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  1. why aren't my pics attaching?
  2. Dang, no pics. I will do them one at a time.
  3. Now I see his side looks bad too. I took some pics. Exactly how much salt do I add is I put him in the 29 gallon tank by himself?
  4. I have a 55 gallon with a common, black moor, shubukin, red cap oranda, blue oranda, and also a clown loach. It is a well established tank. I do weekly water changes. Haven't tested water in a while. I had an ick problem and lost two clown loaches that shared this tank. I treated the ick with Ick Gone by Jungle labs. The black moor had a white film on the tops of his eyes and top of his head. All others look healthy. What could this be and how do I treat? I have an empty 29 gallon running right now that I could use as a hospital tank. Help ASAP! Thanks!
  5. I tried it a year or two ago; it worked OK but I got tired of messing with it very quickly. I guess it is now in my basement, with a lot of other stuff I thought sounded cool and easy but quickly tired of!
  6. drs. foster and smith Check out this link, they have excellent prices on penguin filters. I order stuff from them all the time.
  7. Thanks everybody. I decided against the saltwater tank, so the goldies are in the 55 gallon. I added a blue oranda and a red cap oranda. I bought some glass cats and red danios for the 29 gallon the goldies used to be in. 2 of the clown loaches that had survived have now died. I am now considering putting the new fish in my other 29 gallon, which has a few clown loaches and tetras and one glass cat, and buying something else for that tank, like a lizard or newt or something. Any ideas?
  8. Dang Chris, what the heck? Have they figured out anything else now? How are your platelets? Did they do the CT the doctor wanted you to have? by the way, did you realize that your profile thing under your name says you are a male??? People might get the wrong idea about your boyfriend from N.D.!!! Hope you are on the road to recovery.
  9. Since I accidentally killed most of my 55 gallon tropical tank dwellers, I have since moved my three goldies into that tank (a common, a comet, and a black moor). Today I bought them two buddies! A red cap oranda and a blue oranda. They are both precious! By the way, I had 4 clown loaches in there with the three temporarily, and when I went to move some around today, there was only 1 clown loach! I think my biggest goldie ate the other three! Have you heard of that before! They were nearly the same size. And yes, I know, they probably shouldn't have been together in the first place, but I had them together in a 29 gallon tank for several months without any problems. Weird! I had a hard time picking out fish today; they were all so cute and precious I wanted them all!
  10. OMG Chris, I just read your post about what happened. How awful! Why are you developing these clots? That's just not normal! Are you on blood thinners or anti-platelets now? I hope the bad stuff is all behind you and you feel better and better each day!
  11. thanks for the info. The bala shark died the next day . Now I'm considering moving the few loaches to my other 29 gallon tank, moving the goldies back to this 29 gallon, and making my 55 gallon a saltwater tank! How hard are they to maintain--anybody know? I've been reading up on it the past couple of days, but there is conflicting info out there!
  12. thanks guys... The survivors were one bala shark (out of 2), 4 clown loaches (out of 5), and the 2 kuhli loaches. All others are dead. The goldies are now in the very clean 55 gallon and they seem to like it. They are exploring right now. I still don't know if the "survivors" will really survive. I guess I'll know in a day or two. They look a little stressed. Thanks for all the consoling words!!!
  13. I feel like such an idiot. All my babies killed by a d*** 20 cent sponge! I've moved the survivors to a rubbermaid container. I'm washing out the tank good. I'm going to move my goldies to the 55 gallon (up from a 29 gallon--they will love it). I still have some BioSpira so I'm in good shape there; plus I'll move some of their ornaments, etc., to the 55 gallon. I guess I'll put the survivors in the current goldie tank. I can't believe I used that stupid sponge! If anyone here had asked if it was OK to clean with that sponge, I would have said NO! DUH! I don't know what I was thinking. And now my beautiful bala sharks, australian rainbows, tetras, angelfish, etc., are all dead! Unbelievable!
  14. Well crap. I looked at the sponge package and it says right on there "Not for aquarium use." So, do I move the survivors to another tropical tank, or will that contaminate that tank?? Hurry, time is running out...
  15. I cleaned the tank really good yesterday--I had a huge green algae outbreak. I also cleaned the filters and tubes, etc. Yesterday evening about half were dead, so I did another partial water change. This morning, all but about 3 are dead. No nitrates, no ammonia. I have a suspicion--like a moron, I used a regular household sponge to scrub the sides. It was new, but it says it was treated to resist bacteria. I think there was something in there that killed them. Should I move the remaining live ones to another tank, or is it too late for them? What should I do when they are all gone? Tear down the tank and clean everything? Do y'all agree that it was something in that sponge? I think since it looks like I'll have a free 55 gallon tank, I may make a saltwater tank out of it now. Either that, or let the goldies have that tank. So, should I move the remaining ones to my other tropical tank, or will that contaminate that tank too?? HELP ASAP!
  16. Hey Chris! I hope you remember me from the other site, when I first got an aquarium. You helped me with dying gouramis and overstocked tanks. Hope you are feeling better--what was wrong?
  17. Thanks guys, I never have seen them fighting, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen! Wonder if I should treat the whole tank with Melafix?
  18. I have three angelfish in my 55 gallon tank, along with several other tropical fish. One of my angelfish has developed very swollen lips. He still eats and isn't lethargic, but is lips are huge! Any ideas? Everyone else in the tank is healthy. I haven't had a death in that tank in a long time. I hate to admit it, but I never check the water parameters anymore. I do partial water changes/ gravel vacuuming every weekend without fail. Thanks in advance...
  19. Thanks again! I'll check with the garden shops tomorrow. Wonder if the garden departments of Kmart and nnnnnn carry it?
  20. Thank you Paul! The info that came with the filter said to never use DE made for swimming pools, as it could have clorine in it and could kill the fish. Do you think that is true? The stuff they want me to buy from them is probably twice as much as the DE I could get locally. What do you think? Does everyone out there think that keeping it contained for a week is too long and that I should clean it out each time and use new DE each time?
  21. I FINALLY got my diatom filter--it is a vortex XL. Used it for the first time today. Does anyone know how many times I can use it before needing to backflush it and put new DE in it? I have three tanks--one 55 gallon and two 29 gallons. I cleaned all three today. Wow. they are beautifull. Can I let the thing sit for a week at a time without a bunch of bacteria and crud growing in the jar? Should I backflush it every time I clean the 3 tanks and start with fresh DE each time? Someone who knows, please answer soon!!! Thanks!!
  22. thanks! The darn thing is still backordered. I wish it would hurry and come!
  23. Thanks Koko; I ordered one earlier today from vvvv. $89 and with S&H and tax a little over $100. But they are backordered hope it doesn't take long to get here. I have a question. If you stir up the gravel then run your diatom filter for a few hours, would that replace vacuuming the gravel? Could you do that weekly and just add water to top off the tank, instead of doing the water changes? (I currently use the python weekly). Later,
  24. BUMP again! Someone answer please!
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