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  1. Just pick up a test kit asap...... If you do have a cycle crash from removing too much too soon, you will be able to tell because you will test and there will be ammonia.. In that case you are going to have to do extra water changes until the cycle is stable again... A cycled tank will show Ammonia levels of zero, nitrite levels of zero and when you test for nitrates it will NOT be zero you will find some number of those.. Nitrates will never be at zero (unless maaaaybe immediately following a water change) and they should be kept below 20 preferably.. ( people say anywhere between 10-40 but I find 40 is too high.. 10 is great if you can keep it there)... So you will def need a test kit for all those things. PH as well. Try the API Freshwater Master Test Kit. A lot of us here use it: http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=4454
  2. Someone else may have already noticed this, or posted about it... but I went onto Goldfish Connection the other day to purchase some Medi-Worm and it was no longer available. I sent an email, but haven't heard a response yet. I am wondering if its not being made anymore, or it it is just not available at the moment. That food was a lifesaver for my fish... It was after I started giving that food that I noticed some of my problems finally go away (which makes sense since I think worms were my biggest issue)... I had to give it once every month for a little while and now I was at the point where I could give it once every few months.. I've been noticing some of the tell tales signs that I am in for feeding it and went to order and couldn't.. Ih hope it is still going to be made. Although as far as I know the only medication in it is Prazi, it seemed to work so much better giving it to my fish as a good than in the water (Of course they have all had that in the water as well at some point or another as part of QT)... I suppose I could make my own food containing Prazi but this was so convienient..... I know Jungle AP Food contains prazi, but it also contains other meds that I don't want to be giving my fish every few months.... **sigh**
  3. Yep Sue it is! And I agree with what you said about it relating to the dogs and genetic issues.. I just never thought about it that way... And I suppose you are right, you just have to do the very best you can do and hope that you are making a difference... I was pretty clueless when I bought my dog actually and bought him from a pet store. (The same one I ended up working at in fact).. At this point I've read up on it and learned and would never do that again. I would look for a good breeder if I HAD to buy one, but I think I would actually want to rescue a dog from a shelter.. Hopefully neither option will be for a long time because I hope to have JJ (my puggle) for a while. But I remember how angry I got when the vet told me he had a luxating patella and that so many of these hereditary issues could be prevented by good breeding. I ended up looking for info on his "breeder" and found some old reports on the conditions. I suppose in a way I was lucky because while it certainly would still qualify as a puppy mill, it was not as bad as so many others. The # of dogs was very small and the inspections came out good every time except for one and the issue was cleared up by the next one. But it still got me thinking how so many people are dealing with problems that could have easily been prevented if people were less concerned with making money and more concerned about the well being of the animals... Good news is JJ is a grade 2 and the vet does not feel he currently needs surgery. He could at some point, but she had him lose a little weight and he started taking Dasuquin to supplement and so far he seems to be doing much better. Still I worry if the time comes when he will need the surgery and while I do have pet insurance for him now, that wont be covered because of course it is now considered pre-existing.. Anyyyyyyyway, I think its true about the fish. People are concerned with mass producing for money. Not concerned with the health. And I guess we do just have to do our best. I just want to make the right decisions for them and give them the best life possible.. And I think you are absolutely right when you said: Because it means so much to us, it also has the potential to bring the most pain. If I didn't care so much, it wouldnt bother me so much to see them like this.
  4. Thanks! I hope so too! I love goldies too much to give them up forever... I have some ideas on how I would do things differently starting from scratch too, to make things more successful.. Like I mentioned before less fish more space... (Like I said I am thinking 2 in a 55!!!).... I like the UV sterilizer idea.. And I think I would change my quarantine regimen to include Medi-Worm as part of it... Nothing crazy like I am not going to overmedicate my new fish. Just do salt, prazi in the water, Medi-Worm for food (so they are getting the prazi inside too).. After my worm problems (which I think are a result of me working at the pet store and dealing with the very unhealthy feeder fish and not disinfecting my arms enough) I wouldn't wanna take any chances!!!!!!
