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  1. I am so sorry...sudden deaths are so hard.
  2. I am terrible at telling with teles as well, but it does look slightly like popeye to me.
  3. I do a fifty percent (I would do more, but that is my quick mid-week change of not turning off the filters) once and then a 90 percent once as well. I think I like the idea of doing three 75% though if I could keep it up.
  4. What a pretty fish...and looks pretty darn good considering. Did you do any sort of QT? I would consider treating with prazi and salt just to be safe. The salt will help those fins heal as well.
  5. I just love all of your fish...you know that by now. But I am really loving the 55 gallon now. It looks fantastic!
  6. I have high nitrates in my tap as well, but I use lots of plants and they really help control them.
  7. Agreed...let alone two goldies, especially single tails that grow so fast. Can you get a plastic tub and put that on the floor.
  8. Totally agreed. A lot of people have high hopes for a larger tank soon, but then it doesn't happen and there are water quality issues and the fish get ill. It isn't worth the risk.
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