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  1. Sorry,no new pics cause they all went to new homes quite a while ago. No plans on doing it again.
  2. Definately going to be a busy lady. Just take it slow and easy and don't over do. Good luck with the Dating Agency,lol.
  3. You've been getting some really nice shots of Moom lately. They are all beautiful and look great!
  4. Sure is a looker. Definately going to be a gorgeous adult.
  5. They are obviously getting very good care as they look great! Definately growing.
  6. He/she is so cute! Looks like Pigeon likes his new friend.
  7. They are beautiful! And your Mom's is so adorable.
  8. I love my Fluval canisters. I clean them every 3-4 weeks and have never had any trouble with them.
  9. Aww,I'm so sorry about your Bubble Eye. i had to get rid of two Otto's for doing that. They were fine while small but once grown kept trying to attach to my Telescopes. Mostly poor Skye. Guess he must have been extra tasty.
  10. He looks great! And Star is as beautiful as ever.
  11. Very glad the surgery went well and you are feeling much better! As to the fry, when I moved mine to a bigger tank I always filled it 1/2 way with their old water and the rest fresh with Prime added. Never had any problems with the ones I've had doing it that way.
  12. Yoi,what a mess. Can imagine the feeding frenzy going on. And why is it that mostly happens with the most expensive foods rather than something less expensive? Glad you got things cleared up.
  13. I surely do! In fact,it sits here on my puter desk so I can see it all the time.
  14. Awww Amy,I am so sorry. He was such a cute little fella. Cowardly Lion.
  15. I can't get over just how cute it is,lol. And it surely did make me feel better. How could it not?
  16. I'm just so sorry. She was always one of my favorites. Loved her coloring.
  17. There was a little package in my mailbox this morning. Was wracking my poor brain trying to remember what I had coming to no avail. Didn't recognize the return addy right then either. So brought it in and opened it up. OMG!! It was the most adorable,beautiful,perfect little Lavender Telescope figurine!! It was done by jsrtist (Jenny) and was a present from our Sue. Girls,thank you sooooo much. You may never fully know how special this is to me. I was having a rough day as it was my Mom's birthday today. I lost her in Feb 2002. I still miss her so much as we were very close. To open that little box today of all days really lifted my spirits. We have all seen the pics of Jenny's work but let me tell you they do not do justice to the actual figurines. Those who have gotten one will agree I'm sure. And anyone who is thinking of getting one definitely do so. You won't be disappointed. Here are the pics of this little one. It's appx. 2 1/2 inches. http ://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm78/mi...le%20Figurine/ Again thank you so much both Sue for thinking of me and Jenny for making it!
  18. Just about any of the veggie ones. Peas,green beans,squash,sweet potatoes and if I can find it one called garden medley. Also ust some of the fruits as well. Usually fruit medley as it has a variety in. Then I just add any other stuff I'm putting in to the baby food mix such as frozen brine shrimp,etc. when I have it. Mine love it and seem to do well on it.
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