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  1. I think I would add salt to that fresh bucket, then move her to that... Then in 12 hours if she is still hanging in there you can prepare another fresh bucket with 2 teaspoons per gallon of salt. So its increasing. Don't forget the prime and remember to try to make the temperature as close as possible so there is minimal stress! If you end up getting a rubbermaid for the other fish, and the 10 gallon is free, then you can move this fish to the 10 and just do water changes on that so you wont have to keep transferring her back and forth. But for now this will at least work so that you are keeping her in nice clean water but away from the other fish. Ammonia can really build up fast in a small bucket without a filter and in her weak state any ammonia would be bad. So I think this is your best option. Im going to be going to bed soon but I'll check back tomorrow on you (and the fish! lol)
  2. Okay I see.... that makes sense. Well like you said, even without new fish, the stress of the move could be enough to have made these fish become sick. The thing about parasites, and even bacterial infections and such are that things can seem to be going great... But one small thing happens and it can take over. Like a person who has been fighting off a cold but goes outside and catches it. The parasites/and or bacteria may have been there all along, but the fish were fighting it off. The stress of the move may have brought it on. Or its possible you are dealing with just a water quality issue here. In any case, clean water and salt is often the best, safest and easiest way to treat most parasites, aid in treatment of bacteria, can help heal wounds, and can also help with the stress. We always salt ALL of our fish here to 0.3% for two weeks minimum so that will be your best move no matter what is causing the fish to be ill.. By saying to go slowly, they probably just meant to go in increments like I explained. From 0.1% to 0.2% to 0.3%.. basically 0.3% is the concentration that will help the most and kill the most possible parasites, but you have to add it gradually to give the fish time to adjust. Salt is very safe. So much safer than many of the medications you can buy and it cures so many things. Just add the right amount of salt to a cup of water from the bowl or tank. Stir it up so it dissolves and pour it in. Remember to salt the main tank and the bucket. As for the people that gave you the fish, its so possible that they were given wrong information from someone else and just did not know. When I used to work at the pet store in the fish department I would talk to so many people who were told wrong information. A lot of times, the problem was that often pet store employees dont know much about goldfish. There are a lot of types of tropical fish that are small, remain small and you can actually have a higher # of them in a small tank like a 10 gallon. Goldfish have the potential to get very big. And they need that extra space to thrive.. When I first bought goldfish I was told I could keep 3 goldfish in a 3 gallon bowl so thats what I did. No filter. Nothing. They stayed that way for over a year.. No problems that I was aware of. And it wasn't until I moved them to a larger tank and got a new fish did everything go wrong.. Thats when I found this board and realized that I had been keeping them totally wrong. Now, looking back I realize that those fish never grew. They started out tiny and stayed tiny. They were always gasping at the top.. They lived but were not healthy or thriving. I know in a way you think the stress of a bigger tank right now will be too much. But actually I think getting them into a tank that is big enough for them is the very best move you can make. I do understand though that you may not be prepared for the expense of a new tank.. And I do understand that you dont want to give away sick fish.. I think in your case a rubbermaid would work best. Cheap enough but also giving them room. You can put a filter on it. Then you can decide whether you want to upgrade to a large tank or give away the fish.. You might take a look on craigslist if you are looking for a cheap tank. Sometimes you can find good deals on there.
  3. Weakling nibbling is a good sign!! Any attempt at eating means she still has a little bit of life in her... I think some peace and quiet away from the other fish will do her good. And remember, fish are more like humans than you know.. Stress plays a HUGE factor. Just like people can get physically sick from stress.. So clean water, peace and even dark can be helpful! If she is still alive after 12 hours or so, you can up the salt content to 0.2% (two teaspoons per gallon). Then 12 hours alter up it to 0.3% (three teaspoons per gallon, or approx 1 tablespoon).. Then you can just prepare the bucket each time with 0.3% so the amount is the same when you switch her.. Switching her back and forth might be a bit stressful. However I believe that the risk of ammonia build up because there is no filter and such a small amount of water is worse. So just gently and carefully switch her over .. Eventually a nice big tank for the whole crew would be great and a rubbermaid really will work wonders in the meantime. Perhaps you could even then use the 10 gallon as your hospital tank? Hoping for good news tomorrow! Fingers crossed!
