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  1. I am terrible at telling with teles as well, but it does look slightly like popeye to me.
  2. I do a fifty percent (I would do more, but that is my quick mid-week change of not turning off the filters) once and then a 90 percent once as well. I think I like the idea of doing three 75% though if I could keep it up.
  3. What a pretty fish...and looks pretty darn good considering. Did you do any sort of QT? I would consider treating with prazi and salt just to be safe. The salt will help those fins heal as well.
  4. I just love all of your fish...you know that by now. But I am really loving the 55 gallon now. It looks fantastic!
  5. I have high nitrates in my tap as well, but I use lots of plants and they really help control them.
  6. Agreed...let alone two goldies, especially single tails that grow so fast. Can you get a plastic tub and put that on the floor.
  7. Totally agreed. A lot of people have high hopes for a larger tank soon, but then it doesn't happen and there are water quality issues and the fish get ill. It isn't worth the risk.
  8. So nice to have you back, Lola! You have been missed. It looks like they are hanging in there after all of the upset. These fish love to make our lives hard.
  9. amynmitchell

    My tank

    What a great tank! Beautiful fish!
  10. I am so jealous of your outdoor space and pond...just lovely!
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