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  1. That's a question that Trinket or Daryl need to answer. It's probably an only if absolutely necessary type thing I would think even if safe.
  2. Sue,my two can eat the ProGold and New Life Spectrum in the gel as long as there are no solid bits. Hopefully yours can as well.
  3. Here ya go. Scroll down the page. http://www.americanaquariumproducts.com/Downloads.html
  4. Same here. Old house and floors anything but even.
  5. Very cool! They aren't doing much tho',lol.
  6. My Oranda's get that now and again. Think it sometimes is bits of food getting stuck in the wen an/or wen growth. It usually goes away by itself but if it seems to be getting bigger I will usually use a little Hydrogen Peroxide on a Q-Tip once and then watch it. Don't know anything about the UV sterilizer.
  7. Looks like you are doing a good job!
  8. Charlie is a beauty no matter which end she is presenting,lol. Pleco's sure are strange looking critters.
  9. I have the kind that hooks up to an air pump. I use a gang valve to control the air flow. It lets me bleed off extra air so that the flow to the fry is gentle but doesn't cause too much back pressure on the air pump. Then I can increase the flow as they grow.
  10. All your fish are beautiful but Wicket is just adorable! I sure hope he heals up quickly. Your tank is gorgeous as well.
  11. That would be way to strong for new fry. The current needs to be very,very gentle especially the first few weeks as too strong of a one can damage the fry. Yes,it can wait,I'm pretty sure. Personally,I don't add the sponge filter until the second week usually.
  12. They should have what you need. I get Wardley's Small Fry Liquid Food for all baby fish. A lot of folks hatch the baby brine shrimp but I just use the frozen. It's just less hassle for me,lol. Just be sure it's baby brine and not adult ones. I also use a gang valve for the sponge filter and air pump so I can control the air flow. It needs to be very slow for the first weeks. Hopefully some of the folks who have way more experience with fry than me will chime in here as well.
  13. Ok,I have to ask,lol. Just how did they get on the side of the house,pray tell?
  14. They are all beautiful but really love the mostly white one!
  15. I never add any salt or meds to my fry tanks. They are really delicate especially when new. In the 10 gallon I only fill it halfway for the first two weeks. Then gradually add water the third week to bring it up full. Also a sponge filter for the first 2-3 weeks is best. I use Liquid fry food for the first week then at 2 weeks start using Hikari First Bites and Frozen Baby Brine Shrimp. I use a piece of airline tubing to clean the bottom and to do daily water changes for the first few weeks while they are so tiny.
  16. I just add the Prime to the tank and then fill. I don't take my guys out at all.
  17. Very cute with those big eyes. Peepers suits well.
  18. What a beauty Google has become. Really growing well.
  19. I think they will be fine once they cool off and dry out completely as well.
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