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  1. Hey I was at the store yesterday and I had to check out the fish even though I don't plan on getting more. There was a BEAUTIFUL blue Oranda for sale. $31. I think it's a female but not totally sure. He/she looks VERY healthy even though it's from s chain store. The picture makes her look more chocolate but she's a beautiful silvery Blue. They she has been there for months and no one has bought her. I thought If anyone could give her a good home it would be someone from kokos. She's in Jenkintown PA. Last I remember we can't post store names but it's one of the main chains but I've noticed this particular store always has super clean tanks and very healthy looking fish.


  2. Well spoke too soon. Just as quickly as he stopped, then started again, he had stopped eating again. I dunno what to do. 

    Seperatly,  does anyone know how long an unopened bottle of prazi pro is good for? My daughter actually notIced that my blood parrot cichlid had bright red under his gills and I had noticed that but she said "it looks like a coral reef". And it does.  It looks like red with long red strings and she found another post that said it was gill flukes. I dunno much about cichlids. This wasn't even supposed to be my fish. 

    She found this pic online and it looks EXACTLY like my fish. I just know my prazi is unopened but I think I bought it like 4 years ago.





  3. Hey guys! Thanks for all the advice. 

    I didn't know what duckweed was but I tried bloodworms and a few other types of food with no luck. 

    I was getting super worried cause like Artic Mama said a goldfish must eat. And I wouldn't want him to waste away. But he still seemed so active and healthy and wasn't wasting away at least not visually. 

    Then out of nowhere one day I tried the Hikari pellets that had been his main food and he just ate them! It's like as quickly as he stopped he just started again even though nothing changed!

    Hes eaten 5 or 6 times now. He won't touch the bloodworms but I have a rescue Blood Parrot that is stunted (previous owners put him in with aggressive African cichlids) and he's loving the bloodworms!

    So good news! And that's a good video to watch in case there is an issue in the future!

    Thanks everyone! 

  4. Thanks for answering. I tried handfeeding but he doesn't let me. I've had other fish that let me hand feed but when I tried with him he just wiggled away and it was stressing him out. So I coukdht even get any food in. 

    I also thought they were cataracts and not a bacterial cloudy eye. But like I said he has had them for a while. And I've had totally blind fish still find food. So even with them he should be able to smell the food. 

    I think what baffles me the most is that he went from eating like a pig one day to not eating at all. It wasn't a slow loss of interest in food. It was overnight. 

    I appreciate your response! Wish me luck! 

    • Test Results for the Following:
      • * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0
      • * Nitrite Level(Tank) 0
      • * Nitrate level(Tank) 20
      • * Ammonia Level(Tap) ?
      • * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0
      • * Nitrate level(Tap) 20
      • * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.0
      • * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.8
      • Other Required Info:
        • * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Freshwater Master Test Kit
        • * Water temperature? 65
        • * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 46 Gallons and its been running for about 8 years
        • * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Penguin 350
        • * How often do you change the water and how much? Between 50% and 75% weekly 
    • * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? 6 days ago, 75%
    • * How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 fish remaining who is almost 9 years old and she is approx 8-9 inches including tail
    • * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime
    • * What do you feed your fish and how often? Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellets as main food as main food every 2 days. (I used to feed once daily but I do not live at the same house as my fish anymore so have been feeding less) 
    • * Any new fish added to the tank? No, no new fish in at least 6 years
    • * Any medications added to the tank? No
    • * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank.Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Years ago I was actually very active on this site and was even a moderator for a brief period. I learned how to keep my fish from this site and at one point my collection was up to 30 goldfish. I set this tank up approx 8 years ago (maybe 9) with 5 fish. The tank and all fish were treated with 2 weeks of salt at 0.3% and with at least a month of prazi. All fish were added at the same time. No new fish were ever added. THe fish in this tank thrived but a few died during a power outage. Other than that, one fish dropsied and I had treated with Metro Meds at the time. But this particular fish has never been sick. Slowly the fish died off for various reasons (most from the week long power outade during Sandy, or dropsy). This fish has never had any major issues.
    • * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? She has a bit of cloudy eye that he has had for about a year. I honestly believe its an age thing. And she has a few missing scales. That also has been been about a year now. However aside from that she is doing well. NO frayed fins, no red streaks, no fungus, no pop eye, no pineconing. She is swimming happily. Her dorsal fin is upright. Sorry I keep saying she but I actually believe its a he based on the vent I just named her a girlie name so I am in the habit of calling her she. 
    • * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? On Christmast I noticed that the food I had given him the day before was not touched at all. He normally gobbles it up. Over the past couple of weeks I have racked my brain, trying to think of why he had stopped eating. Nothing has changed at ALL. But he is refusing food. I tried a fresh bag, no luck. I tried a different brand of food. No Luck. I checked his mouth and it is opening and there is no blockage or anything. He basically just stopped eating completely but is otherwise acting TOTALLY normal. No swimbladder issues or anything like that. Does anyone have ANY ideas as to what is wrong. Thanks in advance! 


