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  1. I can't say I've noticed as far as pet stores go, because I really haven't been anywhere lately and its been over a year since I worked at one. But I do think that it seems the cases of bloating/dropsy/swim bladder issues are just through the roof lately in general... I remember thinking that recently that it seems like SOOO many people are having issues with those things, and I know for a fact that I have been battling it with my goldies for quite some time now... It's very very frustrating... :(

  2. I think that you are much better off assembling a medicine cabinet for your fish, instead of trying to learn the steps to each one because I think that while in general the treatments may be similar, what you do and when you do it will differ slightly but will make a huge difference. This is especially true in the case of dropsy, because it is a set of symptoms which could the result of various causes. Even the more experienced members on this forum will still consult with others and with the mods, in order to get confirmation on the steps needed to be taken or to have other opinions.

    I cannot stress this enough, but it is really important not to medicate prior to consulting someone, if you have not had experience with whatever illness you are dealing with. Medicating could end up hurting instead of helping. After all, that's why this forum is here, so please make sure to post and get some opinions before you start treating :)

    Having said that, these are some of the items of "preparedness." Hopefully, others will add in what I missed :)

    - Aquarium salt/pure salt (no caking agent)

    - Epsom salt

    - good reliable heater

    - Metro-med and/or Jungle anti-parasite medicated food

    - Medi-gold and/or Jungle anti-bacterial medicated food

    - Hydrogen Peroxide

    I consider the above to be the absolute essentials in your goldfish medicine cabinet. You will need to use one or more of this at one or another. :)


    100% agree!!!!!!! Such a good post! I agree, making sure you are prepared is so important. I always make sure I have everything I might use, that way you don't have to sit around waiting for something to be shipped.

    I was trying to think of anything else to add to the medicine cabinet and I thought of Prazi which we all use, and one more thing which isn't a MUST but is nice to have is Bio-Bandage.. Its a topical that you can use for wounds or sores and I have had really good experience with it... And personally, if you can find it, I like to keep Potassium Permanganate... Not only can it be used for disease treatment for more experienced fish keepers, BUT its a FANTASTIC tool for disinfecting tanks, equipment, everything..

    The one thing I can't stress enough when it comes to dropsy is clean gunk free water is key.... It is so important to keep up with regular water changes, and tank maintence... There are so many cases of dropsy and pop eye that are a result of a high organic load (Any buildup of gunk and old food/poop etc in your tank).... Its so easy to keep up on water changes, but maybe overlook a thorough cleaning of the gravel. Or perhaps slack on cleaning the filter and media and you pop it open and find sooo much buildup... Once time recently my fish Chase who had full blown dropsy 2 years ago relapsed.. I had kept up with his water changes (right now he gets two a week. After he initially dropsied I changes part of his water daily).. But I opened the filter and found the cartridge was COVERED in gunk and then I checked my fish log notebook and realized I had completely forgotten to clean his filter/change the cartridge on the scheduled day... I gave it a good cleaning and the pineconing went down on its on, no meds or even epsom.. So I think being prepared with the right meds and taking good care of your system are the most important things! :)

  3. Meet Lexington aka Lex aka Lex Luthor!

    haha I love the name! Thats so funny - the little boy I babysit's name is Lex and I always call him Lexington and Lex Luthor to be silly LOL

    Lexington is a BEAUTIFUL betta!

  4. I'm so sorry you are having problems and I know how hard it can be to keep having recurring issues and not be able to figure out what is causing them... I read this thread and nothing popped out to me like "OH thats the problem" so I don't even have much to offer.. I just wanted to say that the PH rising from 7.4 to 7.6 in the tank is normal.. Same thing happens in my tank.. I believe once someone mentioned that once the water gets in the tank and is aerated it goes up a bit... Mine actually goes from 7.6 to about 8.0... And also I noticed you said you were considering just starting fresh and I wanted to say that I've done this. Had issues with a tank of fish, tried everything. Tried PPing everything and cycling new media and then even moved them to a brand new tank and it still didn't fix anything.. Not that you can't try it, but that was my personal experience.. I would hate to see you spend all of that money and it not fix anything...:(

    Whats in Wormer Plus.. does it have a list of ingredients? How is he doing now.. has he stopped bottom sitting/clamping yet now that the salt is added? Is he still eating?

    Do API do a KH test kit? If so, and the KH is bad in my water (I bet it is) then is there anything I can do to alter it? I was under the impression that hard water is actually good for goldfish?

    They do, but I had to order mine online.. I never found it in a store... And generally I would say its better to have hard water than water with a low kh and ph but reallly really high kh can be bad for your fish. Mine is REALLY high actually...

    I wish I had more advice for you.. I've had ongoing issues with some of my fish that I cannot figure out for the life of me. Im trying to think of anything that may be overlooked in your case.. How often do you clean the filters? Do you make sure it doesn't get gunky in there?

