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  1. Any time I've had to do this the clove oil did the job. I usually leave them in the solution for about 1/2 -1 hour after all signs of breathing has stopped just to be sure. I've never had to freeze one as well. Sounds to me like whoever is having to do that isn't using enough clove oil to begin with.
  2. Aww,I'm sorry you lost one. Hoping the other four are stronger and keep doing well for you.
  3. Dang,it's like having a new fish constantly,lol. She's a little beauty in any colors!
  4. Awww Daryl,I'm so sorry. They look to be quite impressive. Sure hope whatever it is is only temporary.
  5. I'm so glad things are once again showing signs of being better. Those finned "kids" of yours really need to give you a break. On a side note,how is the tank at work now?
  6. I'm pretty sure it's not good to use in fresh water. Would be best to pick up some of the fresh water type. I buy pickling salt at the grocery store. It's 100% pure salt with no additives and way cheaper than what you buy at the LFS.
  7. I pretty much do the same thing but don't have a lot of liveplants to worry about. Could be they would need changed periodically with those.
  8. Aww,bet it's cute! And you know what happens if pics are too long in coming,lol.
  9. I'm pretty sure most meds are only good for about 6 months once opened.
  10. They sure can get themselves into fixes. Sure glad he was ok.
  11. Thanks all! I love their fins. It's what made me decide to get them. With luck they will grow to be pretty decent. And I've never had a blue or a Redcap. My mom loved the Redcaps. It's all she would keep. I know the Blue will probably lose that color. It looks like it might go mostly white which is ok as I love white ones.
  12. Wow,they are all just gorgeous! And the prices are amazing. There's nothing like that around here and it's probably just as well,lol.
  13. Well,here they are. http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm78/mi.../New%20Orandas/
  14. Still just 5 Goldfish tanks + the 10 gal. Qt tank and the two Betta tanks. There's room in the 75 gal for them once they get out of quarantine and a bit bigger.
  15. Had to go to the LFS for some Omega One Shrimp Pellets today and made the mistake of checking out the Goldfish tanks. Ended up coming home with not one but two new additions. A little Blue Oranda and a Redcap Oranda. They both have beautiful fins and are so cute. Set up the 10 gal as a QT tank and added both salt and Prazi. Both are very active. The little Redcap is missing a few scales but otherwise both look good. Will get some pics taken and posted in the photo section after a bit.
  16. I use cuttlebone for my Mystery Snails. I just break them up and drop into the tank. They tend to float at first but will finally sink. Mine's shells do fine but I also have hard water from a well so they may not work as well in soft water. Wikipedia: Cuttlebone Top Home > Library > Miscellaneous > Wikipedia Cuttlebone from Sepia sp.Cuttlebone, also known as cuttlefish bone, is a hard, brittle internal structure found in all members of the family Sepiidae, commonly known as cuttlefish. Cuttlebone is composed primarily of calcium carbonate. It is a chambered, gas-filled shell used for buoyancy control. The microscopic structure of cuttlebone consists of narrow layers connected by numerous upright pillars. Depending on the species, cuttlebones implode at a depth of between 200 and 600 m. Because of this limitation, most species of cuttlefish live on the seafloor in shallow water, usually on the continental shelf.[1] Human uses Today, cuttlebones are commonly used as calcium-rich dietary supplements for caged birds, hermit crabs, and turtles.[2] Some parakeet owners use cuttlebones as a beak sharpener.
  17. Yep,and if they are anything like mine that all equals 100% appetite,lol. They look great!
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