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  1. Wowzers! Now those are some fantastic goldfish! I am loving that tri-colour ryukin.
  2. Hooray for enabling! How awesome that you got this guy for such a great price. He looks great!
  3. It really depends on where the fish are coming from and the goldfish keepers abilities. Personally, when buying from a store, I like to go for medium to large goldfish (around 3-5 inches). The larger fish that stores get in will generally be hardier and better at dealing with the stress of shipping and store tanks, and even the 'large' fish in stores still have some growing to do. Smaller fish will generally be more susceptible to disease and stress. However, this doesn't mean that all big fish are healthier or that all small fish are sickly, but it does pay to consider how well a small fish can take the stress, if it is too young or too stunted. If purchasing fish from a breeder or a reputable auction/distributor, you could go a bit smaller safely, but even then I would suggest avoiding fish under 2 inches. Basically, I would avoid purchasing fry unless you are confident that you have the skills to raise them. Another thing to consider is the size of fish you already have or plan to keep. It's best to try to match the size of the fish (i.e smallish fish with smallish fish, and largish fish with largish fish). The sizes do not have to be super close, but a giant fish with a tiny fry can be a recipe for bullying.
  4. I'm pretty sure all goldfish can lose scales (like Haruka said, they can scratch them off if they get caught in an ornament). My ranchu somehow managed to lose a scale not all that long ago. Just make sure that the water quality is pristine to avoid infections, namely that your ammonia and nitrite readings are 0, and your nitrates are under 40pmm. So make sure to keep up with your water changes. If you're worried about it, you could use a bit of salt to deter bacteria.
  5. Hmm... for a tank that large, assuming I had won the lottery as well, I would probably go for an in-wall reef tank and splurge for an automated water change/top up system, RO units, massive sump and refugium, the whole deal behind it in it's own fish room. For goldies, I would want several tanks and ponds devoted to certain types. A big ryukin aquarium, the demekin dedicated aquarium, the celestial tub, ect. Again, I'm assuming I've won the lottery or invented something fantastic and made massive amounts of money.
  6. Thank you for the amazing eye candy! You are one lucky duck!
  7. That's a good difference there! She may have some ryukin in her after all!
  8. I think That they are both awesome! And with some super rare colors too. I always like the look of Tommy's fish. If the shipping to Canada wasn't so expensive I would get a few!
  9. I absolutely ADORE short tailed ryukins (heck, I just like short tails) and I think he is one amazing specimen! I too cannot wait for pics or a vid of him from the side!
  10. Do it! He's an adorable face! Ahh, I wish they shipped to Canada! There are so many I like!
  11. Ah, I suppose you are all right, and one will swim along soon. I'm just such an impatient whipersnaper though. XD
  12. So, I've got this 80G with only three fish in it AND an empty 10G quarantine, just begging for a couple new goldies! But there seems to be few goldfish around right now that I like. Usually, when I go into the aquarium and pet stores to pick up supplies there are at least a few gorgeous goldfish! But now that I actually can begin to get some more.... nothing. I would blame it on the weather, but it's been perfect here lately. I wish the shipping from the states wasn't so darn expensive, otherwise I would just order online from goldfishnet or raingarden. Bah. That is all.
  13. I'll try to answer most of your questions that I can! Yup, goldfish are omnivores. I feed mine Hikari lionhead, bloodworms, peas and the occasional cucumber slice! Some other goldfish keepers here make their own goldfish gel food. There is more on food in the goldfish food section. As for the colour-enhancing effects of Hikari, I'm not too sure. Is yours one of the specific colour enhancing formulas? I have found that hikari lionhead does brighten the oranges, reds and yellows in my fish, and my ranchu has deepened in colour since I started feeding it to him. However, it can only do so much, depending on the genetics of the goldfish. As for black, I have only heard of ways to enhance black (ie. green water, sunlight, ect), not reduce it. It's usually considered desirable, but it is odd to only have one spot. Perhaps your goldfish is a minimal calico? The only other thing I can think of is ammonia burns, but those usually present on the fins. A goldfish should theoretically be okay in a single specimen tank. For a single fancy goldfish, depending on the type, I would highly recommend giving it around 15-20 Gallons. This should ensure that it can grow to it's full potential! A fluval 305 and an airstone should be plenty filtration and aeration. Substrate is really a personal choice. As I decided to do a planted tank, I went with natural river gravel. I keep it at around 1-2 inches for easy gravel vacuuming each week. River stones look great, but you want to make sure you can pick up most of the poo/food that will fall between them. Bare bottom is the easiest to maintain, and can also look quite striking! Most pond/garden stores will have excess duckweed, and usually will sell it very cheap. Don't use wild caught, as it can bring in parasites, bugs, and other nasties. Most goldfish will change colour to some extent. Red and red/white seems to be the most stable, with black, tri-colour and panda colours being the most unstable. But it changes from fish to fish. Most goldfish change colour dramatically while they are still young. If you purchase an older goldfish, it's colour is more likely to be stable. Yes, you can make your own goldfish food, but do not use human vitamins or supplements, either for goldfish or reptiles! The amount and type of vitamins and supplements meant for a human can be detrimental to other species! I wouldn't risk it without expert advice from an experienced breeder or veterinarian. Hopefully someone more experienced in making gel food can come along and help you out. There are not too many goldfish breeders around, one I know of for sure is raingarden.us. There are a few goldfish auctions online that sell amazing fish too, namely goldfishconnection and goldfishnet. For long finned fish, look up veiltails.
  14. I love his colouring! He/She has a serious case of the adorable! That is a pretty freaking awesome present.
  15. France. Ophelia Gilbert Grape Charlie All beloved pets. All sudden deaths. All lessons learnt too late.
  16. Hooray for beautiful giant tanks! It looks great! Glad to hear that your black moor is doing better. Gosh, I wish that I can have a tank that big one day!
  17. EEEEE! I love that demekin! You know what? They can all come and live with me!
  18. He's gorgeous! Boy, you were fast! This weeks auction wasn't even up when I checked a couple minutes ago!
  19. Oh, this is a tough one! I know for sure that my absolute favorite type of goldfish is a short tail Demekin (a ryukin bodied telescope/butterfly). Preferably tricolor or red/white, though some metalic calicos are lovely. That's followed closely by short tailed ryukins, then ranchus. I have a thing for short tailed goldfish!
  20. I think as long as you have good filtration, keep an eye on the water quality and do 1-2 %50 water changes a week, a 20G long for two of the smaller fancies is just fine! Of course you would then be at the absolute maximum, but it is doable. I would recommend avoiding the fancies that get very big like Orandas or Ryukins. And there is always the possibility of getting a bigger tank in the future!
  21. I have been talking to him about how goldfish don't have many compatable tank mates, and I do hope he listens. He is a smart guy, but as a smart guy it can be very difficult to get him to change his mind about something once he's got an idea in his head. Heck, I've been telling him that goldfish do best in a single-species situation for the past 5 years! XD WCM's seem like a reasonable compromise, but I would like a goldfish only tank the best. I would worry about danios picking on Jack, my Ranchu, as he is slower moving than my fantail. I know they can be a bit rambunctious.
  22. That's what I keep trying to tell him! I'm worried that I'll come in to work one day to find that he's dumped some neon tetras in there. >_< I'm wondering if it would be worth it to 'try out' a small group of WCM's to see of they'll work out, and move them to another tank if any minnow-eating occurs. My main concern is any possible damage eating a minnow would do to my goldfish. I cannot imagine that there would be any, but better safe than sorry. Maybe I can just get him to forget about it until I get a few more goldfish in the tank, then I can just tell him that the tank is fully stocked!
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