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  1. Sorry,no new pics cause they all went to new homes quite a while ago. No plans on doing it again.
  2. I am so very sorry. She was always one of my favorites. So beautiful. Star
  3. Chrissy,I am so very sorry. He was a gorgeous fella. Edwin
  4. Definately going to be a busy lady. Just take it slow and easy and don't over do. Good luck with the Dating Agency,lol.
  5. You've been getting some really nice shots of Moom lately. They are all beautiful and look great!
  6. Sure is a looker. Definately going to be a gorgeous adult.
  7. They are obviously getting very good care as they look great! Definately growing.
  8. He/she is so cute! Looks like Pigeon likes his new friend.
  9. They are beautiful! And your Mom's is so adorable.
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