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  1. What else though? I have put salt, tap water conditioner and Para-Cide. Fish still going crazy. He was very round and now I can see the belly part is flat... it's literally like a flat tire. I am afraid he's going through what my red lionhead went through where the lice seemed to suck all of his belly content... I'm curious though, do you STILL face the same issues? Or was it a thing in the past? If all your goldies are healthy now, what is it you do different than I do? Let me know. So in the future, if I am to buy another goldfish, I should put them in quarantine tank with all the same water parameters from the tank + Prazi to kill the parasites/ lice? How long should they be in the quarantine tank? God, I just want healthy goldfish. Going 2+ months with sick goldies is no fun... it's like going to hospital for two months visiting the sick one and you know they're not getting better. Would life be fun? No, especially if they're close to you.
  2. ^Okay I'm very frustrated... we've gone 10 pages in this thread, and I have yet to see the clear answer on this "disease". At first you and CountryLovah (the only two actively offering your advices) said it was flukes, so I ordered Prazi, then it was lice, so I got Para-Cide and treated Para-Cide... fish going okay for one week and then it goes like that again. And you asked me if I did a post mortem exam which I didn't... now my frustration is... IS THIS FLUKES, LICE, OR SOME OTHER FRICKIN WORMS INSIDE THE BODY (YOU ASKED ME IF I SAW INSIDE THE BODY)?? CAN I HAVE ONE CLEAR ANSWER, INSTEAD OF "IT'S FLUKES, GO TREAT IT, NO NO IT'S LICE, GO TREAT IT, DID YOU DISSECT THE BODY TO FIND WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT"? SO IT'S NOT EITHER FLUKES OR LICE NOW? Not specifically directing this to you or CountryLovah, but to my frustration. If goldie has so many diseases although I don't consider myself a bad owner, providing clear water treated with water conditioner, salt, and now medication. I don't exactly put mud in the tank and put goldies in there to live in the mud... if they're so prone to diseases when I have been so caring... what the heck more can I do?? We've gone 10 pages in this thread, and I thought it was lice, now you asked me if I dissected the fish to find what's wrong with it... so it's not lice now? Again, no offense intended, if you're offended, I'm sorry... but again, it's just frustration. This has been going on since new year, it's safe to say little or much, my life in 2010 has been quite affected by it... I wouldn't say positively.
  3. ^I wouldn't understand if I dissected him anyway... but I noticed he was covered with a brown slime layer on some part of his body... I don't understand this... ammonia and nitrite should be 0 as I still do 25% water change daily, nitrate should be 5ppm. pH is around 7.0. Para-Cide is still active... salt is 0.15%. I really really don't know what I should do more... now as I'm typing this my pearl is going upside down staring at me... he's really suffering. I don't know what the heck this is nnnnn all about.
  4. Hi guys, just update, my black ranchu passed away two days ago, I'm not sure why, but he refused any type of food three days ago, and he had slight pinecone. When he died, the body lost the black colour and turned gold... it's a sad moment, he was my first fish in this set up Then just today, after one week of looking fine and healthy, I caught my pearl flashing again and he was sputtering on the bottom... going upside down, etc... basically the same old symptom... although after 3 weeks plus of medication (Para-Cide), I never stopped it (only SLIGHTLY reduced the dose). I fear for the worst now... he's looking fine now, but as always he seems to lose focus at times, he often swims past foods instead of snatching them although he clearly wants to eat, he just "misses" the targets...
  5. Yes, unlike other fish who "recovered" and then died... my pearl recovered and truly recovered. My black ranchu is still lying on the bottom sand, moving slightly, but has appetite, and looks pretty healthy... just that weakness from the illness still lingering.
