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  1. Thank You! She just has the cutest face,lol. Thanks Jed! I thought those were your initials,lol. Congratulations! They are beautiful. Thanks JC! I'm hoping she's not overly delicate as I would like to pair her up with Phaedra,the Dragoneye Oranda. I think they would make cute tankmates.
  2. Good job! Glad it went well and all is right with his world once again.
  3. Thanks! A poll is fine by me as I haven't settled on a name yet. Looking for something special yet easy to remember,lol. Thanks! He called me just a little while ago. Said he had 20 more winners to contact tonight,most of them out west. So you will probably hear from him sometime tonight. Which ones did you hopefully get? Let us know when you hear.
  4. Well,I just couldn't resist and am now the new owner of this little girl (Ken is almost positive it is female). Ended up paying more than I hoped to as someone kept trying to outbid me. Still got her at a lot less than the buy it now price. Anybody else get anything or am I going to the poor house alone,lol?
  5. They are adorable! Love the names,quite different,lol.
  6. Doesn't look like anything I have in the way of filters. Not sure what they are using.
  7. Yeah,it is. They are 12 weeks old now. I only have one small sponge filter. Not near big enough to do any good at all,sigh. Will hopefully get something figured out here after bit.
  8. I spent all morning cleaning out a spot in the basement to set up the 100 gallon stock tank for the fry to give them more growing space. Got the tank emptied of all the junk that was piled in there and cleaned. Dragged over to the only spot with access to water and electricity. Wonder of wonders it's even setting almost even. All righty then! Filled it up and am ready to get filters on. Sounds good,right? But I might have known things were going way to smoothly for the way this week has already gone (flooded kitchen and broke toe on Monday). I have an assortment of HOB and canister filters. Emperors,Fluvals and Penguins. And not one,zip,zero,zilch,will fit on the lip of the dratted stock tank. I even broke down the Fluval FX5 and rinsed it out good thinking surely it would work. Nope. The rim is too thick for anything to fit over. So unless I can think of something I just wasted 100 gallons of water. The arthritis in my neck and spine is screaming and the fry are still in my 55 and 29 aquariums. On top of that my water has a lot of iron in it even with a unit on so if that sits without a filter very long the water will be going red and unusable. So,how was everyone else's day,lol.
  9. Star is sooo pretty and Mongo is very handsome! The two little ones are really coming along nicely. Beautiful colors.
  10. Now why did I know which fish it was even before looking,lol? That is a great shot tho'. Shows off how truly beautiful she is.
  11. They are all beautiful! The tank looks great.
  12. i love it! sooo pretty. How the heck do you clean the bottom without messing up the rocks?
  13. Thanks Trinket,that actually does help some. The Fluvals are canisters and are 340gph. The Penguins & Emporor are HOB w/Bio Wheels and move 200,330 & 400 gph respectively. The canister on the tank with them now is about 296 gph and has a spray bar which I like.
  14. The fry are now 12 weeks old and doing great. I'd really like to move them into the 100 gallon stock tank in the basement so I could get my adults back into their own tanks. I plan on moving their heater in and also their sponge filter and the Sun-Sun canister that is on the 55 they are in now. My question is what other filter would be best to put in there until they get older/bigger or will the two be ok for now? I have the following spares: Fluval 404 canisters (2) Emporor 400 (1) Penguin 330 (2) Penguin 200 (2)
  15. I always do when feeding frozen foods. Otherwise the filters get more food than the fish do,lol.
  16. They must be making them cheaper than they used to. I see so many folks having parts break/leak. I've had mine since 1998 and have never had to replace anything.
  17. He will continue to be gorgeous regardless of his color!
  18. Would you look at them! They are gorgeous. You have really done a great job with them.
  19. He's starting to add some new ones now. Two new Celestials so far.
  20. All are adorable. Don't forget tho',he's adding more this evening. Might be something else you like better. I'm sooo tempted by this little one. It's so bizarre that it's cute,lol.
  21. Their populations can get out of control and desimate native vegetation, they are a HUGE problem in Australia and a lot of islands. Ever hear the expression "breed like rabbits"? They can really be a pest. I don't know enough about the bill being discussed to offer much of an opinion. I would think that people who keep reptiles may be affected the most. Just from glancing at the link you sent, it seems like there will be a fairly reasonable assessment process to decide what makes the list. But hopefully if it does pass, people who already have these animals wouldn't have to give them up, that would be pretty cruel for sure From what I understand anything that was owned before the new law (if passed) will be Grandfathered in and may be kept. The problem with this is that you will have to provide written proof of some sort that you did have them already. Every single one. If you can't provide the proof,they will be confiscated and destroyed.
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