  4. Okay I just checked out your other thread to see what info if any I may have been missing and if there was anything more I could add. I know you really do want to save this fish if possible and I would like to help you understand what is probably happening here.. Just like Oerba Yung Fang explained to you in the other thread, goldfish really do need a larger amount of water. 10 gallons each if they are fancies, 20 each if they are singletails like commons or commons. Often pet stores do not give us this information and we keep way to many fish in way too small a tank or bowl. (Trust me I did it too!) Many times the fish survive like that for a while, even a year like you said. But because of the small amount of water, they are living in a very high amount of waste and that leaves them weak and susceptible to disease. A slight change such as new tank, new fish, change in water quality can often lead to them getting sick.. In your case, its possible that that the new fish you added brought in parasites. This is VERY common (most pet store fish have parasites)... And your old fish who SEEMED to be healthy, became sick.. At this point one of the steps that can be taken to treat parasites is salt. But like I said before, not as a dip. Just as a 0.1% concentration (which is equal to one teaspoon per gallon). Salt should be added to the main tank AND the fish in the bucket.. The salt will eventually be increased to 0.3% which is 3 teaspoons per gallon. But that has to be done gradually. (Usually we go up 0.1% every 12 hours)... Once there, the salt must remain at 0.3% for two weeks to kill the majority of parasites. This is why you may not see a positive change right away.. it is important to make sure the water quality remains good (0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and preferably 20 or less for nitrates. I like to keep mine around 10).. With such a small tank, and so many fish it will be hard to keep the water quality in check but it can be done. You will need to make sure they have more space very very soon. Its so crucial here. I know its seems kind of complicated at first. Believe me I was in the EXACT same boat as you were when I first came to this board. But it can all be corrected and hopefully you can save this fish, or at least some of the others.. Whatever you do, do not add medication to the water. It will likely make things much worse.. once things settle down, we can get into some of the other things like filtration and cycle of the tank. I just dont wanna scare you with too much too fast.. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask! I really hope things get better
  5. I wouldnt do a dip... You don't want to stress her more. Just add salt at a low concentration which is 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon and leave it like that. Makes sure it dissolves.. You may not see a change immediately.. If the fish is going to recover it may take some time. If it survives then eventually you can increase the salt but I would really like to see you get some form of aeration in there first and perhaps a larger amount of water.. I agree that if she is getting sucked to the filter you dont want that in there, but a small airstone may work to add oxygen without giving too much current..
  6. I absolutely hate having to make the decision of whether to put a fish down or not. Personally I have never had the strength to do it. I've always been lucky enough to have a fish recover or have the fish pass on its own right when I was at the point where I was considering euthanasia.. Without seeing your fish, its hard to give an opinion.. I just have to say that I have seen fish bounce back from sickness that seems like there was NO possible way they would recover. So that being said I would think maybe if you gave the fish some time separated from the other fish there is always a slight chance it might get better? I agree with everyone else that you need to get some type of water movement in that bucket and will have to do more water changes because of the small volume of water. Perhaps a rubbermaid container would work better? Another idea would be to get a second bucket and basically do a bucket to bucket method for this fish. I did that once with a very very weak fish when I did not have a quarentine tank and no cycled filter media.. Twice a day I would prepare the new bucket with water of the same temperature, and add salt to match the amount of salt that was in there, and water conditioner of course, then gently move the fish over.. You would still need to get an air stone or something as well to switch with the bucket.. Have you or are you salting this fish (or the other fish?) You may have mentioned that but I might have missed it. I agree, I have had success with this is the past.. I always gently guide the fish towards the food while still under the water and see if I can get them to eat a bit. Im sorry you are having such a hard time. I do agree that if you decide to euthanize I would wait until you can get the clove oil.. You know about a year ago I had a similar situation. A fish was becoming very very weak and was being sucked into the filter, pushed around by other fish. Her tail was completely frayed and her scales were missing in areas where she was stuck to the filter.. She looked like there was no hope. But I moved her to a hospital tank and hand fed her and to my surprise she recovered.. So there is always a chance! Good luck! *** i wrote this before I saw you wrote back just to let you know**
  7. Oh my gosh that is SO scary!!!!!!!! I am SO glad things turned out okay for your fish... it could have been so much worse. But I am sure it was just as scary... I just went and replaced all of my heaters because they were all part of the Stealth heater recall.. Right now I am wishing I lived in an area that didnt get so cold in the winter so heaters were never needed at all. I am just go relieved the tank is okay and the fish are okay! Whew - close call!