  6. Thanks for your attention guys! My pearl is back to begging food from surface again after so long :) Black ranchu is still lying weak on the bottom, it's as if he doesn't have the lift to swim... poor boy but I can see him gaining more strength and his stomach is not as skinny as it was one week ago. I do 25% water change everyday
  7. Good news is my pearl just came to surface after hesitating about it... he ate from my finger again after so long!! My blackie is still weak and I have to feed him in the fish net. He seems eager for food and ate 4-5 soaked pellets without throwing up, but when I was about to place him back to the bottom, he threw out all the foods. Next time, I'd better wait until he swallows all and puts him back. But overall, they're all in better condition now, especially pearlie. Last lice spotted was a few days ago actually, it was near pearl tail section... but still on his body. It was pretty big, so I actually killed it (I think I did) by pinching it using my long nails (which I hadn't clipped then), didn't scratch the pearl, so... --- My question is: if I start from scratch in the future... how should I quarantine the fish? Should I treat the water with Para-Cide or is Prazi enough? And then salt at what concentration? How long? Is quarantining goldie the same as other tropical fish like guppies, etc? Thanks for answering
  8. I'm doing Para-Cide up to now... I have put them back to the old 16" cube tank... so 25% water change (20 ltr) every day, and new dose of 1/2 tablet for every water change. Salt concentration is 0.15%. Good news is considering the condition they were in 1-2 weeks ago, they're in much better shape now: - Pearl: doesn't do any flashing only rare "running"... he's eating fine, although he no longer goes to surface to beg for food. I have to sink the foods... but he eats like a horse. He appears to be "distracted" sometimes, like losing his target on the sinking pellet... but seems to be in good health now. I can still see 2 small transparent dots on his tail. - Black ranchu: after 2 weeks of rejecting foods, now he's eating... not even throwing out anymore! But he's still weak and can't swim... only lay on the bottom everyday... I have to put him in the fish net to feed him... and I mildly rub his body and "fan" him at times just to care for him... etc. They're doing better now... but I still do medication until they completely recover... or should I stop now, considering I have done it for two full weeks now?
  9. My red lionhead just passed away today... he was still moving barely He's such a good boy even near death, he never panicked just slowly went about... I felt hopeless. The stomach is so empty is like the parasites really sucked all of his stomach content and all is left is just skin and bone in the stomach area. He's the reddest goldie I've ever seen. In fact, I'd probably never seen a intense red colour anywhere like that... it's like true red. I've been spending my last couple of days trying to understand them better... what caused my pearlie to be so panicky when I approach near the tank. Trying to think what they might think about everything now: their sickness, their situation, food, me, etc. As a result, I can approach the tank now and put my hand in and he's calm. So I am down from 6 fish to 2 fish now: - Pearl: is doing a lot better, some scales are still raised, but he eats fine just not from the surface yet/ my finger. Interacts and gives me a few bites when my hand goes near him. - Black ranchu: he was laying on the bottom on his side all week and refused all foods... this morning I found him to be laying on his stomach in upright position, so I think he's getting better... he just won't move. And I tried to force feed him in the fish net... and although he still throws them up, at least half didn't come out. So I fed him about 4-5 pellets in the morning, and then another round this evening. --- I still do 25% water change with Prime water conditioner and white Aquarium Salt (0.15%) every day and still dose with Para-Cide. But I believe, just like humans in sickness, medication is intended to fight bad bacterias and close the wound... but the real recovery is from internal strength... and I try to make sure they have internal strength to make recovery. Such internal strength, I believe, comes from: - Food... without energy, you just won't recover from any illness. When you're sick you have to eat like normal ppl. - Interaction with others... in this case, it would be me. I try to be like my mother when I was sick and she was always attentive when I was laying on the bed... making sure I felt "safe" and "everything is going to be alright". I don't mean to be a fish whisperer, but I hope I can go close to that to provide more for my fish. Thanks for asking CountryLovah, I hope things get better from here
  10. Thanks CountryLovah I've been quite sad for some time... I really don't know what else to do. Considering I had been considering myself as one of the freshwater experts for some time... and this hits and I can't do anything to save them... makes me pretty lousy. If Para-Cide doesn't even help them, what on earth can I do? It also sucks as I find out that these diseases really kill my passion of fish keeping... why should I keep animals that are gonna die in my hands/ under my care? But the worst is to think that I used to think fish was my one of my biggest passions and when this hits, I began to lose my "passion", which means it was never really a passion. Because a passion is true when you can take the good and the bad. I wouldn't lie, I have thought of just crushing the fish with my hands so they can die quickly than suffering like this... just grab a hammer and instant death than this... and hopefully they're reborn as a human. This sounds all negative but it's pretty much what';s going on in the last 4 weeks.
  11. ^I already described the tank dimension, it's 4' x 18" x 18" (255 litres/ 67 US gallons)... But you have to consider: - the amount of sand I put in - the fact the water is not full to the top - the glass thickness... as these cut the water volume... So considering the three factors above, the real dimension of water (not tank) is 47.5" x 14.45" x 16" which makes the net water volume 180 litres/ 47.3 US gallons. HOLY SHYT! 180 litres means 4.5 tablets... I've been dosing with 5 tablets. Oh well... it's not that much of a difference I guess... as actually the fish still flash and I can still see some mini lice on my pearl's tail fin. Salt level = 0.15%. Condition of my black ranchu is bad, he seems to get weaker and weaker... I don't think he'll last long.