  5. It may be too late, but I would be worried that you will have a cycle crash doing so much at once. The gravel and the filter and all of those things you are going to be scrubbing and removing hold the majority of your beneficial bacteria. They also hold the majority of your bad bacteria so while its true that you want to clean the filter and media and gravel on a regular basis (so the gunk doesn't build up in the first place) , its probably not a good idea to change everything all at once or you could lose all your GOOD bb's as well. If it's not too late, I would suggest you rinse the gravel (in tank water not tap water as Sakura suggested) but I would not remove all the gravel at once... I know your tank is small so its not like you have tons and tons of it in there... but it might be smart to remove it a little bit at a time. As for the 75% change, I agree with Sakura. That amount is fine as long as the water is ph matched and temp matched...
  6. Thanks guys! As always I am so glad I wrote on here. I actually wrote a fb status first and then thought "umm no you need to write on kokos where there will be more people who actually understand you and can relate" And see as always there is an overwhelming response from other people who get it and have been through it themselves.. Thank you..that actually really means a lot... And yeah I totally agree with everything you have all said about goldies being so difficult esp the fancies. People really do NOT understand the work needed for them.. People always assume goldfish are the easiest fish to keep when its just not the case at all.... Actually I would REALLY like to try one at least on the oranda tank. It just seems like every time it comes down to buying one, something breaks or I need the money for something else you know??? Noooooooooo don't feel lame! I TOTALLY understand.. Ohh my gosh I've had fish that I cry over loooong after I lost them... Seriously my fish Sheldon. He was one of the fish I had when I first came to this board. I had songs I used to play about him and just cry and cry and if someone had looked in on me they would have thought I lost a spouse or child or something!!! LOL Just recently I had to euthanize one of my pets (my rat Riley) and the depression I went into was SO bad. I mean, I literally did nothing but sleep and cry for about 2 weeks... So dont feel silly.. I think we all get it. They are so important to us and you do feel so hopeless... And actually you said you feel like you failed and I DO feel like I failed. All the time. I always think "what could I have done differently.. what could I have done to prevent this" and I get really down on myself... So I know exactly how you feel! Hang in there and keep trying with your fish.. My fish Angel had a nasty case of flukes I never thought she was going to survive. She looked like she was on deaths door and she is going to turn 3 in a few months! I hope your fish recovers!!! Dropsy is just sooooo hard to deal with... I've dealt with it in so many of my tanks and I do actually have a really good success rate treating it...But I feel like there have been so many negative effects of it. And the issues truly do keep returning.. And I find that while some of the fish may not dropsy, they often have other problems that seem to be related.. Its so sad losing so many fish in such a short time. 6 in 9 months to dropsy is just so devasting. I am glad you guys are having better luck with your tropicals though.... As always I think just coming on here and talking about it with you guys makes me feel better. Like I said its nice to have people understand. And not think you are crazy for spending so much time on it... I think if I hadn't posted in here I would have been really down and depressed all day but because I came on here and talked about it with you guys I have a much better outlook !
  7. WOW your fish are just sooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! They all look so beautiful and healthy!!! I am simply in love with Elizabeth Taylor.... She is stunning. She is an oranda right? With a small wen? I wanna steal her for myself.. All of them actually... Really great pics!
  8. Sounds like you totally understand how I feel Chrissy..... It depends on my mood. You know there are some days like today I let it get me down. And then there are other days when I look around and think "that fish would be dead if I wasn't taken care of him, that fish wouldnt be here either" and on those days I think "well okay, so what if hes floaty, so what if he's upside down, at least he is ALIVE!!" For some reason today was just a bad day. I completed the water change on the oranda tank and looked at them and Voorhees was just so beat up and ragged looking. Miranda was literally floating mid tank upside down like she always does these days and her wen just looks messed up and ragged. Sam was also upside down and Kahlua's fins have begun to fray again like they always do.. And this being my favorite tank its just so disheartening you know? Actually I haven't gotten any new fish in over 2 years now.. and have no plans for any new ones at any point in the near future... I had 29 fish at one point and stopped getting new ones and closed my system entirely. I hoped that would help. It kinda has in some ways... In either case, getting MORE would cause nothing but stress... The plan is to let these fish live out as long as they can but not get any news ones... until ALL of these fish are gone.... Then take a break for a little while and disinfect everything.. Then if I wanna get a couple (literally... I'm thinking 2 fish in a 55) then I can and maybe start fresh. I want to get back to a place where I can enjoy this. And like I said I still enjoy the idea of it its just hard some days when you think of all the disease. I am trying to tell myself today "look. Your orandas arent doing well, but you still have ALL of them!".... And I think venting on here helps too LOL At least it's people that understand. Non goldfish people don't get it. My fish may be sick and be a lot of work, but I love each one of them and couldnt imagine getting rid of them. I would always wonder how they did, and if they lived. And if they would have lived longer with me.. I just can't get rid of them I love em too much!