  8. You know whats weird.. last week I took one of the heaters out of my fish martini's tank... I had it set for 76 and the water was at like 85 and I just thought "this is NOT good.. what if it keeps heating up??" So I took it out.. I didn't really think much about the fact that they had been recalling them... Thats another thing I like about summer.. No heater drama because the tanks are all warm enough that I can turn off the heaters for the winter!
  9. I TOTALLY agree!!! I think that is something that can easily be overlooked and has a huge impact on the fish!
  10. Ohhh no really???? What a pain! I just got finished exchanging all the ones I had that were 100watts and over but I still have like 3 or 4 that are under.. ALL of my heaters were marineland stealth... This is really a pain in the butt! UGH!!!!!!!!! I think I may take them to petsmart and see what I can do.. Problem is Petsmart doesn't really have any 25 watts in stock ever.... Good news. I called my Petsmart and talked to the manager and she said I can bring all 4 heaters over (I have three 25 watt ones and one 75 watt) and she will either replace or give store credit. No problem at all, no questions asked. Don't even need receipt or anything.. Yes! Same thing happened to me,, I called them and they were supposed to send something and never did!! I am glad Petsmart is being so good about this!
  11. I wanted to give up today SO Bad.. I can't begin to tell you... I already had a few light strips fail on me and didnt really have the money to replace them.. Then last week both light strips on one of the 55 gallons failed within a few minutes of each other.. Not the bulbs, the whole strip.. So that was 5 total I need to replace.. Then this week two filters broke.. I already had previous issues with some of the fish but on top of the issues I already had one of my fish got very very sick. She doesn't look like she will make it and to make things extra fun the one fish that I can say has never given me ANY problems before, no sickness nothing.. well he decided he is going to stop eating. He just STOPPED. I looked around and just wanted to cry..... I said earlier and I will say it again. I really learned the hard way that you need to do things in moderation. Collecting goldfish is fun, but NOT when things go wrong. And if I only had one tank with 2-3 fish this would all be soooo much more bearable!
  12. How is everything going?? Any updates?
  13. Yeah I used to do exactly what dnalex told you to do. I would just make a cut at the bottom of the cartridge and shake out all the carbon into a trash can. (It's much easier to do when the cartridges are dry!) I actually liked doing that because then if I needed to add meds, I didn't have to worry about removing the carbon. The only reason I started doing it again without removing the carbon is because I have been changing them more regularly ..The way I have it set up the gunk hits the cartridge first, and then all the ceramic rings and floss are behind it, so while the water passes through those, those dont really accumulate waste.. Just the cartridge. So Ive just been chucking that regularly.. Quite frankly its because I've had issues with some of my fish and I am trying anything I can think of to do differently and see if it makes a difference. The other stuff is enough, because I have a LOT of it.. The cartridges are just a small part of whats crammed into my filters, so its fine, but in your case you would be getting rid of the majority of your bbs. So you can do exactly what dnalex said and cut off the padding from the cartridge to keep your good bacteria and still add more media..
  14. Switching filter cartridges out is fine as long as you have some other media in your filter to hold good bacteria... Some filters have bio-wheels for example... Or some filters have room to put something in besides the cartridge. For example, in my filters I have the bio-wheels, cartridges and bags of ceramic rings... So I am not relying solely on the cartriges to hold the good bacteria... What is your set up like? As for whether or not you should even change the cartridge thats up to you. Some people simply swish and reuse the same cartridges over and over again until they get worn. And thats okay.. The thing you have to remember though is that the carbon will not serve its purpose if you are not changing the cartridges out. And again, thats a personal choice as some people don't even use carbon in their systems.. Up until recently I actually used to remove the carbon from the cartridges and simply reuse the same ones for quite some time until they got really worn.. Replacing cartridges can become expensive (especially when you have a lot of tanks).. But recently I decided to start replacing the cartridges every 4 weeks. I felt like they accumulated too much dirt and figured I would just spend the extra money and rely on the biowheel and ceramic rings to house my good bacteria (I have a ton of ceramic rings and some filter floss packed in there)... Now here's one question for you. You say you have had it for 4 weeks. Is that how long you have had the whole aquarium? In that case you may not want to change anything out yet as your cycle is still becoming established... Also, do you have a test kit to test for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates so you can see where you are at as far as your cycle goes?
