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  1. Just a couple of closer shots one of the newest additions. I really like this little one. Kathy
  2. They are both beautiful! Hope my little chocolate looks as good as yours when he grows. Kathy
  3. She's beautiful. I love the tail! Kathy
  4. I love her color! Rarely see the blue's around here. Kathy
  5. Thank you everyone for the nice comments on my tanks! I really appreciate them. Kathy
  6. They are all beautiful! Great coloring on all. Kathy
  7. I like the internal filters as I can put the tanks much closer to the walls. Space is kind of limited so it really helps. So far they have done a great job. The 29 gal is my original tank and has been up for about 18 months. Has two internal filters in there. It is a bit under filtered as the two are moving only 250 gph but should be fine while Frick & Frack are small. The 30L has been up about 3 months. I got it to move Tuck cause he doesn't see well at all and figured he'd do better in something less cluttered. It also has two internal filters which are moving 322 gph if the specs on each are accurate. If Nip & Tuck get much bigger I will need to split them up probably. I have a 20 gal outfit stored in the basement I can set up. I figure I can move the two little ones into it,put Nip back in the original 29 gal. and leave Tuck have his 30. So as long as I do not bring anything new home I think I've got it covered,lol. Kathy
  8. Mine get fed twice a day on the same schedule as the dogs. Kathy
  9. They are all beautiful but I really like Star. Kathy
  10. Awww,the poor little guy. Hope he heals up ok. Kathy
  11. That's about right. I bought them both in early spring 2007. I've been extremely lucky in that they have both been very healthy from the get go. Kathy
  12. Nip & Tucks Tank (30 long) Frick & Frack's Tank (29 gallon) Kathy
  13. Tuck is 8 inches from tip of nose to tip of tail. He was 3 inches when I got him. Nip is 71/2inches. He was about 2 1/2 inches when I first got him. Frick & Frack are about 2 1/2 inches. Kathy
  14. Just wanted to thank everyone for their nice comments on my finny ones! Nip & Tuck were just little fellers when I got them last year. They have come along pretty well. Altho' poor Tuck can't see for crap because his wen has covered his eyes now. That's why I moved them from the 29 gallon to a 30 long with less stuff in it for him to run into. Has no trouble finding his food,lol. Frick & Frack are happy cause they got the 29 gallon instead of the 20 I was going to set up for them. Kathy
  15. Hope this works. These are my "kids". Nip Tuck Frick Frack Kathy
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