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  1. Thanks for everyone that has tried to help and left thoughtful comments. Hoover has lost his fight and passed a short time ago. He was 9 years old.
  2. He is even worse now, He is just kind of laying on his side occasionally trying to move. He will most likely lose his battle within the next few hours.
  3. Well, Hoover is not doing well. There has not been much change over the past week or so and now he has stopped eating. About the only change is he has stopped shedding slime coat. He hasn't moved around all that much and last night we tried to feed him some peas. He tried go after the but he just kinda flopped around. This morning the peas were still there and he was laying kinda canted in a different corner than he usually does under the heater. Poor Hoover.
  4. Ok thanks. That's what I will do then. I will continue the metro and reduced Epsom Salt until symptoms are gone. I still have a few more days of Triple Sulfa that was previously recomended.
  5. Well, we are fixing to go on day 10 of being on Epsom Salt, Triple Sulfa, and MetroPlex. I have not seen much change over the past 4 days, he still has some raised scales on his right side and is sloughing slime coat pretty bad. You can see in the pictures, that 2 days worth and there is a pile of it behind the air bar. I also notice that he is starting to get a lot of black again, it has been years since he had any really noticeable black coloring. I don't know how much longer I should leave him on Epsom Salt, my understanding is 10 days should be the limit. Also, should I change from MetroPlex to General Cure for the added benefit of Pazi? He seemed to respond very well to that last time? I am going to remove the Epsom Salt with his water change today, I don't believe the raised scales are cause by swelling now, it appears to be only raised where there is excessive slime coat.
  6. It took 2 days for it to go from 6.8 to 7.0 with pretty heavy aeration, plus I don't have anywhere to store the water other than the main tank. Main tank is always 7.8 as it self adjusts pretty quickly because of the coral in one of the filters. I can always adjust the PH prior to putting him back in the QT tank. I have been doing 100% water changes every 2 days, I keep him in a bucket for 15 to 20 minutes while I get the temperature correct, that is about the same amount of time it would take for me to adjust the PH up a bit. He is still on Triple Sulfa, MetroPlex, and Epsom Salt. He was slightly better this morning, but I suspect it will be at least another day before I can remove the Epsom Salt.
  7. His PH did go up a little on its own to about 7.0. He still has some slightly raised scales on his right side.
  8. I have the same PH issues with my pool, we very bad rural water here. I do a lot of PH testing, our water has virtually no buffering capacity. It doesn't even register on a test kit. That is why I keep crushed coral in my filters. My only other option would be to pull water from the main tank, that is aways at 7.8.
  9. Here we go, better pictures. http://vid588.photobucket.com/albums/ss324/dkisosondi/20160116_122011.mp4
  10. http://vid588.photobucket.com/albums/ss324/dkisosondi/20160116_1130252.mp4 It's a really bad video, I will get a better one once I get his water changed. My guess is it is cloudy because I had to buff the PH up, his tank is a 7.8, tap is 6.8. I buffed it to 7.2 so he should be able to handle the tap water now without too much stress.
  11. I will try and get some more pics after a do a water change, water is cloudy for some reason and I cannot get a good pic. He does still have a little pinecone, not as bad as yesterday or the day before. I am starting to get some ammonia build up >.25, but it's there none the less. He has been in QT for 38 hours as of this post.
  12. I have used only Epsom salt and Triple Sulfa. He has had two feedings with peas soaked in MetroPlex. No regular salt has been used. Today would be day 2 of treatment.
  13. I was able to get him on the salt, triple sulfa, and some metro last night. Wife actually got out of bed and went to Walmart to get some e-salt and peas. I have a question about the metro, should I use general cure to get the metro in the water as well as put put the pure stuff in his food, or just in his food? When putting it his food, it was difficult finding the best way to do that. Anyone have any advice? The only real way I could find was to make some peas with a tad bit of water and mix 1 unit with 1 tbsp of food and let it soak for a while. I fed him half of that and will give him the other half today. Anyone got a better way to do it?
  14. He is beginning to go downhill. His pineconing is getting worse. I am moving him back to the QT tank and start him back on triple sulfa and Epsom salt and will being feeding home metro tomorrow. I still have some general cure as well but I want to wait for the mods, I don't want do double dose him unless someone says otherwise.
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