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  1. Yeah I think I would leave it alone and hope it comes off on it's own.. Actually that's a lie. Knowing me I probably WOULD end up picking at it, but that would be the WRONG move and I would end up doing more damage than good. I'm like this with all my pets. I have to constantly remind myself "you are NOT a vet!!! Do not poke and prod when there are problems!!!" For real, leave it be and I think in time it will fall off. Especially if the scale is already growing back underneath.
  2. I am so glad I popped back on here tonight! I have been feeling sad ALL week. Like big time depression sad.. And I had managed to get myself into a pretty bad funk tonight and now I'm smiling from reading what you guys wrote about me and Chase... I cracked up that Amy wrote It's so true! I love zombies so maybe he just wanted to play dress up! And no I have never heard of the hollywood zombie walk but it sounds awesome. There is one in Asbury Park NJ (The beach I always go to) and for some reason I've never actually GONE. Every year I want to and every year something comes up!!! But it looks fun!!!!!!! Maybe I can go as Chase , a zombie goldfish LOLOL Thanx Imo! You helped me so much with all my fish but especially Chase. We racked our brains with what to do for him and sometimes it felt like we had exhausted all options but we just kept on thinking "what can we do?" Even when we couldn't come up with an answer I feel like you always just had my back and supported me so I feel like you are also part of the reason he is here! In fact so many people prayed for Chase that I think those prayers may have gotten through and is around JUST because of all his koko's supporters! Awww and I wanted Bandit to make it even longer than he did for you.. But bandit and you fought SO hard too.... I will never ever ever forget Bandit .
  3. I completely agree with you guys that it depends on what the cause is, which so difficult to pinpoint.. Many of my fish were dropsying at the same time and it seems as though internal parasites were to blame. (Worms actually)... It was causing many of my fish to become floaty and to dropsy and it seems like now that the problem has been resolved, things are calming down. I am pretty sure that some of the fish were too far gone (esp the ones that had been dealing with it the longest) and those fish eventually passed.. Only one of the fish who dropsied is gone at this point though. I have 3 other dropsy survivors. Voorhees has relapsed a few times, but continue to make it. And Chuy is really surprising because he wasn't even my fish when he dropsied. He was just a fish at the store I worked at.. (Some of you have heard this story over and over again so just ignore this part! lol)... He was SO bad and there was no way to really quarentine and treat him so the only treatment he had was sporadic feedings of metromeds.. I'm talking every couple of days when I was there..And it wasn't even a fresh pack. I had planned on throwing them out because I got a new pack but figured I might as well take them to the store in case a fish got sick I could at least try em. He survived and then the store closed and all the fish were being transferred to other locations and I just could NOT let him go thru that and possible end up with someone who didn't know how to take care of him. So I took him home and put him in a spare 5 gallon tank. (It's all I had)... He's lived with me for 2 years now and so far is one of my healthiest fish! But in any case, I totally agree that I am happy for any "borrowed time"... It's all bonus to me! Chase was such a tough case because when he originally dropsied he did not respond to ANYTHING. And he was bloated beyond belief. Then he developed these huge blisters and bubbles. He was BAD.. I changed his water every single day for a year and I do believe water quality was one of the reasons he is still kicking. I do think there may be damage done that can't be reversed in all of these fish, so maybe none of them will live as long as they had potential to live. But I'll take an extra few years any time rather than lose the fish! I just love em so much!
  4. I know I am scared to even talk about him!!! LOLHe really does have the fighting spirit... That's why when he does finally pass (in 50 years!!!) I am going to get a goldfish tattoo.. I've wanted one but I want it to be for something special. So I'm gonna get it in memory of Chase and his strength and when I look at it I will remember how he fought and survived when it seemed hopeless, so maybe I can fight and survive when it seems hopeless.. I don't need the tattoo now though, cause I still get to look at him in real life :-) YES I need to take new pics! I keep meaning to and I don't... I lost Kharma and Kismet this year. And Heba and Ed... the rest of em are still kicking. EVen Kate who had that major major red.. Shes a sinker though now.. Something was def messed up in that tank because two of the fish are dead and two of the fish are sunk to the bottom permanently. I really do need to take a photo shoot of all the other fishies though!
