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  1. That's all I have as well. One reason I use organic baby foods instead to make my gel foods. Already cooked.
  2. They all look great! Truly beautiful fish.
  3. Beautiful fish! Love the two itty bitty's bebopping around with the big guys,lol.
  4. I use those little plastic ant baits. Just make sure you get the type for whatever ants you have. They do work as they carry it back to the nest and feed it to anything there as well. Just make sure the cat and dog can't get to them. Hope Shane's fish is ok and just having a bit of an ooops day.
  5. I can see why you couldn't resist. It is gorgeous!
  6. Aww Sue, it's good to "hear" you sounding happy again. Been a while.
  7. The camera does a very nice job. And your fish look great!
  8. Very handsome fella. Great pics!
  9. Once again glad to see that things are going better. I sure hope they continue to improve.
  10. Thanks all! They have done really well. Fish Whisperer, I started out with around 50 as well but did heavy culling as they grew due to space to keep from over crowding. I didn't want to take the chance of stunting them so am only raising the best of the bunch. I see another couple that are probably going to get culled as well but most of those I have now are pretty decent.
  11. Doesn't look like fin rot to me either. Looks like his fins are just growing and clear on the ends.
  12. Took these while moving them from the aquarium to the stock tank in the basement last week. They continue to do well.
  13. What a cute little oddity. I like the name Mr. Magoo myself too - even if he's a she. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plyWxrHLE14 Gotta admit she does look like a MaGoo or ET. Or Peter Lorre,rofl. Dang,naming would have been much easier for a male. Thanks JC!
  14. They are beautiful! Very glad they got there and seem to be just fine. Waiting can be a bit nerve wracking,I know,lol. Love your dog. Looks like she is laughing at you.
  15. Thanks all! She is settling in. Has a good appetite but does have to really hunt for the food. Haven't even come close to finding a name yet. I mostly just sit and stare at her. She makes Phaedra look downright normal. Fish Whisperer,I have posted pics of Phaedra before but here she is: I'm fairly certain Phaedra is a female as well. No idea in the world what a spawning of these types would produce. Probably be strange looking little dudes,rofl. Martha,that floral effect is $1.00 a roll wrapping paper from the dollar store.
  16. I have one male,Mac. He has his own 5 gallon tank. I just think they are beautiful.
  17. She arrived at 9:30 am. Appears to be in very good shape. No shipping trauma that I can see and is up swimming around actively. Seems very curious as well. She is even stranger looking in person than in the pics,lol. She and Phaedra should do quite well together. http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm78/mi...escope/4-23-09/
  18. We certainly do miss you! Sounds like things are still rather hectic. Sure wish you could get a nice smooth spell for a while at least.
  19. Thanks Chrissy! I just love her face. It's just so strange looking,lol.
  20. I really like the long tail Lionhead. You don't see them a lot. And the little orange with black is adorable.
  21. Such a handsome/beautiful group! Love the first pic as well.
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