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  1. My Butterflies seem to hate it as does my moor....last time I treated (30 days ago) the three of them huddles in the corner...soon as the meds were out there were right as rain!
  2. Glad you got him! I bought a one eyed fish not too long ago http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/85715-new-butterfly/page__p__970857#entry970857 and "Winkie" is doing just fine!
  3. 2.5 yeras and counting on three of my goldies...a black oranda, a black moor and a ryunkin.. ..The oranda was bought from a goldfish farm and the other two were at a local petshop...they were in a 56 gallon tank for the bulk of the time, but i just got a new 125 gallon tank that I am limiting to no more then 10 fish in the future! (currently im at 6)
  4. They do it most of the time, however they arent floaty....what i try to do, and i emphasise the word try is to feed them every other day, and that keeps them from being constipated....for me the hardest thing about keeping goldies is feeding them! They are so easy to overfeed cause they are so cute!
  5. I have a very similar situation with two of my goldies....One is a very large oranda, and the other a ryunkin that is big(ish)....they have been gulping for the better part of two years...,,at first i thought they had flukes, so i treated them with aqua prazi for 30 days (using the fluke treatment schedule) and they still gulped, then i thought i didnt have enough oxygen in the tank, so i got a wet/dry filter, and they still gulped. Then i thought it was because my tank was higher then long, so now I have a 6 foot tank, and they still gulp...my guess is that these two fish are the biggest pigs in my tank....they actually spit water at you when you are near the tank...maybe your fish are like mine? Just a thought....
  6. I recently upgraded to a larger tank as well.....I had emperor filters and a canister on the old tank so I got an aquaclear 110...My recomendation is get one emperor 400 and one aqua clear 110, and one canister filter...I love my emperor and my aquaclear, and I really can't say one is superior to the other...I do think the aquaclear cleans the poo better, but with the media basket, i feel that the emperor has better biological....used together, i feel its the best filtration option for a large tank on a budget....I reccomend the canister because they just rock!....as for canisters, i love eheim, but then again this is the only canister filter i have owned...
  7. Wll are all the scales "pineconed" or just a few? I had a ryunkin that had a fungus a while back and I put some iodine on it and it went away....But it was only an area that had raised scales....as for dropsy, its a rough one thats for sure..I know metro meds from goldfishconnection can help this...
  8. I thought she might be a Thai Oranda...i really like her! Thanks for all the nice comments!
  9. Here are a few pics of my new oranda Yoshi....Red orandas are my favorite and I havent had one since i lost my last red a year ago....
  10. not sure if they carry it or not....one major benefit is that you dont hear the eheim at all.....if noise bothers you dont get a sump wet/dry the trickle could drive you nuts!
  11. If you do your reasearch you can get it more reasonable....i think i got mine from Pets*art for free shipping and 50.00 off....but that was 2 years ago...
  12. Absoloutely love my eheim.....I have never had any problems with mine and I have had it running for 2 years.....As for being fragile? I haven't seen that on mine whatsoever, its not like I wrestle with it ! I clean it every 3 months or so, and have zero leaks or breakage....if you can afford it don't hesitate you will love it....
  13. I've been using wed/dry filters since they came out (yes I'm that old!) and yes they are that good. There are many types of wet/dry filters, and the classic one involves what is called a "sump", which is in effect a small tank under your tank...I don't use these anymore as I am very lazy! I have one of these on my 125 http://www.aquariumguys.com/eheimwetdry.html along with 3 HOB filters for mechanical filtration...I love my eheim wet/dry, its possible the quietest and easiest filter i have ever owned...one drawback on wet/dry filters (if you can call it a drawback) is that they are only biological filtration...
  14. This is where I buy all of my fish....He's getting a shipment on Thursday and I'm going there Saturday to buy a new fish or two!
  15. IMHO your water is fine! my water is aweful and my goldies do fine (I have very soft water) Like Kateana said, prime would take care of all the ammonia....seems to me your only problem will be the temp of the water as Lupin said (my tap water is 80ish degrees)
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