  5. Because I didn't want to jinx it because he got better again!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mind has been all over the place lately. My rat Riley has been sick again. He was very letharic and then I found a lump on him.. He's older so surgery is prob not a great option. For now the antibiotics are at least helping him energy wise so that's good. Anyway, about.. let's see.. a month and a half ago Chase began to get really sick. He was bottom sitting and his fins started splitting like crazy and he got SO SKINNY. I mean really really skinny... IN the past MetroMeds have helped him when this happened but I didn't want to use them too frequently and risk them not working when really needed. However he got to the point when the bottom sitting was SO bad that I started them.. About a week into the MM he dropsied. I was really concerned. The previous time he was sick he was HAPPY. He was active. He didn't act sick. This time he looked MISERABLE. I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that he was probably not going to make it this time... Obviously with both Chase and Riley (and my cat Oreo too) I feel like I've gotten bonus time. I feel like they've all been at deaths door and recovered and I feel like I got so much extra time with them. So in a way when they are ready to go I will just be thankful for all the extra time I had. But at the same time, you still hope you can have a little bit longer with them. Chase has been getting two water changes a week so his tank is clean. But then I remembered something... I had forgotten to change out his filter cartridge when it was time.. Im usually very very good about all of my tank maintence. I have a strict schedule when it comes to water changes, and filter cleanings, etc. But the week I was due to change out his cartrdige not only did I forget but I didn't rinse it. I looked at it and it was COVERED IN GUNK... I changed it out and thought to myself "maaaaaaaaaaybe this is the cause of the dropsy" since a high organic load is often a huge factor when it comes to dropsy. And I could be doing all the water changes in the world but with that nasty cartridge it wouldn't matter.. Sure enough a few days later the scales starten to flatten and he soon stopped bottom sitting. Now's he's back to swimming his awkward little floaty swim. (He has been very off since the original time he dropsied. Very floaty and upside down at times, but right now he's swimming in a way thats normal for him)... He finished his MM course and has fattened up. He's still my lil Zombie fish because he still has odd things since that first really bad dropsy case. Missing scales and an odd patchy wen. But my lil zombie fish is back to his normal zombie self!!!! I've been wanting to share this with you guys for EVER but I am always afraid I will jinx it!!!! Its been one year and 225 days now that he's made it when he should have died. And those of you that remember how bad his dropsy was know that we really thought he wouldn't make it.. I love my lil survivor..
  6. If you can't move him then what you are going to need to do is as close to a full water change as possible.. Like 90% of the water. Do not add any meds back in the water this time.. When you replace the water be sure to add a water conditioner that removes chlorine/chloramines/metals like Prime or AquaSafe (there are many brands).. And please be sure that the temperature of the new water matches the old water or this will stress him even more. Once you've gotten the meds out and the water is nice and clean you should take a sample of the water to a pet store and ask them to test it for you. Have them write down actual numbers for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and Ph. And post back here.. (YOu could also take a sample of water from BEFORE The water change so we can see what it was like before)... It would be smart to pick up the API test kit. Also, buy some aquarium salt, because as I said before, salt can help most disease, MANY parasites (including ich) and also helps fin and tail rot. This fish sounds like he is in very delicate condition... Once you have this done you can do 0.1% salt as suggested which is 1 teaspoon per gallon. You will want to add the salt to a cup of tank water and stir it around so it dissolves and add the mixture to the tank.. After this you will eventually up the salt to 0.2% then to 0.3% but lets just focus on this for now..
