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  1. Bad news. Buttercup took a turn for the worst. He dropsied almost over night. And his cysts weren't getting any better. I did a complete waterchange and added epsom salt, but it didn't do any good. I knew I wouldnt get money in time to buy an meds for him, so I chose to put him down. He would have been too far gone by the time payday came around to save him. So before he could suffer any more I used the last of my clove oil. It was a fairly quick death. RIP, Buttercup. Swim free!
  2. Aww, thanks for the offer! I'll hold off and just watch right now. In fact, I have some Maracyn 2 but I don't know if it is for what Buttercup has. I'll have to read the package. His large cyst is going to pop any time now, and I see a sore beginning to form. When I get home from work I'll check on him. Thanks for your help, Stakos! It's really appreciated. I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this.
  3. No, I don't think I will get meds just yet. They seem to be going away on their own. The bigger ones are taking a while to come to a head, but he seems unaffected. I hope they don't come back. What a pain that would be! So, it's just a recurring thing he'll have to live with for the rest of his life? Ugh. I have no live plants in the tank, so where did it come from? My other fish are fine.
  4. Thanks! I don't know how easily I can get medication, but I'll make sure the watert is clean and there is salt in it. No, Buttercup doesn't realize he's sick. He's enjoying his "vacation" in a tank by himself. Once the cysts go away, will they come back? How did he get them in the first place?
  5. I really hope it's not bacterial. They come to a head and pop, then smooth over like they were never there. I havent seen the ones that have popped come back so hopefully they'll all pop and never come back.
  6. I put 1 tbsp in yesterday and added another tbsp today.
  7. Yes, but they're really blurry. I used my phone to take them. I you look hard enough you can see the white pimples. http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll303/s0c0f0b/utf-8BSU1HMDAyNzctMjAxMTAzMTctMTgyNy5qcGc.jpg http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll303/s0c0f0b/utf-8BSU1HMDAyODItMjAxMTAzMTctMTgyOC5qcGc.jpg
  8. No, he's an oranda. Yes, I do have a heater. Will it help pop the pimples?
  9. I've been absent for a while. Everything has been fine until a couple of days ago I noticed Buttercup has several (and I mean 5 or 6) pimple-like bumps on both sides of his body. He's still eating and is active, but these pustules are just nasty! He's been quarantined in a 5 gallon (it was my only option) with borrowed filter media and wc's every other day. I've added aquarium salt. Hospital Tank: Amm-0 NitrItes-0 NitrItes-0 pH-7.5 Main Tank: Amm-0 NitrAtes-5 NitrItes-0 pH-7.5 All other fish are healthy and have no signs of pimples. Buttercup, however, is a little weaker than the others. He has floating issues. I read in another thread that this may be a virus and it attacks fish with weaker immune systems, and the others may be unaffected. There's no bleeding, just puss when they pop. It's kinda gross.
  10. whitner

    A Few New Pics

    Very nice coloring.
  11. They'll grow back. But they won't have the same shine to them, they'll be very dull and flat.
  12. HAHAHAHA! Karma paid a visit to my brother's tank. He has a REALLY BAD ALGAE BLOOM! Worse than mine was.
  13. LOL. You do seem to know what you're talking about, Solar.
  14. Nope, not ich. The others would have shown signs. In fact, the breeding stars have gone away on Inigo and Moony, who had them year-round. Now Marischino and Buttercup both have them. I'm stumped!
  15. Buttercup has breeding stars! But her vent sticks out, and I've seen the boys chase her. Not to mention she is much more deep-bodied than the others. Was she/he just a late bloomer? Is it possible I have a hermaphrodite in my tank? Or is she just changing sex? I've never heard of a fish having a sex change before.
  16. He's 21 and he's very responsible for his age. If he was able, he'd have his own place (me too, really). But when it comes to animals, he's very irresponsible. He has a tank of his own, and I've only seen him give a rat's tail about one fish he lost in the past. Usually, if he loses one he's out the next day (sometimes the same day) buying a new one(s). I owe him 10 bucks, and when he pulled this stunt I told him he should write it off as a loss. He ain't getting his money. And I'm giving him the silent treatment. Not that he cares. And as for my fish, they're fine. Inigo is beginning a color change, but this had started before the unexpected visitor. He's getting some white on his tail.
  17. Well said. However, I tried to get him to see it from the fish's pov, but he just doesn't care.
  18. I wanna get him back good! I don't think doing anything to the 10 gallon will be enough revenge. Selling it is not high on his list of priorities right now. But whatever it is I do, I will make sure he knows it's for the little fish he murdered. I should have known he was going to do this. I should have just kept him. No strange behavior from my fish...yet.
  19. My brother took the fish out while I was at work today. And flushed it! The poor fish! My brother is so cruel!he's got no feelings or respect for other living creatures and it makes me so mad! It all about him him him. He doesn't give a ###### about any one else. Or anything thing else. I hope he doesn't sell that stupid tank. I hope he gets a snail outbreak couse he's too stubborn to sterilze his plants. I hope he gets an algae bloom and has to deal with time and engergy trying to get rid of it. This is why I wish I was an only child. Itd be better than having a psycopath for a brother.
  20. Our neighbor had this goldfish (I think it's a commet) in a 10 gallon for "forever." I don't know how long 'forever' is, this is just what my brother told me. My neighbor asked him is he thought I'd want it, so my brother sent me a picture. I declined because 1) It's a single-tail, and I don't have adequate space for him/her. Not to mention feeding competition. And 2) I don't want anymore fish right now. I want the ones I have to grow big. That can't happen if I'm stocked to my limit. I come home tonight and there the commet is. Swimming around MY tank!!!! My brother wasn't (or isn't, rather) home so I called him. I'm surprised he answered; he knew I'd be upset with him. I mean, he went behind my back and didn't even THINK of my other fish! What if this fish has a parasite or a disease ot something?!?! I swear, if my fish contract something, HE is going to pay. He was like, "Just flush him, he's just a fish." Do WHAT?!?! No way! I'd rather keep him than kill him for no reason. I told my brother to surrender him to that pet store he always goes to 30 minutes away. All this because my brother wanted to make a buck by trying to sell the 10 gallon it came in. I kind of feel bad for the little guy, though. Being stuck in a 10 gallon for who knows how long. He's not a good-looking fish, but he isn't bad looking either. About 6 inches from nose to end of tail. He's orange with white fins and white speckles all over his body. It almost looks like cotton patches or fungus, but upon further inspection it is just the way his scales are. Perhaps he will be completely white one day. I've not seen any flashing or any erratic behavior. He was kept by himself with a pleco for a long time. I don't know how often his tank was cleaned. Lord, I hope my fish don't get sick because of this. I will be keeping a VERY close eye on them. If I had the space I would keep her, but I just can't. He's chasing my sweet Buttercup around, now. He better stop. Help me get back at my brother for this. I want the ultimate revenge. I'm tired of being the bigger person, here. Thanks for listening. I just really had to get that off of my chest.
  21. Happens to me too. I don't bother wiping off my arm until everything is in it's place. Gravel too.
  22. That's what my guys do. Its like they think, "ok. Nice clean tank...now let's make it dirty again." Maybe clean water is a laxative?
  23. Don't ya just hate it when you're pouring new, fresh water into you tank(s) after a change and you still find leftover poo or uneaten food you happened to miss? Just when you think you got it all there are the three or four little poos that happened to be hiding coming out to say "Na na na na boo boo, you missed me!" Ugh! Luckily my filters catch them as they float by but still...Don't you just hate that?!
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