  9. Thank you! The thing is, one of the BEST parts about kokos is the awesome/caring people!!! So in that way, I dont want to avoid it you know? Thats why I keep saying that I at least need to come back on and look at other peoples pics and videos and maybe that way I can enjoy the GOOD parts of the hobby, even if it is through other peoples experiences!
  10. When I started keeping Goldfish about 3 years ago it was such a source of happiness for me. It was like I had finally found a hobby that was perfect for me and I just loved every aspect of it.. Over time the fish all just got sicker and sicker despite my efforts doing everything right... I became a helper, then a mod, and I was able to go into the disease forums and tell other people EXACTLY how to take care of their fish, but mine were all getting sick. It felt so backwards. Giving advice while looking at my tanks of fish with constant issues... It just felt wrong. It's so sad that something that used to make me so happy has now just become a chore. I have 19 fish, seperated into 10 different tanks. Its A LOT of work.. 11 water changes a week (because Chase gets two a week)... cleaning filters, scrubbing tanks... It takes up SO much of my time and then when its all done I look around and it would be nice if you could sit and watch a tank of happy healthy fish. But I look around and am just reminded of the fact that most of mine are not doing well... In the past I had two tanks that had no issues and I could at least look at those and watch them and smile and think "okay it's worth it" But now even THOSE tanks have sick fish... I am doing EVERYTHING right and they are just doing so badly... I just looked into my oranda tank and they are ALL floaty now, 3 of 4 of them are upside down 75% of the time. Their fins are tattered and torn and they are just a mess. These are my favorite fish and its just heartbreaking. I honestly dont even look in my tanks anymore unless I have to because all it does it make me sad... I am so tired of doing SO much work to get nothing out of it... I think thats part of the reason I avoid kokos. I mean... I dont like giving advice when my fish are doing so badly . And in general, fish have turned into something sad for me, not happy. I still love seeing pictures from everyone else... And I still LOVE goldfish in general... Its just become such a source of negativity in my life in so many ways... Its really sad....
  11. Hey I just found this thread.. I've been going through some personal stuff and haven't been on kokos but I wanted to check up on you cause I felt like I kinda abandoned you mid-way while helping you on your Burst Cyst thread so I checked your name to see if you had any new threads and found this (and the other one) I see others have been helping you out and it's really great that you were able to get Puff on the anti-parasite food and control the dropsy... I've had fish recover from dropsy and I know what you mean when you say everything on the internet leads you to believe its a death sentence. It's not always, but it is something that may keep recurring and the fish may eventually succumb to. I have 3 fish alive right now that have dealth with dropsy in the past. One fish was so severly dropsied that he was blistered and bubbly - everyone thought he was a goner.. He's been alive over a year and a half now. Actually close to a year and 3/4 I think.. In fact now that I think about it, its been close to 2 years with all the fish. Soooo.. Puff still has a chance... How are things now?
  12. I wish I could say for sure I knew that Water softener salt was okay or bad and I don't. Without researching I can only go by my instincts which say skip that salt and use plain aquarium salt.. That could certainly be the issue here, because who knows what other additives are in that salt! Your calculations seemed correct to me, so it doesn't appear that is the problem.. So I would do like you said and resalt with the reg salt. I am so glad Puff is still doing better! That's such good news! I am really really happy to hear it!
  13. Yes I think that is wrong info, because when I called them they said it was older models as well.... He said "All Stealth heaters 100watt and above"
  14. Sorry that I did not get back to you sooner.. Been having my own pet issues that have kinda preoccupied my time! By now I assume you did the water change on the main tank.. how are the fish now... are they still gulping at the top? I would have probably suggest you do the same thing, a large water change then re-salt just in case something was off.. And checking the water params was also the first thing to do... Occasionally a fish will have a bad reaction to salt. Rarely but it does happen. It shouldn't happen to ALL the fish though like that. Makes me wonder if the salt in fact is killing off the parasites and making the fish a bit worse before they get better. That happens sometimes with Prazi.. I am unsure if that happens with salt... So, how are they doing now? I am so glad to here that Puff is doing better. (Hopefully still doing better??). Its funny I had a fish we actually named Puff The Magic Shishy (Shish is our word for fish.. inside joke I suppose in our house).. You are absolutely right about the box showing 3 orandas and suggesting the wrong water changes. I don't think ANYONE gives out the right information when it comes to goldfish.. Okay sometimes, but not often.. It's no wonder so many people come to this board with issues because people are just uninformed. I was the same way... I just simply didn't know and I trusted people at the pet stores. Now, I double check on everything. Even when I take my pets to the vets I do research as much as I can rather than just assume they know. I am going to check and make sure you didn't start a new thread when I didn't respond to this one... Hope things are going well...