  7. Sorry to keep asking more questions but can you give me a little bit more history on this fish and the way it was being kept prior to it getting sick? How often do you vaccum the gravel, or clean the filter media etc.. And were you consistently doing the 50% water changes every few days, or just recently... It's very hard to tell exactly what is going on here without knowing your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate but I can say that most times when someone it not testing their water you often find high levels of ammonia and nitrite which can be very bad for the fish. Also because fancy goldfish require at least 10 gallons of water ideally, there is an even better chance that the water quality could have been poor.. And like others have sad, water quality is often to blame for many of the problems you are having such as the popeye/cloudy eye etc. And I do agree that medications are never wise to use when you don't know your ammonia and nitrite levels because it can become even more toxic to the fish.. This is why people are suggesting a full water change with no meds. In fact, one of the safest "meds" you can use which helps SO many goldfish diseases is salt.. But again, you want to know your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings and know if your tank is cycled (did you have a chance to read the cycling link?) Popeye is often a problem in tanks with poor water quality and a high organic load. (basically, lots of poop and gunk! lol) This is common in tanks with gravel especially if they are not being gravel vaccumed often (which I am not sure if your was or not) Basically the full water change you have done was a great step and now if you can get the water tested that would be your next best move. After we know the results, you can possibly move on to salting the tank (which we have a link for).. Getting a larger tank if the fish pulls through would be a good idea too!I really hope he gets better!
  8. I thought I was done shopping and then it hit me! I didn't buy my dog a present!! Unacceptable! So I had to hit the store last minute and pick him up a few goodies.. But I couldn't get the pooch something without getting something for the rat.. So I got HIM a few goodies. But the cats needed something too!!! And it's not fair to get them all something and leave out the bunny!!!! So she got some presents. And of course we can't forget about the goldies just because they aren't furry, so they got a fresh pack of brine shrimp for their xmas feast.. (They are gonna share with the hermit crabs).. So I ended up spending $115 at the pet store on my animals!!! HAHAHAH But there are my babies so they deserve it! Anyone else buy for their pets/fish?
  9. Ohhh that sounds so so sad. I am soooooo sorry you had to watch that! I've never had to use it. I almost used it on my fish about a month ago and she died on her own the same day I was going to euthanize. I am so glad because I don't like being the one to make decisions and I was always scared about something going wrong.. I know its probably hard to remember right now, but you did it with good intentions and with the bettas best interest at heart. I know it didn't go as planned but you did it out of love and trying to end suffering, so you still did a good thing...
  10. That is so sad!!! Poor babies!!! I can't believe with some people the instinct is to just flush them because they can't be bothered! Good for you for taking them and trying to help them and saving them... I hope they do well and eventually find a nice home (or perhaps end up staying with you for good)
  11. I just noticed that you have your.. what are they called.. pips? Arranged into the color of the rainbow. Thats so cute! LOLOL
  12. Just wrote on your original thread about Padme then popped over to this one. :-) I think it's an excellent sign that the pineconing has gone down and personally if it were me I wouldn't change a thing. The fact that she is improving is so great so if it were me I would just continue with the salt the way it is and the Metromeds for 14 days. (I've done 30 days before on a fish who had dropsied actually on a few occasions).. I don't see any harm though in your switching out the regular salt and trying a bit of epsom if that makes you feel better... I just tend to be more of a "leave well enough alone" person and since she is doing so well I would hate to change anything.. I've had fish with the mushy belly after dropsying before and it seemed to get better the longer the fish was on Metromeds so I would see how it is after another week or so and hopefully it will be improved.
  13. omg that is too cute and too pretty!!!!!!! Someone must have just thrown food in there cause every single one is headed in the right direction! Love it!! WAIT! I found one little guy going the other way. It's like Where's Waldo!
  14. I do!! But I don't have any pics of the moment so I am commenting on this thread that way it will remind me to take some and post them!!! I have goldfish all over the house but I have one room thats pretty much all tanks and decorated with goldfish stuff!