  5. but to imagine the loss of a beloved pet at such a cost to boot
    I also wonder if fish from up-scale breeders tend to have more problems than those from pet stores, since all the fish you see at the pet store must be the strongest.

    So true!!! I bought some fish from the Goldfish Connection auction a few years ago at different times.. They were expensive fish... I've lost 5 of them already and 3 others are very very sick and have had sooo many problems... Its weird thinknig about it now that you posted that, its true - my cheapy fish really are doing so much better than those fish...


  6. I agree. Just one fancy in a 15 gallon tank but yes as long as you commit to weekly water changes and tank maintence then you should be fine putting a goldfish in there. As for them needed tankmates, I know a lot of people that say that its unfair to keep just one because goldies are very social. But that being said I have a few tanks that for different reasons there is just one fish and those fish seem to be happy as can be... One of my healthiest happiest fish is actually in a smaller tank by himself... If you wanted to get two, I would recommend a 29. Its a good size for 2 goldies!

  7. Too many fish have passed. My RG Oranda and the little orange guy..dead. I have never kept a type of fish that had so many problems as these. Isn't this supposed to be a fun hobby? :cry1

    I haven't read through this whole thread, just part of it.. But I wanted to say I am really sorry for the loss of ALL your fish and I really do understand how you feel.. Exactly... It's so sad when you put so much work into it and the results still end badly. I get REALLY depressed about this often actually, so I really do know where you are coming from... Just wanted to send some hugs your way.. :hug

  8. 4 months is fine to use as long as you stored in in a cool dry place... Typically they are good for about 6 months from opening... As for whether or not you should give them, I think only you can decide because only you know your fish.. I know you've been a member here for quite some time. I know I've talked to you before so it's not like you are some newbie just randomly bombaring your fish with meds! LOL I feel like if you are seeing signs that problems could be returning and you want to be safe and do another course it's very valid... Especially if you are considering adding a tank mate... Might be best to be on the safe side... If it were me I would probably do another round, but at the same time I hate to recommend you do that and then it not work in the future. So confusing!

    Let me know if you use them and if you see any changes after another course.. I began another course of MM last week and the improvements I am seeing are just amazing.. I went from 4 upside fish constantly floating at the time with badly frayed fins to 4 fish swimming around happily.. 3 of them you would never even know they had floaty issues and I can see them putting on weight and their poo is normal again.. Thank God for MM's!!!

  9. Nice!!!! That's awesome that it didn't add much work for you! Now I bet everyone is gonna run out and buy some for their tanks too!

    Maybe since you are such a water change expert you should come help me with my tanks - I could use a week off from water changes! LOL

  10. They are beautiful! I always check the goldfish connection auction but always forget about raingarden...I'm not buying any new fish so I just look at the auctions and all the photos you guys post and try to live vicariously through all of you! :)

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh man! I just took a quick peek and I already found a fish I want!!!!!!!!!! Great prices and SOO MANY GORGEOUS FISH!.. Oh well.. I swore to myself no more fishies and I will keep that promise. But can one of you guys please purchase that cute black and white oranda and show me lots of pics and videos???


  11. Ooh Ooh! We can place bets on whether we think the gravel is all gonna get sucked up or if its gonna go off without a hitch... LOL (Wow.. I really have no life!!! Its sat night and I just did a puzzle by myself and am now entertaining myself wondering if the gravel gets sucked up! I need help! LOL!!!)

  12. Since Peepers snapped out of his dropsy he has had fungus issues on the top of his head which I cured with salt. He also has a white opaque tail edge, I think someone described it as his tail column. It was getting better but now it seems to be coming back. So maybe whatever is causing it is still there.

    He is really floaty, he spends half his day at the surface. I only feed once a day because if I fed twice a day he spends his whole day up there. I don't believe it is overfeeding as my feeding amount has not really changed in the past year, and they were fine before. I mean he gets his fair share of course. I vary the diet between gel food, pellets, frozen brine shrimp, and peas. I have tried fruits and veggies on their own ( I do use veggies in my gel food) and they go over quite well. I guess what I mean is his fluid control or organ or something has been permanently damaged from the dropsy.

    Maybe I am overly cautious but that does make me a bit nervous.. Just because its so similar to how some of my fish act right before they relapse... It's so tricky isn't it? I wish it wasn't such a guessing game!

    Personally, whether you stick with the one fish, or get another, I would suggest keeping fresh Metromeds on hand at all times.. That way you can start giving them at the very first sign of a problem... Just keep an eye out and check them every day and watch for any small changes... And it's best to make sure you have a hospital set up available at all times so that if one of the fish gets sick you can seperate them and that way you dont have to medicated a fish that doesnt need it..