  15. We could pin this if you guys would like. I think there is a lot of good info in here.. What do you other mods think?
  16. I can't say I've noticed as far as pet stores go, because I really haven't been anywhere lately and its been over a year since I worked at one. But I do think that it seems the cases of bloating/dropsy/swim bladder issues are just through the roof lately in general... I remember thinking that recently that it seems like SOOO many people are having issues with those things, and I know for a fact that I have been battling it with my goldies for quite some time now... It's very very frustrating...
  17. 100% agree!!!!!!! Such a good post! I agree, making sure you are prepared is so important. I always make sure I have everything I might use, that way you don't have to sit around waiting for something to be shipped. I was trying to think of anything else to add to the medicine cabinet and I thought of Prazi which we all use, and one more thing which isn't a MUST but is nice to have is Bio-Bandage.. Its a topical that you can use for wounds or sores and I have had really good experience with it... And personally, if you can find it, I like to keep Potassium Permanganate... Not only can it be used for disease treatment for more experienced fish keepers, BUT its a FANTASTIC tool for disinfecting tanks, equipment, everything.. The one thing I can't stress enough when it comes to dropsy is clean gunk free water is key.... It is so important to keep up with regular water changes, and tank maintence... There are so many cases of dropsy and pop eye that are a result of a high organic load (Any buildup of gunk and old food/poop etc in your tank).... Its so easy to keep up on water changes, but maybe overlook a thorough cleaning of the gravel. Or perhaps slack on cleaning the filter and media and you pop it open and find sooo much buildup... Once time recently my fish Chase who had full blown dropsy 2 years ago relapsed.. I had kept up with his water changes (right now he gets two a week. After he initially dropsied I changes part of his water daily).. But I opened the filter and found the cartridge was COVERED in gunk and then I checked my fish log notebook and realized I had completely forgotten to clean his filter/change the cartridge on the scheduled day... I gave it a good cleaning and the pineconing went down on its on, no meds or even epsom.. So I think being prepared with the right meds and taking good care of your system are the most important things!
  18. No response yet. I may have to borrow the koko stick and give him a good bonk on the head with it LOL
  19. haha I love the name! Thats so funny - the little boy I babysit's name is Lex and I always call him Lexington and Lex Luthor to be silly LOL Lexington is a BEAUTIFUL betta!
  20. I'm so sorry you are having problems and I know how hard it can be to keep having recurring issues and not be able to figure out what is causing them... I read this thread and nothing popped out to me like "OH thats the problem" so I don't even have much to offer.. I just wanted to say that the PH rising from 7.4 to 7.6 in the tank is normal.. Same thing happens in my tank.. I believe once someone mentioned that once the water gets in the tank and is aerated it goes up a bit... Mine actually goes from 7.6 to about 8.0... And also I noticed you said you were considering just starting fresh and I wanted to say that I've done this. Had issues with a tank of fish, tried everything. Tried PPing everything and cycling new media and then even moved them to a brand new tank and it still didn't fix anything.. Not that you can't try it, but that was my personal experience.. I would hate to see you spend all of that money and it not fix anything... Whats in Wormer Plus.. does it have a list of ingredients? How is he doing now.. has he stopped bottom sitting/clamping yet now that the salt is added? Is he still eating? They do, but I had to order mine online.. I never found it in a store... And generally I would say its better to have hard water than water with a low kh and ph but reallly really high kh can be bad for your fish. Mine is REALLY high actually... I wish I had more advice for you.. I've had ongoing issues with some of my fish that I cannot figure out for the life of me. Im trying to think of anything that may be overlooked in your case.. How often do you clean the filters? Do you make sure it doesn't get gunky in there?
  21. No way could anyone say no to that cutie pie!!!!!! She's adorable! Congrats!
  22. So true!!! I bought some fish from the Goldfish Connection auction a few years ago at different times.. They were expensive fish... I've lost 5 of them already and 3 others are very very sick and have had sooo many problems... Its weird thinknig about it now that you posted that, its true - my cheapy fish really are doing so much better than those fish... ]
  23. Awesome! Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see pics or video of him swimming around!
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