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  1. This is a very good idea, seperate them with a divider. I don't have one. Is this divider easily avilable in LFS? This new RR is very agrresive and well built. Usually I have seen whenever I put a fish in a new tank, fish sits for a while look around and then starts swimming but this fish from the start swimming back to back. My other fish CR is with me for almost 3 years and is very calm and quite, slow swimmer. Anyway thanks for your suggestion. SandyDoss.
  2. Same thing is happening with me. In my 55g, right now I have only one calico ryukin about 6 inches long and yesterday I have added one red ryukin about 5.5 inch and that RR is chasing my old CR all over the 55 gallon tank, nipping everywhere eye,butt, fins....I left that way for an hour if they can settle down after sometime. When I came back its the same thing, my wife told me to seperate those otherwise RR is going to kill the CR and then I put my CR into my 29 gallon tank where I have one floater. I really want all of my goldfish to stay together then I can make 29 gallon a tropical tank as my wife wants......Is there any solution? Or may be when I will add more fish later in my 55 gallon things would be good as there will be more fish and RR may not chase CR again. SandyDoss
  3. That's a good way to disinfect, I like the idea of spray bottle, Thank you all. SanyDoss.
  4. How much bleach I need to disinfect a 29G tank? If the ratio is 1:12 (bleach:water) then is 2 gallon enough? Is this too much of bleach or I am doing something wrong calculation? SandyDoss.
  5. Looks like, thanks anyway. SandyDoss
  6. Where do I get PraziPro? Looks like no LFS sells this but Fosterandsmith has this, thanks.
  7. Can I use Tank Buddies from Jungle Lab as Prazi as this medicine contains praziquantel or if you can let me know what can I use from Pet?mart or Pe?co. I have used salt before, can I use API salt and Prazi at the same time? SandyDoss.
  8. Sad, to hear about your fish. Thank you, Sakura for your quick response. The reason I did not started a new thread as already this website has lots of lots of informations and I know what to do. I am a silent member but I keep follow this website. I just upgraded my 29g tank to 55g tank but she is out of luck, I believe. I have 2 right now and will start looking for more, maybe in Animal???Things, they have a disease free fish at least I believe so. All my previous fishes are from there. What will be the correct QT method for new fishes before I put into the main tank or if you could guide me to any thread that you know. Thank You again. SandyDoss.
  9. How is your fish doing now after the injection, Sakura? Want's know as one of my fish is having dropsy for last 2 weeks. I have started with Maracyan 2 with Epsom salt with 80F temp for a week and now I have given her Metromed for 1 week but no improvement, she is still eating and fighting for her life, looks like no hope. Now she has trouble keeping her straight, sometimes laying flat or supports herself against the wall. Her scales started changing color to black. Please let me know then I may start the injection as well if she can holds her breath for a while.... This is my biggest fish about 7 inch long Oranda. SandyDoss.
  10. I forgot about Craiglist:undecided: . Sure I will check in there. SandyDoss.
  11. Please suggest a stand for 55 gallon tank, this tank will be in our living room that's why I was looking for something good but within $200. I went to P'mart but the review of the 55g Amirewood was not good and in P'co also the reveiw of the tanks are not good. I am little confused. Do you guys know any website or stores in NJ that I can look for. SandyDoss
  12. Oh okay. So either one side or other side? SandyDoss.
  13. Why this Aquarium Background are always double sided? How you use both the sides? Is this either one side or other side whatever I chose or I can change time to time? Very confused? Any suggestion for Aquarium Background by your practical experience not the 3D one since I don't want to lose any space. I believe this background goes outer side of the aquarium and inner side, right? SandyDoss.
  14. Thanks all for the reply. Yes, I do change water very regularly but I was not aware of the issue regulat cleaning of Filter parts itself. I do clean the filter media whenever I see much buildup. I don't have any ornaments also, a pure clean fishtank. This is a news to me and I will keep filter clean also. SandyDoss.
  15. Results looks okay. PH - 7.6 Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - 5 Nitrite - 0 Test Kit - API I don't have gravel. Today, I watched for about 15 minutes and I did not see even once that goldy is trying to scratch her eyes. I will keep an eye on her time to time, so far so good. I am still planning to build their new home 55g. SandyDoss.
  16. Sorry, I was not quick enough to response, my train to office had problem today. I usually do a bi-weekly 80% water change it does not matter what the water parameter is, I did not checked the water parameters before changing the water. Yes, my filter and media change/scrub is due. Only thing I can see is this fish is trying to scratch her eyes on the bottom of the tank, I have a bare bottom tank otherwise eating well. This evening in EST time I will check the water parameters when I go home. [*]Test Results for the Following: [*]Ammonia Level? [*]Nitrite Level? [*]Nitrate level? [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API [*]Water temperature? 76F [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 29G / 2 years [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? Mareinland 280 [*]How often do you change the water and how much? Bi-weekly / 80% [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? 3 fancy [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? 6 days in a week / any of these Hikari Lionhead/Peas/Blood Worm [*]Any new fish added to the tank? No [*]Any medications added to the tank? No [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Lost front fin [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? No SandyDoss
  17. Hi, Please check the link below for pictures. Goldfish Link I think this is Popeye eyes. Initially she had lost one of her front fin so I put her in a seperate fishtank with salt of .3% for 10 days, looks like that front fin is growing back. Now, she is in the main tank. What I have watched she always tries to scratch her eyes on the bottom of the tank. I have 3 goldies in 29g. I have recently changed 80% of water so all the water parameters are right. These fishes are there for last 2 years. I have Medi-Gold, Metro-Med and all are more than 1 year old, I have used these once then again wrapped the bottles with the blue ribon that they came with so this is again air-tight, I think. I have Melafix also. Please advice. SandyDoss.
  18. , you are right, I will go for 5 in 55. SandyDoss.
  19. If I can keep 6 fancy goldfish then I will go for 1000gph otherwise I will go for 800gph with 5 fancy goldfish in 55g...
  20. I have never used Aquaclear before, does this degrade it's performance over time, one last time comments from experts, should I go for 800gph or 600 gph for 55g fancy goldfish tank. SandyDoss
  21. I guess 500 + 500 for 2 Aquaclear 110 and 500+300 for one 110 and one 70. SandyDoss
  22. Is this too much circulation for 55g goldfish tank if I put 2 Aquaclear 110? Or May be one 110 and one 70? SandyDoss.
  23. Thanks Koko, If I have to put the glass lid then I will go with the T5 Fixture. Can a 55 gallon hold two Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel 400 filters, I wanted to know if both of them can fit in size on top of this fishtank? I have one more question, I already have 3 goldfish in 29 gallon and 1 in 10 gallon (as all 4 cannot fit in 29 gallon), after I recycle my new tank (probably taking one sponge from 29 gallon and bio media from 10 gallon), can I add all 4 goldies at the same time into my new tank or one at a time, if so then what will be the frequency and how long I should wait to get my new 55 gallon tank to recyle. SandyDoss.
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