yes -- the rocks are eyeball-sized ones that I think are primarily supposed to be used to decorate smaller rock bottoms, but I bought a million of because a) they were the only thing I could be sure the fantail wasn't going to accidentally snack on, and b) they're light enough that the telescope can nudge them out of the way to get the food after it sinks without knocking off his eyes. If I can't find anything with prazi in it I'll just get the test kit and the salt, and then we'll figure it out from there. Thanks for all your help -- I'll post again after I get home, test the water, and add the first .1% salt -- I'm assuming somewhere on the board there's a list of what the test results should be?
  7. Oh dang, I never even thought the food would be tasty-fied to make them like it... I'll stop feeding them that. Regardless of how much they sulk. I've got test kits at home, but they're just the strip kind; I'll try to stop and get a more accurate drop one, along with the salt and prazi. Is the salt, by the way, going to do anything to my filter that I need to know about ahead of time? In the sense of crunching up my biowheel or anything? (I mean, obviously it's not going to be salt-like in the water, but as it dissolves it'll leave a residue, yeah?) They're big fish when you take into account where they're living -- the fantail is about four or five inches body length (and another four or five tail), the oranda's body is a husky three or four inches, and the telescope is three. I really hope they're not losing their color because of feeding or lighting -- they've got a light and I did feed them fruits and veggies, and... I shouldn't be worrying about this. On to treatment! You don't happen to know the names of anything with praziquantel in them, do you? I'm more than willing to comb the shelves, but if I can't find anything I've learned not to necessarily trust the recommendations of clerks. Also also... should I take the tank decorations out? I really only have two wispy plants (having a fish that can't see and a fish that can't steer and a fish that tries to impregnate anything in its path doesn't lend itself well to a nice-looking tank) and big unswallowable rocks, but if that's going to mess with anything I can scoop them all out. Thank you --
  8. [*]Test Results for the Following: [*]Ammonia Level? NA [*]Nitrite Level? NA [*]Nitrate level? NA [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? NA [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? NA [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? NA Sorry, I'm at work right now and don't have any of this info on hand... [*]Water temperature? I don't use a heater; it's usually somewhere in the 60-and-change area. [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 20 gallons; I don't actually understand what you mean by "running." I've had this particular tank, um, in operation? for about two years. [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? Penguin BioWheel 200 [*]How often do you change the water and how much? Weekly 25% [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? Three ugly and fat goldies; a fantail that I think might really be a veiltail, if only he wasn't missing the majority of his fins, a blind black moor that, since it turned gold, I'm assuming is actually just a telescope, and a blue oranda that is currently white. (I know. I know. But I have to pay my own rent before my babies can move into a bigger place, unfortunately.) [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? I use Prime [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? They get fed once a day; I switch between two different types of flakes (I presoak 'em so they sink), sinking pellets, peas and the like, and anti-bacterial medicated food. [*]Any new fish added to the tank? Nope, I've had them all 5+ years. [*]Any medications added to the tank? Not yet. [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Obviously, because I'm cramming fish, they occasionally get ammonia burns -- the only unusual thing is my poor fan/veil?tail's tail, as of yesterday, has been looking pretty shredded at the ends and reddish and sore at the base. The oranda tries to mate with him every few months, which occasionally rips a tail tip, but this is different. I heard that MelaFix is supposed to be good for healing fins and sores, that PimaFix might be even better, and that you can mix the two with no ill effects, so I thought I'd better use both. [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Nope. They're on Jungle med food in the first place because way *way* back in my foolish youth, when I originally was buying them, I had a soft spot for grocery-store fish that were chewed on, floating upside down, and bleeding out the gills. Yes. So all three of them were getting dosed with everything I could get my hands on, along with the medicated food, and they really, noticeably liked it. So they still get it along with their other foods just so they've got some variety.
  9. Hello all! I had a quick question about fish meds and figured this was a pretty informed place to get answers. I'm stopping by the store after work today to pick up some PimaFix and MelaFix for my goldies, one of which who is looking fairly tattered and torn around the tail. I feed them Jungle medicated fish food (not every day -- we alternate) and I was wondering if anyone knew whether I'd be killing my fish to use Pima, Mela, and the medicated food all together. Is that... too many meds? Thanks!
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