  12. My juvenile red cap oranda died this morning. She also followed the same path the other two fish who died before her: sick, recovered healthy with massive appetite (but I never fed them too much), and then 2-3 days later got sick again/ worse than before, and died. At this rate, I Kind of hope the sick fish now don't "recover" because it usually means death in 2-3 days. All the three fish that died now also happen to be all females although I doubt sex had anything to do with their deaths. Now all remaining in the tank is the 3 males: - Pearl: pineconing and just freaks out everytime I approach the tank... not eating - Red lionhead: body condition still looks terrible... similar to a human being bashed by several people in a fight... internal blood on the head, near tail and all over body... but he might have the best condition of all the fish in the tank because despite the condition he still looks for food and eats when I feed him in the fish net - Black ranchu: doesn't have strength to swim normally... laying on sand on his side and getting thinner and thinner, unlike red lionhead, doesn't have appetite and throws up everything I feed him. He's losing black colour, he used to be very black, true black all over his body, now I can see the black colour fading into gold and I can see the scales normally unseen --- I never used Prazi, only Para-Cide at 5 tablets dose for my 224 litres tank (1 tab for 40 litres). This stuff is quite strong btw I put my hand in and it developed immediate red rashes on my forearm. pH is tested at 7.0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10ppm
  13. ^No unusual symptom just went from "recovered with huge appetite and bright eyes, and happy goldfish" to contracting the same disease... and she went hiding into the glass cup and she was unresponsive for nearly a day, when I pulled her out, she didn't move at all... and just died. Para-cide dose is still 5 tablets. My method of changing the water is take out 40 ltrs out and put new 40 ltrs in and 1 new tablet (since 1 tablet is for 40 litres).
  14. Prazi just arrived yesterday. But I guess it's too late, my bubble eye passed away yesterday following the exact same path of my white lionhead, who was in a terrible state, recovered healthy with huge appetite, and then went back sick worse than before and died. So now, there're 4 fish in the tank: - Pearl: ballooning and I can see slight pineconing on his body. - Red lionhead: condition is still terrible but he's still quite active vacuuming sand and ate some food yesterday - Black ranchu: condition is not getting better, throws up food being fed to him. - Red cap oranda: is now healthy, looking like a healthy fish, vacuuming sand, going to surface, eating fine... but could be following the same path of my bubble eye, and white lionhead.
  15. ^Thanks CountryLovah, always appreciate your input. And thanks Badfish for your encouragement, maybe that's what I needed. Lupin, good news is the giant lice on my bubbleeye's tail seems to be gone... it has unattached itself, maybe dies after I dosed with Para-Cide. And my juvenile red cap oranda seems to be healthier and healthier, eating although occasionally still throws up some foods. Pearlie is also getting better. Now the bad news: - Bubble eye seems to be missing some scales... and I caught her flashing for the first time in about 4 days. Just like my white lionhead who suffered very bad and recovered with huge appetite and looked healthy, and suddenly it got bad again all of a sudden (worse than the first time) and then she died. I fear now my bubble eye is heading the same direction, but she doesn't look sick. - Black ranchu seems helpless and lying on his side at the bottom all day, breathing slightly hard (but not gasping), but he looks fine. The body looks bright black as always, and clear. - The worst condition is my red lionfish. To be honest, I don't think he would make it. I have never seen a goldfish suffer from a scale disfigure as this one. I thought dropsy looks gross, but this one looks twice as bad. It looks like the lice and parasites are literally eating him from inside. His bright red body is replaced with darkish tint red like he's bleeding from inside... and if dropsy fish are balooning, he is getting thinner and thinner... actually to the point where I scooped him this morning, that I could see his skeleton's shape on the belly part!!! If you have seen marine fish "box/cowfish" where they have outer skeleton like crabs, looking boxy (thus the name boxfish), he is turning like a box!!! I'm not kidding. Looks like the lice have really eaten and sucked all of his belly content that nothing is left and from the normal plump looking goldfish to a skeleton boxy shaped goldfish. He has also raised a few scales so the pinecone is back, although not as bad. The Hikari is Goldfish Gold. I think it's a new product they have... its pack is small and the pellet size is so small (about 1+mm). I also have Hikari Oranda Gold. I think I'll buy garlic juice.
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