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  1. Did you check out e-Bay? That's where I got all my canisters from way cheaper than the stores. All but one I even got free shipping. And they were brand new,not used.
  2. Aww,they are cute little buggers. I love the orange eyes!
  3. Sure did change,lol. He is just beautiful!
  4. I have the lights on thru' the day and turn them off at night.
  5. Star is as beautiful as ever and Mongo is very handsome as well.
  6. Unfortunately cracks can't be fixed as far as I know. Steve's right about the pressure causing it to let go at some point.
  7. Ordered the freeze dried rotifer from here. They included the other as a free sample. I hadn't heard of it before. http://www.brineshrimpdirect.com/c1/c2/Dec...p-Eggs-c21.html It's supposed to be very good for fry and a good additive for gel food for fry. The fry are crazy for both. Both are too small to feed adults unless in gel food tho'. <H1 class=category-name> </H1>
  8. Yep,it is. And they do seem to like it just fine. Sure have eaten a mess of at any rate,lol. That about describes it to a "T",lol. The more timid wait for the braver ones to start scarfing it and then pile in too,lol.
  9. By only using 3 paks of gel it is a bit softer than I make for the adults. I just drop a few small chunks in. They find it and start picking at it rather quickly. And since it is softer it tends to start to disolve somewhat after a bit making it easy for even the few younger ones in there to get their share.
  10. Decided to make some gel food for the fry yesterday. I just used the foods I was feeding one at a time plus a few extra's. They seem to really like it. The adults go for it as well. Fry Gel Food 1 jar Garden Medley baby food 1 jar Fruit Medley baby food ? tbs. Freeze dried rotifers ? tbs. Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs ? tbs. Dried daphnia micro-flakes ? tbs. Hikari first bites ? tbs. Aqueon goldfish granules (soaked) ? tbs. Omega one goldfish flakes ? tbs. Freeze dried bloodworms (soaked) ? tbs. Freeze dried krill (powdered) ? tbs. GP artemia replacement diet 1 Lactobacillus Acidophilus tablet (powdered) ? cup boiling water 3 paks gelatin (use 4 paks if want it firmer) Mix baby food and dry ingredients together. Add gelatin to boiling water and mix well. Pour into food mixture,mixing well. Pour into container and refrigerate until set.
  11. Congratulations on the baby Goldfish!! You will be a great Mom,lol. The Pleco babies are sooooo cute!
  12. Love the pics! I really like Google.
  13. Beautiful fish! And the snail is cute in it's own snaily way,lol.
  14. Wow! Those are some beautiful fins.
  15. Not really familiar with these guys but it might be that the original two have divvied up the tank already and now the new comer is encroaching on their territory even tho' it's a good size tank.
  16. In Use: Goldfish Tanks (1) 75 gallon (3) 55 gallon (1) 29 gallon Bettas (2) 5 gallon Not In Use: (1) 5 gallon (2) 30 gallon (1) 20 gallon (1) 10 gallon (1) 100 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank
  17. Awww,look how tiny. Won't be long tho' till they are actually big enough to see easily,lol. Just feed the heck out of them.
  18. I did 100% changes for quite a while but some of my bigger fish were really not taking moving them well. Mostly Tuck. So now a days I usually only do 75%-80% once a month along with my 50% weekly. I keep an eye on the fish as well as testing the water and do extra changes if warranted. Again,Tuck lets me know real quick if somethings not right with his world. He's kind of the equivalent of the canary in a coal mine,lol.
  19. Unless you start growing a second tongue,don't think I'd worry about it,lol.
  20. My big Goldies love baby snails! They tend to gobble them up as they hatch and drop into the water. I have Mystery Snails. A few do make it thru' but not many.
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