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  1. I've never used any of the Eheim filters but do use both the Penguin & Emporor HOB's on my tanks. Have never had any problems with them and they do a good job.
  2. NEW Goldfish Connection Showroom & Auction! SPRING SALE!!! Just in time for Spring....Special pricing on all our pond fish. Get a great deal on wakin, shubunkin, and comets (including rare telescopes and lemon color). These are high-quality Chinese imports from last fall's harvest. Now quarantined over 4 months, you can be assured that these are the best, healthiest fish available for your pond or aquarium. Even BETTER....many of these fish will have no reserves. So, get your ponds ready. Spring is here! Don't need any pond fish? Well, that's OK...we're also having a sale on ranchu, ryukin, celestials, orandas, butterfly moors, bubble-eyes, and more! These fish have also been quarantined for several months and only the strongest, healthiest fish are selected for the auctions. Many of these will also have no reserve, with very low minimum bids, so look for amazing deals on some fantastic goldfish. Of course, these also do very well in an appropriate pond as well as an aquarium. STOCK UP! In addition to the great prices on individual fish, we will also feature lots with multiple fish. Save even more when buying 2, 3, or even more fish at a time. Some of these will be "Pond Packages" that provide a colorful mix of fish for your pond....all just one click away on the auction. Also, these fish have been kept together for months, so you don't have to worry about problems associated with adding fish from other sources. One more thought about multiple fish... Your marginal shipping costs per fish are less when shipping more than one. Save on shipping by getting 2, 3, 4 or more fish at a time. We do everything we can to keep shipping costs down, and would rather you spend your money on nice fish instead of shipping charges.
  3. I've never had one of the Tetratech filters but do use the Fluval canisters. I like them well enough to have 6 running and an extra put back. The tops do really seal tight. I always have to gently pry them up to break the seal whenever I need to take them apart for cleaning.
  4. Awww,they are very cute! They look like the two I brought home couple of weeks ago,lol.
  5. No clue on the boy/girl thing but they sure are beautiful!
  6. I am so very sorry. She was such a sweet baby. little Peaches
  7. Very,very nice! Those Angels are so pretty.
  8. Aww,they really compliment each other.
  9. Yeah,she really had a lot of deep velvety black when I got her. Good thing I'm happy with most any colors as long as I like the fish itself,lol. I do love her tail.
  10. Yep,all four (Snow Dancer,Phaedra,Calypso & the Calico) with the bigger googly eyes seem to be doing it. Don't notice it on the Lavenders with the smaller Tele eyes.
  11. Ok,I have been staring at mine till they are running for cover,lol. Maybe they think I look hungry. But anyhoo,I do see with the two that have the huge eyes that when they are moving the eyes a certain way to look at something the eyeball does seem to move out and then back somewhat. Not sure tho' if this is what you are seeing but sounds like it might be?
  12. Sue,I finally saw this and can't believe things are still so rough for you. I wish there was some way to just make it all magically go right with everything in your life,fish included. Sadly,all I can do is let you know my thoughts are with you as always and hope you can hang in there. Just know we are all with you at least in spirit.
  13. Nope. Seems they can throw a color change at most any age or size from what I've understood.
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