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  1. Aah, holidays are so busy! In any case, Pigeon is done his time in QT and back in the main tank. The antibiotics really did seem to do the trick, then I let him have a few extra days to rest and eat peas before going into the big boy tank again. I did take some pictures on my mothers iphone, but I seem to have lost them somehow... Hmmm. I'll find them somehow. He ate like a monster the whole time, and his poops always looked great. No more red streaks, no more gasping, but he still seems to have some swim bladder issues, but it is quite mild compared to before. For now I'm just up-ing his fibre intake and salting the main tank a very little bit. Everyone else is doing great so far. I am going to really miss my goldies when I move across the country in a week. Ah well, I've taught my parents well. I'm sure they can take care of them admirably.
  2. Well, Pigeon is in QT now, and the pleco as soon as I can catch him. Poor pigeon, his belly is all red. I'm starting him on some antibiotics in QT as opposed to prazi, as this is most likely a bacterial infection, with daily water changes. He's eating very well, and responsive to people walking by, but still bottom sitting.
  3. So it turns out that, whatever it is, both the BN and pigeon are affected. Both are displaying some pretty alarming red streaks, but only pigeon is bottom sitting. We've done a 50% water changes a bit earlier than usual, and water readings before the change were all zero or close to it. No change in pH. It's been salted, and I dropped in some hikari dosed with garlic extract to boost their immune systems and make sure they're eating (they all go crazy for it). I've got the QT all set up, cleaned, and running in case I need to move one quick. I took many pictures to post here later to get some more opinions on a diagnosis, but right now it looks like something got in the water. Otherwise, perhaps an internal parasitic infection. In which case I'll need to move both to QT to treat with prazi.
  4. Well, the albino BN is doing well (eating, happy, fat, active, ect), but now my oldest, Pigeon the fantail, is doing poorly. He seemed a bit off yesterday, but nothing I could pinpoint. Today, apparently (I'm at home working on my storyboarding), he is bottom sitting, has a lot of red streaks around his mouth and tail, and is just all around doing not so good. I'm going to go in about 10 mins to do a water change, get him in quarentine and get update shots of everyone. I've got my dad to put in a bit of aquarium salt at 0.01% in the main tank as a precaution. FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU... >__<
  5. Wowzers! Now those are some fantastic goldfish! I am loving that tri-colour ryukin.
  6. Hooray for enabling! How awesome that you got this guy for such a great price. He looks great!
  7. It really depends on where the fish are coming from and the goldfish keepers abilities. Personally, when buying from a store, I like to go for medium to large goldfish (around 3-5 inches). The larger fish that stores get in will generally be hardier and better at dealing with the stress of shipping and store tanks, and even the 'large' fish in stores still have some growing to do. Smaller fish will generally be more susceptible to disease and stress. However, this doesn't mean that all big fish are healthier or that all small fish are sickly, but it does pay to consider how well a small fish can take the stress, if it is too young or too stunted. If purchasing fish from a breeder or a reputable auction/distributor, you could go a bit smaller safely, but even then I would suggest avoiding fish under 2 inches. Basically, I would avoid purchasing fry unless you are confident that you have the skills to raise them. Another thing to consider is the size of fish you already have or plan to keep. It's best to try to match the size of the fish (i.e smallish fish with smallish fish, and largish fish with largish fish). The sizes do not have to be super close, but a giant fish with a tiny fry can be a recipe for bullying.
  8. I'm pretty sure all goldfish can lose scales (like Haruka said, they can scratch them off if they get caught in an ornament). My ranchu somehow managed to lose a scale not all that long ago. Just make sure that the water quality is pristine to avoid infections, namely that your ammonia and nitrite readings are 0, and your nitrates are under 40pmm. So make sure to keep up with your water changes. If you're worried about it, you could use a bit of salt to deter bacteria.
  9. Couldn't get the BN out into quarentine today or yesterday as he is the shyest thing. He likes to hide in the main driftwood piece that can not be transferred to the QT.
  10. Operation 'Get BN Pleco Nice and Fat' will go as such: - Clean out QT tank and fill with 1/2 tank water and 1/2 new water. - Add a piece of mopani wood from the tank. - Catch BN pleco and acclimate to QT tank - Feed him on algae wafers w/ garlic extract, spirulina, cucumber, zucchini and other noms. - Watch his poo and only medicate if there are signs of a bacterial or parasitic infection. - Get him happy, healthy and fat. Hopefully I can get into work tomorrow, and stop on a lfs on the way to get spirulina and garlic extract.
  11. Finally got the new crypts planted today, and their looking good! The goldies are ignoring them so far. However, the new albino BN is looking a bit skinny, and I do not see him around a whole lot. I may move him into the QT just to fatten him up.
  12. Yup, but it helps that they each have about 25 gallons each right now! I feel bad that I haven't taken many pictures lately. I'll get to it. Eventually! As far as I know there are no goldfish breeders in the Edmonton area, or at least not when I checked. At the auctions I know they've mostly got plants, tropicals, shrimp, lots of cichlids, bettas and a few marines and coral frags. There are not a whole lot of fancy goldfish enthusiasts around here that I know of.
  13. Hmm... for a tank that large, assuming I had won the lottery as well, I would probably go for an in-wall reef tank and splurge for an automated water change/top up system, RO units, massive sump and refugium, the whole deal behind it in it's own fish room. For goldies, I would want several tanks and ponds devoted to certain types. A big ryukin aquarium, the demekin dedicated aquarium, the celestial tub, ect. Again, I'm assuming I've won the lottery or invented something fantastic and made massive amounts of money.
  14. Thank you for the amazing eye candy! You are one lucky duck!
  15. That's a good difference there! She may have some ryukin in her after all!
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