  15. You can keep the carbon in with the salt, but you will need to take the carbon out when you get the prazi and add that.... One the salt is at 0.3% it should stay at that level for two weeks at least. During that time you will still need to do water changes, so keep in mind that when you are removing water, you are also removing salt. So for every gallon of water to take out, you are taking out 3 teaspoons of salt and that needs to be added back after the water change is complete. Yes you should keep trying to feed peas or anytthing else your fish normally eats to see if you can get him to eat something.. If you are comfortable handling her you could try to plop a small piece of pea in her mouth... When I have a sick fish who wont eat, I always try to gently guide them toward food. Get their mouth right on the food basically, and see if they will take it in. They usually spit it out but if you can get a little in thats good! Fish can go a long time without food. You would be surprised... Of course I would love to see Puffs appetite increase.. Don't be too hard on yourself about not quarentining. We've all done it. We've all been in the same exact boat as you! I think its one of those mistakes you kinda have to make in order to learn you know?? And thats all you can do.. Learn from your mistakes.... And you are doing a good job trying to make things better!
  16. It's good that you ordered the prazi. And yesterday you salted but the amount of salt was not enough.. Follow the link I provided on how to salt.. In short you start off with one teaspoon per gallon. Then slowly increase until you are at three teaspoons per gallon. This is aquarium salt not epsom salt... You need to salt the main tank AND the fish that is sick... Epsom salt IS good for floaty fish, (the dosing is TOTALLY different) but personally I think in this case I would go with the regular aquarium salt... The fact that the issues showed up right after the new fish were added implies to me that there is a good change the new fish brought parasites and disease. And for that you really need the regular salt... Then also prazi on both the main tank and for Puff once it arrives.. The poop that is long and stringy could be stress poop. Fish do this often when they are sick.. It could also be a sign of digestive trouble.. Again, personally I think the first thing we need to rule out here is parasites, which means salt and prazi... You REALLY need to get her in something larger than that bucket.. Something bigger than you can put a filter on... And until then you need to get the water circulating by adding an air stone or something. It's good that you are doing daily water changes that large because if you weren't the water in that bucket would become toxic pretty fast. I still suggest something larger. Like A 10 gallon QT tank or rubbermaid, and get a small filter that you can add. YOu can put some of the media from the main tank in the new filter to help it cycle a bit faster..
  17. Just got off the phone with Marineland customer service... As I said I already returned the two newer models but I checked and the old 150 WAS on the list. It's an ETP150... Anyway the guy I spoke to said it's not a recall yet but they are looking into quality issues and could turn into a recall or could turn out to be nothing. He said (these are his words) that a few people had problems but the majority of people have had no problems and that it has snowballed into something bigger than it is. In any case he said he would be able to either send me a visitherm 150 in place of it, or I can send him the old one and get a refund. I am going to get the refund I think that way I can get a new heater in the tank sooner rather than waiting. And I told him I didn't have a receipt or anything and he said that was fine. So if you guys can't get Petsmart to take em, just call Marineland directly and they will take care of it. He did say all the heaters under 100watts are safe. Lets hope so because I have a 75 watt and two 50watts still going!