  5. Well, I am now down to 6 goldfish. At one point i had over 30. This week my uncle passed away on the 20th, and then my fish Dean passed away on the 21st. I didnt know my uncle that well. He lived up in the mountains. I rarely spoke to him. I am pretty close to his daughter though (my cousin). So I am very sad for their loss. His funeral is today but I am too sick to go. Anyway, may my uncke RIP. In a way it losing Dean is harder for me. That might sound weird, but although my uncle was a good guy, he wasnt a part of my life, and I won Dean from the Dandy Oranda's auction almost 6 years ago. He was a stunning white and red Telescope. At the time we were watching a reality show about Tori Spelling and when I bought Dean I also bought a calico Telescope that I named Tori. Her husband is named Dean and the two fish were inseperable so I named him Dean. Tori passed away a few years ago. But Dean was completely healthy until October 2012 when the power went out for close to a week during Superstorm Sandy. I lost a lot of my favorite fish. Dean survived but has been on his side ever since. However he remained active and used to wiggle around and got food on his own uo until a few months ago when he began to dropsy. He stopped eating and at that point I did try to hand feed him MetroMeds. He ate them a few times and the dropsy did go down but then his belly got very red and he stopped eating. Ive never had to euthanize a fish. Ive thought about it many times but every time Ive been in that situation, the fish passed on its own overnight. That is was happened with Dean. I was glad because I hate being the one to decide when and if to euthanize. Ive done it with furry pets and it is such a tough call. So i am glad he went on his own. He was my last auction fish from Dandy Orandas. Actually, and I am not trying to say anything negative about them because they have goegeous fish and Ken is nice, but almost all my auction fish died within the first year. Right now I have one auction fish left that I got from Tommy named Paris. Knock on wood she is healthy. The other remaining 5 fish were either like 5 bucks from pet stores or free from the pet store I worked at. I have 4 telescopes and two fantails left. The cute thing about Dean is that my favorite fish are wenned fish. Especially Orandas. And i have lost all of my wenned fish. Dean started to develop the cutest little white wen between his big telescope eyes. Soooo cute. So I am down to 6 fish in 4 tanks. The tank Dean was in is a 38 gallon. And Paris is the only one left. There is def room that i could add My fish Angel and Chuy into that tank and then I would only have two tanks to change a week. But everytime I have moved fish from one tank to another, they get sick. So i will stick with my set ups the way they are. One tank has 3 fish. (Actually I found eggs in that tank last week so they seem to be doing good). Then i have 3 fish that each have their own tank. Anyway, I will miss Dean but losing fish has gotten easier, sadly because I have lost so many pets over the last few years. It is still sad though... I am going to post a pic of him from the auction. He was really gorgeous. The weird thing is, there is a new reality show about Tori and Dean on now which we watch. Apparently Dean cheated on Tori. He acts like such a jerk!! Amd Tori seems so sad. Its odd because after the last episode of True Tori i was on twitter complaining about Dean and the following day my Dean was gone. Off topic again. Anyway I hope Dean is swimming happy with Tori in fishy Heaven and hopefully fish Dean isnt a cheating jerk like real Dean! Lol RIP my beautiful fish! I love you! 1463968_10202011997595988_1727239062_n_z

