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  1. thanks for your reply. Would putting potassium permanganate on it help? Or just leaving it alone be best. Are these terminal? :-( Edit: I just read this, *external link removed* that might explain it, I feed her these flakes and they do kind of get soggy when I get to the bottom of the food container.
  2. I've had him/her for about 5 years. The bump started out small but recently it got bigger :-(
  3. well I had to euthanize her with clove oil :-( I did a amateurish necropsy and made an unholy mess. But, the only things I saw unusual were, her intestines seemed bloated but maybe that was because I waited a couple hours after she was gone. There was also a black tarry substance from around her organs. any ideas? What I think she had was some kind of tumor or cancer.
  4. well I anesthetized her with clove oil and felt around there, it felt surprisingly empty where her behind is, even tho it looks swollen. I also felt what seemed almost like "broken glass" around there, maybe I gave her kidney stones from feeding too much peas :-( I don't think she has worms or anything.
  5. Thanks so much can you show us how to make de-worming gel food?
  6. can you guys take another look, there is a bulge near her anal fin, you can't really see it here. maybe she is egg bound.http://www.flickr.com/photos/aliber4079/7306091782/ <a href=" title="fishy by zoosmart, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7236/7306091782_313eca98c8.jpg" width="500" height="337" alt="fishy"></a>
  7. Sorry for the late response. Some light white stuff came out this morning, she was fed midday one pea which she digested normally, he belly is much better looking. Next batch is going to be green beans then peas. Middle and Baby Goldfish is the big tank are on pea and protein flakes. Next stop is the petstore for a more varied diet for Middle and Baby Goldfish the youngest. Gradual introduction of mixed vegies then the most digestible protein for Big Goldfish Girl who looks very happy by herself in her heated tank. If you could point to the most digestible protein for her, I would be grateful. Mrs Goldone Again thousands, billions of thank yous!
  8. My Big Baby Goldfish Girl is feeling better! Yeah! She gave hand kisses to Mr Goldone. We added another heater because the other one was not doing that good. What and when would you feed her next? Or just fasting? PS: realized that the post about feeding for constipation was on the wrong thread and moved it but get an error message when I try to edit any post.
  9. I just read that green bean might be more helpful that peas for constipation. Would frozen ones be ok?
  10. I just read that green bean might be more helpful that peas for constipation. Would frozen ones be ok?
  11. http://www.flickr.com/photos/aliber4079/?saved=1 http://www.flickr.com/photos/aliber4079/?saved=1 New attempt at posting pictures.
  12. Big Golfish Girl has been moved to her own 50 gallons tank with a heater and a teaspoon of Epsom salt was added. She is contorting like she is ready to spawn.
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