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  1. Wow! They are real cuties- glad they are doing well now.
  2. For small little fishies, you took really great pictures of them!
  3. Wow! That is big! Congratulations. We all dream of big tanks here, haha
  4. All of your fish look amazing! Such cuties, and good photos of them.
  5. Love the chubby cheeks. Very cute fish you have!
  6. As a fellow fan of calico (and ranchu's especially) I'm loving Sushi, and living a vit vicariously through ya. Sooo cute.
  7. As a long time lurker, I've always loved when you bring your fish in OldHag. They are so beautiful.
  8. Otter is so unique. I lost my ranchu in the summer, and I love them so much.
  9. Gorgeous! I could keep looking at them forever. Beautiful pictures.
  10. I know they don't last long, but I love the pandas!
  11. They are so big!! I love the set-up they have.
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