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  1. Very beautiful fish!!..Huxley gets all the attention.Love him..I like Wellington too....Hope he grows his wen soon...
  2. Could you please post all the tank parameters?..the set of questions asked on the top of the page please?..This will help us diagnose the problem.. Please post the main tank parameters and the spare tank in which Fifi resides separately..That way we know what must have went wrong and what action to take in the spare tank...
  3. Hi Vickie, Just popped in to say you are doing sooo great with your babies...I have my fingers crossed for all your babies..Florence is a beautiful girl..and I am sure she will get better and be herself very soon..Glad to hear the red spots are gone...Imo is such a wonderful help...I ll keep checking on you..Good Luck with everything... Luv you all..and miss everything so much!!!
  4. I love the pictures!!..gr888 shots..and lovely lovely fish!!
  5. omg what a gorgeous beautiful fish..I love him Koko
  6. Awww...he looks sooo cute..Oliver suits him...Olive stuk in my head when I read your thread..And then when I scrolled down...the fish kinda looked like an olive to me..lollll..I like the name...he is very cute...more picturessssss..
  7. Absolutely gorgeous...such a great find...
  8. Driftwood tends to bring down the pH..so be careful about introducing some in your tank...as goldfish wouldn't like a pH drop or something.. The thing is to boil it..keep it in the sun for a week..and then just keep it in regular bucket of water and watch the pH for a week..if it does not react then I think it is fine..Also after introducing it into your main tank keep a close eye on the pH.. .. and we would love some pictures ..good luck..
  9. LOL I absolutely love your new fish jkcole...Awesome find... ..and yeah we need more pictures of the pretty baby...
  10. typically 4-7 days depending upon the severity of the case...You have to maintain the 0.3% salt at all times and keep changing water as well..I did twice a day for the first 3 days because siphoning out the bugs is a very important step of getting rid of ich..Also if possible cover the tank from the sides with a huge beach towel or a bedsheet to make it a bit dark for the fishies..This helps them calm down and that way they are more strong to fight the bugs...
  11. Fish need strength to fight the disease..they need good food and all nutrients to do so..of course like humans they might not like the same old food during sickness...so try new foods..say tangy oranges, tangerines, lime or kiwi...something that would appeal to their taste..and ofcourse also different from their routine food...also veggies like boiled peas, spinach, broccoli would be good, nutritious and easy on their tummies..
  12. Calm down...take a deep breath... You dont need meds for ich..You need aquarium salt and a heater...The best way to go through is as follows... Do an 80% water change asap...vacuum the gravel really well..this will get out all the free flowing ich bugs... While adding the water back...you need to add salt to the water...0.1%...this means 1 teaspoon per gallon...so 46gal tank needs 46teaspoons... Make sure you dissolve the salt completely in a bucket and only then add it to the tank slowly with normal water as well so that you don't shock your fish... .. You dont need to take out any filter media or anything out...when I did it I had carbon as well..it did not bother anything..so just add the salt to your existing tank..and you will need a heater to raise and maintain temperature at 80degrees F... Start with this...and I will walk you through the rest of teh procedure after I post this...Please do this at the earliest.. ..and keep us posted..
  13. jyoti411

    Betta Problem?

    In my experience..betta fins do that...they are very fragile..my betta had his tips kind of a little rotting every 3-4 months...but it got better on its own...All I did was extra water changes and 1-2 teaspoons aquarium salt for 4-5 days...it would heal up nice and fine.. I did the exact same things you do..only mine was a 5gal tank..but other than that your water sounds perfect..however, what is the pH of the water?...they don't like it too hard...Not many ppl know this but Indian almond leaf helps betta a lot... http://ezinearticles.com/?Indian-Almond-Leaves-for-Betta-Fish&id=341852 This also brings down the pH a bit...besides it kinda gives them a natural habitat...Maybe you could try it if you can get the leaves..I know the Dr. Foster's site sells them... .. Keep us posted..
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