    When your fish had dropsy did you treat the whole tank since both came down with dropsy? This sounds like a one-off case and the little fish is cured. I think it's safe to add a buddy. But to be on the safe side I would feed them anti bacterial/ anti parasitic food. I feed medicated food from time to time. I've managed to avoid dropsy since 2001 when i lost a beautiful 6 inch red oranda. knock on wood

    You know, I want to be totally honest on my opinion of this.... And I hope its not going to get me in trouble considering I am a mod... Generally I realize that most meds shouldnt be used as a preventative because its putting unncessessary stress on the fish... And generally you should only give meds to the sick fish, and not to an entire tank of fish unless every single fish is displaying issues. Which is why we all have our hospital tanks... But to tell the absolute truth, considering my mutliple problems with dropsy, there have definately been times when I have treated a whole tank and even used MM's as more of a precautionary thing like phishnet says... I am hardly recommending that it be done all the time, or at the first sign of any problem, but when you have had multiple problems and relapses like me, I do think sometimes it becomes neccessary to use it from time to time to prevent issues. For example, right now the fish began to get ultra floaty, have jagged fins/fin frays/fin rot, and basically started doing all the things they often do right before they get very sick or dropsy... I have learned that in THAT tank, I would rather start the MMs on all the fish BEFORE someone actually dropsies than to wait around... So I actually really support phishnets idea as long as you are experienced with goldies and are doing it wisely and not just throwing random meds at the fish... I've had a lot of experience with dropsy, but I have never lost a fish to it... So I personally am a very strong believer of Metromeds!!

  13. If I wasn't so lazy, I would get some of this gravel for my tank. But the thought of gravel vacuuming all the time again makes me shiver.

    SAME!!!!!!!!!! I think maybe if I had just the one tank it would be okay but I have too many tanks so I keep them all bare bottom to minimize the work! I do love the way it looks though. I would be glad to get some, if one of you wants to come help me do tank maintence?? :)

  14. am dealing with this exact issue. I lost 4 fish to dropsy in the past 9 months. Obviously, something is up in my tank and now it's being sterilized and no fish are being added for the next few months, just to be safe in case my remaining fish is carrying something. But if you think you know what caused the dropsy in your fish and you've removed the cause, then it could be safe. Just remember that bad bacteria, once established, can colonize anything in the tank - including your filters. I'm not trying to sound pessimistic, I just know that these things can sometimes persist :( As you said, you haven't lost multiple fish so it was likely just an isolated incident and you can get more fish :)

    :goodpost Chrissy!

    Now I know its different for everyone, and of course it depends on the type of dropsy like everyone stated, but I wanted to share my personal experience regarding the "contagious" factor.. I bought 3 orandas at Petsmart... Chase, Voorhees and Spot.... Chase and Voorhees went into a tank at home home with three other fish after QT. Spot went into a tank at work with about 8 other fish... Since I got them both Chase and Voorhees have dropsied and Spot has had bad pop eye (which can be related to dropsy)....

    In my case, so far the dropsy itself has not spread but its not as simple as that either.. Spot is home with me now with 3 of the other fish that were in the tank with him and those fish are unaffected. However in the OTHER tank, I have found that while the other fish have not dropsied, they ARE displaying issues such as floating/flipover and bad fin rot and all of these things seems to get worse just as the other fish dropsy.. So it appears that , whatever causes the dropsy in that tank has spread, and the other fish are just not responding to it the same way as the fish that dropsy....

    So just keep an eye out.. Watch for things besides JUST dropsy because it may give you a clue that something is still not quite right.. But in your case, I think that so far its just been the one death and if the problems seem to be resolved, then why not try another fish if you really want to get one!!

    I think clean water is really key.. Make sure you don't allow gunk to accumulate... Adding another fish obviously means adding more waste so just be sure to keeep an eye on your water parameters and keep the tank nice n clean.. I have had a fish that relapsed simply because I allowed gunk to accumulate on a filter pad and once that pad was cleaned, the pineconing went down!

    Good luck getting a new fish and good luck with the other fish! Here's hoping to NO MORE DROPSY and happy healthy fish! :)

  15. I've never used it personally for my fish at home but I used that exact product in some of the cichlid tanks when I worked at the pet store and used the acid buffer for the angelfish.... I like Seachem products in general and from my experience I liked BOTH the alkaline and acid buffer.. Obviously if you use it again and the fish have a bad reaction then I would discontinue it but I've always had a good experience with it myself...

    The problem with so many other products that change the PH is that they don't adress the KH and GH just the PH. So often you will raise the PH just to have it crash back down. These buffers are meant to prevent that from happening and the good news is you aren't coming from a really REALLY low PH trying to go to a really high one.. Any drastic change can be bad for the fish.. I think if you can mix it up ahead of time and have the ph's match that would be good, but it also gets tricky cause often the ph will rise once in the tank.. So basically try to just make the new water as close as possible to the old so you are minimizing stress on your fish :)

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