  6. Im so glad you had better luck today! Perhaps jared's feeding schedule is exactly what your fish need :) I really hope your dropsied fish gets better. Is he still eating the MM? Is he still active and swimming around? If so those are great things!! Water changes are very important for dropsied fish too! But it sounds like you are doing them! :)

    As for being a helper or mod, awwww thats so sweet! But honestly, Im so rusty on some of the essentials. I used to know this stuff by heart. What meds worked best for what. Dosages, etc. Plus to be a helper or mod you have to really have time to commit to the board. Koko needs people she can rely on to be active often, and I was no longer able to offer that, which is why I am back to full member. When koko originally made me a moderator it was something I was soooooo proud of! :) It was an honor! :) But because of personal issues, I was no longer able to commit to to all the responsibility of a mod/helper! But i appreciate the compliment and if there is anything else I can do to help let me know! :) Good luck with all your fish Mikey! :)

  7. Got your PM Mikey.... :) Its been quite a while since Ive helped out but I can sure try to give any advice i might have... Ive had many many floaty fish. Some, like the one you have that had dropsy, floated no matter what. I tried everything. Peas, gel food, medicated foods, frozen foods, a billion different brands of food including Saki Hikari, Pro Gold and Hikari Lionhead. For some if the fish, I eventually just had to realize that there wasn't going to be a cure. And I put those fish in separate tanks from the fish that didnt float, and feed them only food that floated to the top so that they could wiggle around the top and eat it. I tried to keep them away from fish that swam around well, because those fish would eat all the food and the floaters would have trouble getting to it. I realize separate tanks is not always an option though, but perhaps a divider might be? Ive also noticed some fish just end up being sinkers. For whatever reason they sink and never get back up. In my 6+ years of fish keeping I have not figured out what exactly causes some to float, while others sink. Right now I have two sinkers. No matter what, they dont get off the bottom. They still are active and scurry around for food, so I feed them only sinking food and they have been doing this since, lets see, October 2012? As for the rest of my fish, i do have some that get floaty after they eat. They seem to do best with Hikari Lionhead as their main pellet food. Ive basically stopped giving any food that floats naturally to discourage them from gulping at the top. I only give sinking foods, like lionhead, certain frozen foods, peas. Gel food works wonders for some people, but I never had success with it unfortunatly. I found that limiting their feedings has really helped. I used to feed my fish twice a day. I now feed my fish once every OTHER day. I know that seems like a small amount. But its enough that they stay healthy and are not losing weight, but it also gives their sensitive swim bladders a rest. I might do Lionhead on Monday, then they will get a bit floaty for a few hours, but them fast them Tues and so they have a break between floaty periods. Then maybe do peas on Wed, and skip Thursday. I know a lot of people probably are thinking "are you crazy?! They are not getting enough food!" But if you take a look at them i assure you they are! :) Some people do the opposite approach, which is small feedings multiple times every day. That never worked for me personally. I know it works for others though. For me, that just kept my fish constantly floating. I feel like my way gives them enough nutrition (we all know Goldies can go a long time without food) but it gives my floaty fish a break from floating... They basically spend 2-3 hours floating after a meal, but the other 45 hours swimming around happily. One of the tanks actually has one sinker and two that float after being fed. The two that float after being fed usually come down after a couple hours then spend the rest of the time chasing one another. I know one is male and one is female and I have had eggs many times. "They" say only healthy goldfish spawn. So i am assuming that the feeding schedule I do isnt harming them at all. Anyway, thats what works for me. But I also think each fish is different. Some fish float with high nitrates. Though yours are not that high. But some fish will float with even low nitrates. Some fish float on gel foods while others do great on gel food. I wish it was a simple answer, but for me it was a matter of watching each fish, and getting to know what worked for them individually. I would hate to tell you to start feeding your fish every other day like I do and have that not work for you. Thats just what has worked best for me and is something you could try. When I give them Lionhead I typically give approx 1/4 level tsp per fish. Oh as for fish who have dropsied or are dropsied, epsom salts can be helpful, but i forget the dose. Its been a long time since I used that. I was also going to suggest prazi because in the past that has helped some of my floaters. But I see you have done prazi that recently. For dropsied fish I ALWAYS use MetroMeds from Goldfish Connection. For me personally it has had a wonderful success rate in helping dropsied fish recover and stay alive longer. I always try to keep a fresh unopened bag on hand just in case, so that I can feed it at the first sign of dropsy. That and water changes kept one of my fish that had terrible dropsy alive for four years.