  15. For the most part my fish are the same way. Chase did have breeding stars... He was the only one that I EVER saw them on and it was so cute. But ever since he got sick he hasn't had them.. I know that one of my telescopes if a female because there were eggs when she first got here, but that was 2 years ago and no eggs since. Other than that I've seen a few "outties" and assumed they were females but never had any obvious breeding behavior or anything..
  16. I've totally done the same thing when I've broken down tanks. I've let it stay purple for dayyyys or longer. It's one of those better safe than sorry things I guess! I think your plan to stick with the MetroMeds for a month sounds good.. Is she still eager to eat? I really really hope things improve for you.
  17. LOLOL I dunno. Does he rearrange the tank to his liking with expensive decor ? That could be one clue. LOLOLOL
  18. hahahahah Seems to be the only logical explanation doesn't it?! LOL I have no idea. I know the vents can be confusings but that is kinda odd!! lol
  19. I always thought it was 24 hours and that you could add it once a day when cycling a tank... In any case, I think prime is fantastic and it's always a great addition when cycling!!!!! Of course it's important to keep up with the water changes, but as long as you are on top of those, its perfect to add to detoxify any remaining trace amounts of ammonia or nitrites!
  20. I am so sorry for your loss Amy.. Not just Walley. But for all the fish you've lost since you started the hobby. I feel like I am just repeating the same things over and over again, but I just hate that this has happened to you. You've gone through so much and I just want you to have a nice tank of fish that you can enjoy and be happy and it seems like all you get is heartache. I wish there was something I could do and I am so sorry that we haven't been able to stop what is going on...
  21. I'm sorry but no it's not nearly big enough. That size tank is too small for even one goldfish... Two single tails would ideally need a 40 gallon tank, which is 151 liters!
  22. Sorry you are having problems.. At any point did you happen to replace all of your filter media at once, or replace a large portion of it all at once? Or perhaps rinse it in regular tap water without a water conditioner? These things could cause a cycle crash. I see that you said you replaced the cartridges in 2 of the HOB, was that before or after the issues started? Also prior to that, how often were you doing your water changes and how much? Your PH is borderline low. Too much waste and not enough water changes could have brought that PH down really low and caused not only a cycle crash, but possibly a ph crash. So it's important for us to know your routine... Right now doing 40%-50% water changes is EXCELLENT! Keep those up and if you haven't been already, you need to keep doing 50% changes at least once a week even after things even back out. How many fish are in the tank? Try and keep the ammonia and nitrite below 0.5 if you can through water changes until the cycle is back on track. As low as you can keep them the better and keep an eye on the fish.
  23. Okay 7-8 days since the MM's? Yeah you can give that some more time then for sure.. Like I said it can be common for fish to become more floaty after meds and that was very recent.. As for it being odd that the dropsy made the swim bladder first, actually I have found the same thing in most of my fish. A link between dropsy and floating. I'm not saying that EVERY fish with swim bladder or floaty issues is going to dropsy or anything like that!! But I have noticed that most of my fish that have dropsied tend to have bouyancy issues to some degree ever since. And if you think about it, if the fish are pineconing due to fluid build up, it would make sense that it could have an effect on the fishes ability to swim. Or just how they respond to foods in general.. To make you feel a little more at ease I just want to mention that my fish Samantha gets very very floaty after medications. In fact, she finished a round of metromeds about 3 weeks ago and now is back to getting REALLLLLY floaty and flipped over when fed. She's always a bit floaty but after a course of meds she gets exceptiopnally floaty. She gets Saki Hikari as her main pellet food which is pretty much the same as jumpstart. Both jumpstart and saki have probiotics which are great at getting the fish back on track after medications. And you have to remember that changes aren't instant. For example, a spike in ammonia can lead to a fish getting sick a month later. So in the same respect, it may take a while for the fish to readjust to normal foods and you may not see a difference for the positive for a month later... Keep an eye out for any changes (postive or negative) and let us know but for now I would totally give it some time..
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