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  1. Honestly,I had an easier time seeing the WCMM's than the little Goldy,lol. I like the tank.
  2. I'm doing some checking into when it is safe to ship. They are still pretty young but I may just be an over protective Mom,lol. Awww,thank you Trinket! There are a few little ones in there that are 1-2 weeks younger than the bigger ones. I was fishing loose moss out of the Lavenders tank and throwing it in with the fry's and would suddenly find a few newborns clinging to the glass,lol.
  3. I have a sponge filter in there and the canister that was already on the tank with my other adult Telescopes. I moved them into other tanks to give their 55 to the fry since it was already cycled. I have the intake and the spray bar wrapped with filter pad material so they don't get sucked up or blown around the tank. I thought I only saw a few w/ pot bellies, so I looked at the video again and they all have nice round bellies!! lol!! They usually all look like they are going to burst,lol. They are good eaters.
  4. Thanks everyone! They do seem to be doing pretty good. They certainly should be growing since all they do is eat,lol. Martha,they are all Telescope babies.
  5. Sooo tiny in there,lol. You are welcome to a baby(s) but they are only 9 weeks old so will be a while before they are ready to go anywhere.
  6. Actually none of them are,lol. For some reason the little cam corder I used gave them an orangeish cast. Probably my lighting needs replaced to boot. The bulbs are old. They are actually a very light color. Not white but light. Kind of hard to explain. And I can't seem to get a good still shot to save my life,sigh.
  7. And yes,I double checked the age,lol. There were some scattered around that I didn't get in the video. These guys were wanting fed.
  8. Definately growing and looking good!
  9. I need to get some taken. They are still so light colored that they don't really show up well. So I got a good deal on some macro-lenses for my camera that just came today and am hoping they will help. Course I have to figure out how to use them,lol. Will try to post some new pics or video later today.
  10. Looking good! Gotta love when the actually get big enough to see,lol.
  11. Actually sounds quite tasty,lol.
  12. She was still winning the last time I checked so hopefully she did. Sure was a beauty.
  13. They are just beautiful. I miss my Nip. He was always on the go before he got sick.
  14. Baby brine shrimp either hatched by you or frozen are very good for them and fry love them. As are Hikari First Bites. After a couple of weeks you can crush pellets and other flakes as well. Babies need a good variety of foods just like the adults. And they need small amounts really often. At least four times a day if at all possible.
  15. I can't help on this one. I've only saved eggs twice. Once last summer and the fry I have now. The only deaths I had so far either time were accidently caused by me when cleaning and actually culling. Of the 50+ fry this time I still have 30+ after a heavy first cull. And most of those culled were for wonky looking tail fins. Those left are going strong and growing so far.
  16. It is probably not a big deal. It looks like what my Oranda's get off and on. For now I would just apply some Hydrogen Peroxide with a Q-Tip once and watch it carefully. Hopefully one of those more experienced will see this and advise better.
  17. Can you move him to a QT tank to treat? Until a Mod or even a more experienced member sees this to give more detailed advice I would go ahead and add salt if it were me. 1 teaspoon per gallon for now. Many times all that's needed is very clean water and salt. Poor thing,sure did give himself a major ouchie.
  18. Since I don't have a stove I boil my water only in the microwave then add the geletin paks and whisk until blended. Then add it too my food mix and stir together. Then refridgerate to set up.
  19. If only I had room,lol. http://cgi.ebay.com/RYZ-CUSTOM-FISH-TANK-F...A1%7C240%3A1308
  20. I have a combination of canisters and HOB on my 55's. The 75 has two canisters only, a Fluval FX5 and a Fluval 404 and they seem to be doing a great job.
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