    Well, I hope some of that helped. Again, its been a while since I helped others. Ive mainly just been caring for my own fish for the past 3 years or so. So if I missed anything, or gave any information that the moderating team is not comfortable with, please feel free to correct me! I wont be insulted at all! :) Mikey I really hope your fish do well and get better. It sounds like you treat them well and are giving them excellent care.

    P.S. Helen & Dan you tricky little.... well I will leave it blank. Lol Don't think I dont know your plan here! Trying to lure me back in to helping a bit because you know I cant resist trying to help out someone in need! Lol You two are trying to keep me around here aren't you? Hahahah. Love you guys! Lol

  8. Wow. It sure has been a long time since I have looked at this blog. Quite frankly I got overwhelmed by the problems I kept running into keeping goldfish. I always loved this forum, and the friends I made here. But so many sick fish all at once and I finally just got to the point where I knew I was doing everything right but still havinng issues. And while I was once a Moderator here (something I was so proud of) I just slowly stopped posting. I have not bought any new fish. I have 7 remaining now. 2 of which are sick and have been on their side since we lost power during Superstorm Sandy. I lost many of my fave fish during that and it was hard. Right now the remaining 7 are split between 4 tanks. So I am still doing 4 water changes a week.. Hope everyone is doing well. I miss you guys! :)

  9. Not much.. I added salt to 0.1%, and prayed! Seriously this is me "please God don't let Miranda die. Not like this. Not when its all my fault! I couldnt live with myself" I guess he figured there was a chance I would shut up if he helped her??? LOL

    In fact, she seems to be swimming around MORE since the "accident".. Its kinda odd... You cant really even see the spot anymore. Her wen is so big. It was noticeable the first day or so but its seems to have healed over well..

    I am still kinda scared though. Like if she dies soon I will always wonder if this is why...

  10. Dnalex has given you awesome advice. I just have one thing to add.. I saw that you posted this:

    Previous batch of comets died: 1 from ich, 2 jumped tank (!) (back of tank has since been covered properly), 1 from what I suspect was mouth rot (new comets were in tank at this point)

    Was the previous batch of comets in the same tank and did you take any precautions to disinfect the tank between when the first batch was in there and the new fish? Based on the symptoms flukes does seem to be a very strong possibility so you should definitely continue with the prazi. But considering that you say that previous batch had ich you should probably salt the tank as well. I see that you have a small amount of salt in there but the concentration of salt used to kill the majority of parasites (including ich) is higher. For that the dose is 3 teaspoons per gallon which is 0.3%. If you have never salted these fish to that level I suggest you do it to rule out other possible parasites.. You will want to increase the salt slowly. Its best to dose to 0.1% (one teaspoon per gallon), then around 12 hours later up it to 0.2% (2 teaspoons per gallon) then 12 hours or so after that add the final amount to reach 0.3%... Once at 0.3% you should keep the salt level at that concentration for about two weeks and remember that during water changes, you will be removing salt. So just like you have to re-add the prazi, you have to replace the salt so that the concentration stays the same... For example, if you remove 3 gallons of water while the salt is at 0.3% you will have to add back in 9 teaspoons of salt.

