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  1. Hello guys, how are you all? I am surprise to find that we have accumulated a bunch of Aussie that into goldfish since I started this thread back in 2008 which is now 7 years old. I am still here...sometime to read but not post as this forum do not have a "Redemption" button i.e. Delete so I have to be very careful with what put down otherwise forever i will be cursed...hihi...I was here 7 years ago try to look for TVR and I am happy to say now we do have them in Australia...finally.
  2. Lionchu, There were/are alot of talk about maintaining goldfish in Green Water, I referred to both newly hatch fry and growing population...what are your takes(experiences) on this issue....I notice you keep ranchus in green water. I kept my babies goldfish in totally green water, not by choice but from sear lazyness, only change water when time to cull.
  3. I personally call the Edit botton as Redemption button. Being a typical male, the problem is sometime too much information supplied(this usually happens when alcohol involved) and later wish to exclude these infor out for the sake of humanity and the children "assets". I guessed that if I wish to anticipate in any cultures then I must learn to respects and learn to fit in.....hihi....
  4. Thank you Lionchu, i will do that. Let see first the fish, then we'll get excited. Mean while I will enjoy your fish. Did you get an Ai-goromo amongst your buffalo ranchu?
  5. That is generous Lionchu, I remember that d_golem got all excited when he got his halfcrossed TV Lionchu from Vebas years ago. I too was there stood at the very spot that he took the picture and no body in the store know what is a TVR is. This included the owner Pacco. Cichlid people are more power than we are and not into the gental art of Taichi Chuan ie goldfish keeping and cichlids eat each others...hihi... so much for PCS forum change.....thank you Lionchu...good to be back after all these years.
  6. PCS website is shutdown for maintaintence at the present time. I will PM you once they're backup and running again.
  7. PS. How do you edit your post in this forum? please help.......Thank you
  8. Lionchu, This not just any freebies, this is good freebies, so thank you Sir...hihi. I now hated you(not....hahahaha) because of your Opinion "Anyway imo if you are not keeping them for competitive purposes none of the above are important." So what were we been doing all these years and went throught all the pains? I know now the story behind your and others in respect of the unfortunate adventure...hahahaha. Have you got and TVR in your collection at the present time? if not, would you like tyo hear my story..hihihi Regards Kanga
  9. I will take the offer if it still stand Lionchu. A thousand thank you to you.
  10. I hate to mention this but your post brought back some painful memories. In Nov 2011 we brought in a large shipment of Thai high end ranchus (svr) orandas and young tvrs ( 24 x) thru' her. She lost 21 of our tvrs at her premises due to some "mysterious" parasitic infestations.(won't even show us all the pics of the dead ones) Luckily our svr and oranda got to Perth safely. Alex should remember this. Anyway I agreed her gold fish pricing are a huge rip off. They don't look that great either. Note: Those are definitely not TVRs and there is no such thing as a black TVR. Funny thing, I also heard a very similar story last week from another person. Lionchu, TVR meant that the camera filmed the fish from the top...hihi
  11. Lionchu, I got the impression from your posts is that you currently have TVR at home or you have keeping them in the pass. I read the book compiled by Dr Johnson the famous fish Doc in the US, the Japanese still preferred to keep ranchu in the traditional ways ie shallow wooden box with tinted green water. it is an art form and also a form of meditation. well, this may be true but I am of the opinion that they may got too much time on hand..hi..hi..
  12. thank you lionchu, since we are at the bottom of the list for fish Ie ciclith people come first then cat fish people then koi people then us, also there was no known goldfish club etc in Australia therefore, we are on our own. are you getting BOSS Goldfish over? Wow, that is wonderful, but make sure it worth the trip. I have seen some of the new Dragon eyes Ranchu and Dragon eyes butterfly developed by BOSS and I am jealous to the max. if you can get some of those over here then you would be the first lifemember in "our" not yet formed goldfish club. ha..ha.. I am not really into black goldfish becuase being a typical Asian red and white is best(lucky colours laaa`) I had a few black dragon eyes butterfly moore from aquotix a few year back when they had a big 25% off sale but they got eaten by crows along with my Oranda and some Ryukin. goldfish is now getting order by list and since supplier and LFS owners are not Fancy goldfish "lover" they would all be listed as Ranchu and unless they came directly from Japan they are not the genunien articles ie farm breed ie bad body comformation etc and like you bad....######......? I also like everything top view since pond are much easier than a house full of aquariums and the water changes would sending me to the family court..ha..ha..thanks once again and please keep in touch when you find any others TVR during your goldfish inspection tours
  13. Lionchu!!! this is the old thread, the staffs at vebas aquarium still use plastic milkcage tostand on to catching fish on the top row tanks and their famous white 2L icecream containers holding catch. hope the link work. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45286-unbelieveable/
  14. That is so great, thank you lionchu. I station at Morley, and I think it was d_Godlum must has posted those pictures i will look and getting to you with that thread link. Please keep me in mind if you and your friend succeed in your endever and get theTVRs to Perth( I just want a good look and maybe taking a few pictures). I have also been to aquotix but did not find that ranchu. if I did iwould have ask them to sell me for cheap and i will fix it. unless I look directly over from the top I just can tell a TVR to a SVR you must be very good. When yousaid you got enought to start a line you were talk about the SVR or you found TVR mixed with SVR offerred for sale? spill the beans please. I am just not very good when trying to read "between the lines" thanks Lionchu. Regards Kanga
  15. Lionchu, where were these "top view" rachu at which LFS that you saw?(name of LFS please) I have tried so hard to locate TVR in Perth and no luck. I saw the post done by one of the member here (also perth) she/he took a picture of Three TVR from which he/she purchased one. I went on a investigation and pound that LFS is was "Vebas" I stood at the very same spot when these foto were taken but the owner would not even have a clude to what TVR is and so do the staffs. Hey, if anyone in Perth saw, seen, see any please tell us, otherwise how do we getting contact with Goldenswimmer in Qld to see if he got any? thanks Regards Kanga
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