  18. Well, first of all, like you said your QT set up is not ideal.. lol (But hey.. this is someone who once had 3 goldfish in a 3 gallon bowl!) That tiny bucket is going to end up stressing out the fish, and water quality is going to be so bad in there that the problems are going to become worse. The GOOD NEWS is, setting up a QT can be easy and cheap. Just get yourself a new rubbermaid container for a few bucks and you can use that. If you use tap water with a water conditioner you don't have to let the water sit for 24 hours. Just make sure the temperature is the same as the temp of the water the fish is in now. You DID good by separating the fish. If it's a burst cyst it could release all sorts of bad bacteria.= into the water and infect the other fish. To be clear, it burst in the Qt correct?? There is a good chance the new fish being added without QT could be a culprit here and in the future its sooo important to QT each and every time. But now thats its been done, we just need to treat ALL the fish like you would new fish in a QT which means salt and prazi... Two wonderful remedies for Goldfish that are safe and easy and kill most parasites and help against diseases and bad bacteria. You will want to treat the fish that had the cyst, but ALSO the main tank. Prazi can be ordered online: http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=12098 And salt can be picked up at a pet store. Here is a link on salting "how to" http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/60876-using-salt/ I wouldnt start any antibiotic food for now, but it doesn't hurt to have it on hand.. Your tank is a little bit overstocked. Nothing major compared to some of the tanks we've seen on here. I would probably lean towards a 50% water change each time just to help keep the nitrates a little bit lower.. I would watch the slow swimming. Could be a sign of parasites BUT hopefully with the salt and prazi you can eliminate those.. Prazi must be used multiple times.. (personally I do a dose every 2-3 days with a 50% water change before each dose.. and I do it at least 5 times).. Salt needs to be in the water for at least 2 weeks @ 0.3% but the salt link explained all of that.. Are any of the other fish showing bumps?
  19. I think it looks AWESOME! And it is SOO much easier to clean, trust me. I didn't want to convert to barebottom at first and now I am soo glad I did. In fact, I had the old gravel stored in buckets for a while "just in case" I wanted to go back and recently threw it ALL away cause I know I will never go back to gravel.. The tank looks sooooo nice! I love it!
  20. I see it slightly and I mean, it's ALWAYS smart to treat all fish with salt and prazi... Especially when you get new fish. It's SO important to keep any new fish in a seperate quarentine tank for at least a few weeks and give them the full salt/prazi treatment (like a fish spa haha) before they are introduced to the fish you already have. This way you lower the risk of passing parasites and disease to your old fish. Keep that in mind if you eventually upgrade to a 29 and decide to get your pearlie a tankmate. Anyway, like I said, I do see slight edges but Im hoping thats nothing a little salt/prazi wont fix.. I've seen much worse that have healed just fine. Without a photo, you just don't know how bad the fish is going to look, ya know?
  21. Don't don't mess with the PH Up... Those PH Up and Down products are terrible.. Try and stick with the regular water changes and if that doesn't work, you can possibly try something natural to up the PH a tad (Crushed coral in the filter sometimes helps).. Or if that doesn't work there are some good buffers that are much much more reliable than the PH Up and Down products.. Like this one: http://www.goldfishc...ctId=44&catId=1 Is that a new picture? The fins don't look bad at all to me in that photo... She's a cutie pie!!! My vote is salt/prazi/water change regimine and I think you will have one happy little fishy! Oh and I forgot. You are very welcome!
  22. Just a teaspoon per gallon at first... It's okay to go up to 3 teaspoons per gallon (which is one tablespoon) but it has to be done gradually. Add one teaspoon per gallon. Then twelve hours or so later add another teaspoon per gallon. Then another twelve hours later add one final teaspoon per gallon. This way you reach a total of 3 teaspoons per gallon slowly. Keep it at that level for two weeks and it will kill many parasites... When you do a water change during that time you must remember that when you take out water you are taking out salt. So if you have 30 teaspoons total in there, and you remove 5 gallons, you will have to add 15 tsp back in. For example. Prazi can be purchased at Dr. Foster And Smith http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=12098 You will need multiple treatments but Prazi is very safe! Salt and Prazi are two of the most important AND safest treatments in Goldfish. A 29 gallon sounds great eventually, but for now if you keep up with the extra water changes I think your 10 gallon will be okay for a while. Two 50% changes a week should do the trick Just keep testing the water.
  23. LOL you mean how by the end of my rant I was having house fires?? LOLOL
  24. I would also like to add that I would watch that PH in the tank.... 6.6 is kinda low.. With a PH of 7.6 coming from your tap I would not think you would have such a low PH in the tank. Perhaps there has been a crash (which could explain the 0 nitrates as well.. although in that case you would think we would be seeing ammonia levels?) In any case, I would want that PH a bit higher and I think Oerba's suggestion of doing two 50% or larger changes a week would be helpful in water quality in general AND in perhaps rising the PH slowly.. With 7.6 coming out of tap I wouldn't normally think anything would be needed to be added to buffer, but without KH/GH readings who knows. I would also DEF treat with Prazi and salt if that has not been done yet..
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