    Prazi and salt can be used together safely. Many of us here at kokos treat all new fish with both prazi and salt as a preventative while they are in quarentine. It may get confusing if you choose to salt while doing prazi though, so I would recommend writing down the concentration in a notebook or something so you always know whats in the tank at all times.

    Praziquantel can cause fish to bottom sit/become lethargic if the fluke infestation is particularly heavy

    This is absolutely true! 3 years ago my fish Angel was suspected of having flukes. I went ahead and started the prazi and the next day she was so so much worse. She looked like she was not going to make it and I was so scared. But the mod who was helping me at the time said to leave the prazi in and that she may get worse before she get better and sure enough that was the case. She improved in about a day.

    Finally when dosing medications you must remove carbon from your filters because carbon will suck up the meds. It doesnt appear like that is an issue in your case since you just have a mechanical filter, but I wanted you to keep that in mind in the case that you end up upgrading to a larger tank/filter like Dnalex suggested. ***edit I posted this and then saw your reply in which you talked about this! :D***

  11. They taught me here that dropsy is not a death threat.

    The dropsy success stories are amazing aren't they? Its so nice to see fish recover - even if they still end up with a shorter lifespan its the extra time that counts. And its worth it. To me, its almost like people living with a disease like AIDS. There may not be a cure at the moment, but that doesn't mean there aren't new ways to extend your life and to learn to live with it and stay as healthy as you can so that the effect is has is minimal.. I have three dropsy survivors with me right now. And the only other fish that dropsied actually ended up dying from what seemed to be something different. She wasn't even dropsied when I lost her.. YAY for kokos!

  12. You can continue using this thread, that way everything is under one topic. Really no need to make a new one:)

    Zeolite You are correct you cannot use that with salt. It rereleases the ammonia back into the water. You are going to have to remove that from the filter, but keep the filter running. What else is in your filter. Do you have any bio media such as filter floss, bio wheel, ceramic rings, a sponge etc? If so that must stay... That is where the majority of your good bacteria are going to grow and that is how you will keep your cycle. Always rinse those items in tank water NOT tap, because tap can kill the good bacteria you are working so hard to establish.

    If its been 12 hours, you can go ahead and up the salt to 0.2% (2 teaspoons per gallon) now. Then in another twelve up it once more to 0.3%

    It really is important that you get them into a bigger container asap... The stress of the move won't be so bad, especially if you follow a method like Spillie recommended.. Trust me the benefits of having more space far outweights the stress of a move. Even in a rubbermaid you can monitor them from above. You need to get them settled in something larger with more filtration.. 6 in a 10 gallon is just far too many.. Right now I know you are doing what you can, and keeping the ammonia down like you have been doing is awesome! But space really is super important.

    If you need to QT the other fish thats fine.. Are the other fish picking on it at all? Just make sure you keep the salt going for that fish too.

    The yawning and fins down can be a sign of many things including poor water quality or parasites.. We are already working on the water, and you are salting to take care of most parasites but there is one medication that I would like you to purchase that will take care of another parasite called flukes.. The medication is called Prazi and here at kokos most of us treat all of our fish with salt and prazi at some point as a preventative, and then whenever we get new fish we treat them with salt and prazi in quarentine.. Here is the link to where you can buy it online if youd like:


    If you are still using test strips it may not be a bad idea to get yourself a liquid test kit such as the API freshwater Master Test Kit. Strips can be inaccurate


    Im sure the loss of the other fish is sad and frustrating but I really believe that you are on the right track to making things better for the other fish! Im really rooting for you! :goodluck

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