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  1. Do some fish not react well to prazi???My bubbles hasn't been himself since yesterday :(

    My Butterflies seem to hate it as does my moor....last time I treated (30 days ago) the three of them huddles in the corner...soon as the meds were out there were right as rain!

  2. 2.5 yeras and counting on three of my goldies...a black oranda, a black moor and a ryunkin.. ..The oranda was bought from a goldfish farm and the other two were at a local petshop...they were in a 56 gallon tank for the bulk of the time, but i just got a new 125 gallon tank that I am limiting to no more then 10 fish in the future! (currently im at 6)

  3. Deahttub they still do it all the time? :doh11:

    OMG its getting me so nervous! Cause then they get floaty etc. It's a vicious cycle!

    I hope I can find a way to make them stop before they teach the others to do it too!

    They do it most of the time, however they arent floaty....what i try to do, and i emphasise the word try is to feed them every other day, and that keeps them from being constipated....for me the hardest thing about keeping goldies is feeding them! They are so easy to overfeed cause they are so cute!

  4. I have a few fish that keep gulping! Like once a minute or more. It's driving me insane!

    The DO is WAY enough. You can see the white tiny bubbles all over the tank.

    Params are all perfect 0,0,0 (plants eat the little nitrates)

    They have all been extensively treated with Prazi (I am doing a few extra rounds just in case).

    It isn't related to feeding time (they don't do it more after I feed them).

    They don't have any other signs of anything wrong with them - they just eventually get floaty from all the gulping :doh11:

    What could it be? :krazy:

    I have a very similar situation with two of my goldies....One is a very large oranda, and the other a ryunkin that is big(ish)....they have been gulping for the better part of two years...,,at first i thought they had flukes, so i treated them with aqua prazi for 30 days (using the fluke treatment schedule) and they still gulped, then i thought i didnt have enough oxygen in the tank, so i got a wet/dry filter, and they still gulped. Then i thought it was because my tank was higher then long, so now I have a 6 foot tank, and they still gulp...my guess is that these two fish are the biggest pigs in my tank....they actually spit water at you when you are near the tank...maybe your fish are like mine? Just a thought....

  5. Well I plan on still using my two AC 70s so I just need to get the last 1200. I'm still trying to decide. The three penguins would be 1200 exactly, while the three ACs would be 1500 or 300 over. I won't be buying anything for a couple of weeks still since I have no money after buying the tank lol

    I recently upgraded to a larger tank as well.....I had emperor filters and a canister on the old tank so I got an aquaclear 110...My recomendation is get one emperor 400 and one aqua clear 110, and one canister filter...I love my emperor and my aquaclear, and I really can't say one is superior to the other...I do think the aquaclear cleans the poo better, but with the media basket, i feel that the emperor has better biological....used together, i feel its the best filtration option for a large tank on a budget....I reccomend the canister because they just rock!....as for canisters, i love eheim, but then again this is the only canister filter i have owned...

  6. I may be on information overload and can no longer process information. For years, I have tried to read up on fish diseases and treatments. I am sure many times I have imagined an illness that wasn't there.

    My question involves the issue of the raised scales. I have seen no other illnesses mentioned besides dropsy that cause this. Bear had scales that were a little raised. She has had no other symptoms; is eating very well and acting like her adorable self. She seems to have responded well to Metro-Meds and salt. I can see only a couple of scales that look different at this point.

    My first question is whether you have seen any other illness that causes raised scales as a symptom besides dropsy?

    My second question involves information I have seen that says dropsy can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. I have also read that once the kidney is affected, there is little chance of survivial. So...is one form of dropsy more treatable than others? Or is it that usually when treating dropsy it has progressed too far and is thus fatal?

    I hope I am making sense. My mind is mush.



    Wll are all the scales "pineconed" or just a few? I had a ryunkin that had a fungus a while back and I put some iodine on it and it went away....But it was only an area that had raised scales....as for dropsy, its a rough one thats for sure..I know metro meds from goldfishconnection can help this...

  7. So that was the one that they don't carry anymore because too many were having issues with their syphon part of the filter (???) - he will call eheim and check if that has been fixed etc. I would build a Sump but I don't have the space under the tank with all the canisters. And it seems complicated to DY.

    not sure if they carry it or not....one major benefit is that you dont hear the eheim at all.....if noise bothers you dont get a sump wet/dry the trickle could drive you nuts!

  8. I printed out the info sheet and will ask if I can order it! I don't mind if it doesn't have mechanical filtration, I have the other canisters doing that. :)

    If you do your reasearch you can get it more reasonable....i think i got mine from Pets*art for free shipping and 50.00 off....but that was 2 years ago...

  9. :doh11: :doh11: :doh11:

    I will go and check at the store where I get my stuff - the guy knows lots and apparently one filter of eheim they took out of their line a few years ago as it wasn't working well - I don't know which yet. But Deahttub seems to swear on it! :D

    Absoloutely love my eheim.....I have never had any problems with mine and I have had it running for 2 years.....As for being fragile? I haven't seen that on mine whatsoever, its not like I wrestle with it ! I clean it every 3 months or so, and have zero leaks or breakage....if you can afford it don't hesitate you will love it....

  10. I was reading the Drs.Foster and Smith Catalogue (OMG I love it!) - it said on one 'wet/dry' filter that it decomposes 73% faster the ammonia and 67% faster nitrites. is this true?

    I've been using wed/dry filters since they came out (yes I'm that old!) and yes they are that good. There are many types of wet/dry filters, and the classic one involves what is called a "sump", which is in effect a small tank under your tank...I don't use these anymore as I am very lazy! I have one of these on my 125 http://www.aquariumguys.com/eheimwetdry.html along with 3 HOB filters for mechanical filtration...I love my eheim wet/dry, its possible the quietest and easiest filter i have ever owned...one drawback on wet/dry filters (if you can call it a drawback) is that they are only biological filtration...

  11. I'm setting up a new tank. I haven't filled it yet. I just tested my tap water and my results were:

    (Using API master drop kit)

    pH - 7.8

    Ammonia - somewhere between 0 and .25 ppm

    Nitrite - 0

    Nitrate - 5 ppm

    (Using strips because that's all I could get locally)

    Hardness - 300

    Alkalinity - 300+ (300 was the max on the test and it pretty much turned that color instantly.)

    We are on a well, so it's not chlorinated.

    I'm just new to this and don't yet know enough about the potential problems from different water issues. I know it's not "normal" to have ammonia from the tap, but do I have enough to cause trouble? Is it weird that there are nitrates? Am I going to have problems because of the GH and KH? With such a high alkalinity reading I would have thought the ph would be higher? What do you guys think? With Prime will I be ok?


    IMHO your water is fine! my water is aweful and my goldies do fine (I have very soft water) Like Kateana said, prime would take care of all the ammonia....seems to me your only problem will be the temp of the water as Lupin said (my tap water is 80ish degrees)

  12. ahh, so it wasn't necessarily that it was wood, just that the wood had hollow spots... sorry to hear about that Koko :(

    Driftwood in my experience isn't good for a tank unless you have fish that require low ph ie Discus, Cardinal Tetras, Etc... What it does is softens your water, which makes your PH less stable at higher levels, and could cause a PH crash...Here is an peice of an article I found in a chiclid forum about driftwood...

    The most common question most cichlid keepers have about driftwood is "how will it effect my pH?" Answering this question is not easy, but there are a few things to consider. Since driftwood contains tannins (which is also referred to as tannic acid) it will try to lower your aquarium's pH. Your pH may drop if the buffering capacity of your water is low (low mineral content). If the buffering capacity is high, the chance of a piece of driftwood causing a pH swing is minimal.

    Driftwood will also tend to soften your water. This is great if you are keeping softwater fishes like Discus, Satanoperca daemon or Uaru Fernandezyepezi. It's not so good if your water already has a low buffering capacity and you are keeping fishes from Lake Tanganyika.

  13. Deahttub, that is not necessarily so. Driftwoods are added partly because the discus habitat consists primarily of discus and hairgrass mostly. Both combined in a tank have a striking contrast. Not all discus require low pH. Though the wild ones definitely do, captive bred ones don't. Even a pH of 8.0 is tolerable for them.

    Lupin, when I used to keep discus, the goal ph was 5.5 to 7....anything over 7 stresses them out...Driftwood helps soften the water and keeps them in an environment that their bodies like...

  14. Be careful with wood in a goldfish tank.

    1. Hollow stuff in a goldfish tank can get stagnant water (may cause dropsy)

    2. Logs can make your ph go down causing a possible cycle crash. :o

    i dont use them at all since I had a log in my old 45 gal tank and it had a big hollow spot, didnt notice till one of my fish had redness all over him, by this time he had septicemia really bad and I couldnt save him. So please be careful :)

    +1 on this Koko...Driftwood actually will soften your water (Bad for goldies) which is why you see a lot of driftwood with discus...

  15. First you will want to decide if you want your tank to be a "planted tank." By this I mean plants planted in some type of gravel bottom. This will involve some work and investment initially to get the plants established. If you like to keep a bare bottom, you can use small pots with some type of gravel for your plants as Lupin suggests. Either way I agree with Hidr that you should check out what type of bulbs you got. You do not want too intense of a light that causes algae problems. Congrats on the new tank--does it have an overflow and a sump? One of my tanks has the sump system and I love it!

    No sump...It had a wet/dry on it abd I didint want the hassle of a sump wet/dry so I didnt use it......im still thinking about whether i want to do live plants or not...thanks for the input all!

  16. Well I fin ally broke down and bought a new tank....I got a 125 gallon former reef tank for $300.00!!! tank, lights and stand, and 18w UV (still havent hooked that up yet)...So, I have a light system that was used for live corals, and I began to think that live plants would look totally awesome....How would I go about this? How do I sterilize the plants? How do I keep the plants in one spot (I have a barebottom tank)? Is it more trouble then its worth? im really curious if this would be successful or just a waste of time...Thanks in advance!

  17. Trinket is 100% on with this....I have several goldies that I have had for over 2 years since I got back....Before my daughter was born, i was militant about my water changes...well the last 6 months i went from 90% once a week, to once every three weeks, and i beleive because of this, I lost a fish I had for over 2 years.....

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