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  1. lol! I'm so sorry! I know what I am doing, but I can't seem to expalain it very well! I remember both of you guys from my former days here! Let me update you: In the MAIN tank, two of my fish that had been doing well were absolutley horrible this morning- these have no visible symptoms but pop-eye and clamped, frayed fins; the recap had ich, as did the newfish (now appear healthy). Can't swim, are bent over, they were very badly off, I had to euthanize them. The main tank was treated with .3% salt, melafix, and ich meds. Blue was in this until yesterday. The blue guy, my fav, is in the q-tank. He is doing MUCH MUCH better today! The fungus is gone off his body, not quite all off his eyes. He wanted to eat, but appears to have trouble swimming exactley how he wants, although he was able to take some food in. He does NOT have any ich I have been able to see. His fins are still frayed, and his abdomen still bloody, although it is receding. Water temp isa round 70, assumming it's the same as the room. Unfortunately, I do NOT have a heater. I have decided I would rather not stress him with a salt bath atm; I don't see any parasites, and I'd rather him get stronger before doing that. The orange fish in the MAIN tank I am planning to give one to today or tomorrow. Question- I have to disinfect my main tank in this next week. groan. 50gallons... How would you? I'm throwing all my fake plants (they need replacing anyway), and I am thinking perhaps running bleach through the systemfor a few hours- that will kill anything, and I can drain it, fill it, pour a few bottles of prime in there to bind the chlorine, repeat, etc. The other meathod I know of is the salt scrub- I'm worried about my filters not getting disinfected, though. I know it will ruin my cycle. Sigh. I will be getting the parasite stuff tomorrow (I need it for q-tanks anyway, to have on hand). Since I work at the vet clinic, i can probably get about anything, if you think of anything else that would be good to try, or have on hand. One q- can I mix melafix with the mardels stuff, and how shall I do water changes, just take out an exact amount and put in the amt,. of meds I took out back in then? I'd assume so... thanks for all ya'lls help!
  2. No, I was being silly. I had 1 and 3% confused as 3% and 5% when I wrote this- really hectic afternoon. The tank was at the high end of 3%, NOT 5. LOL.
  3. Ok. I'll see which of those I can get. What doyou think they have, then? The onething I wasn't thinking about so much was parasites- we've got some ick,but I don't see anything other than that. I thought sceptima (sp), fungus/velevet, possibly pop-eye, and trying to prevent dropsy. LOL I think I'm going insane
  4. Oh, and I have medigold and he's on that. All this an a cesearan at work, whew!
  5. He may have popeye, but I've also seen moores who's eyes will grow at different rates, and even out at adulthood. How big is he, what are your tank stats, etc? Can you get a pic?
  6. Ammonia Level: 0 Nitrite Level? 0 Nitrate level? <14 Ph Level? 7.2 Ph Level out of the Tap? 7.2 Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 50 gal (now in 30, all readings same). What kind of Filtration? Rena XP2 and OTB How often do you change the water and how much? 30% weekly, python What kind of Water additives or conditioners? Prime Any Medications add to the tank? Salt at 5%, rid Ick, Melafix How many fish in the tank and there size? 4 (5 inches, 3 inches, 3 inches, 6 inches) Add any new fish to the tank? Yes What do you feed your fish? Pro Gold Any unusual findings on the fish? Bloody streaks down the abdomen, esp. between gills and fin joints, "creeping" up the body. Cloudy stuff on eyes, white fuzz beginning over head, esp. wen area. Any unusual behavior? Lethargy, EXTEREME. Clamped fins. Will eat, has trouble seeing. Fins frayed badly, about 1/2 inch (thye are 4, 5 inches long) koko- you may want to fix "and there size" to "and their size." in your top box I don't know of any of you remember me, but anyway. I was incredibly stupid, decided this once not to quarentine a new oranda I bought. Of course, this time everything seems to have broken loose. I'm dying here. My favorite fish of all time, my once-in-a-lifetime find dark blue huge oranda is the worst hit, above stuff describes him. Since that, he is steadily worsening, so I have set up and moved him to the quarentine tank. It's a 30 gal, bare bottom. I have a minimal filter on atm, but I will go and dig out my old OTB's later, once this is done. I decided to completely change his water, I know, I know, but he is bad. He is still hungry, so that is good. I picked him up out of the water and moved him and what all, so the contaminated water did not go with him. Here is how i am now treating him: Maracyde, Maracyn 2, and a bottle of stuff, it's mainly for ick and other paracites, by mardel. What salt level do you all suggest as well? How would you treat what I have described? Any more questions? I hope he isn't dead in an hour, but if he survives the tank change, I think he will pull through all this if I treat him correctly. Oh, and I don't have a heater to run, but the room is 70-80 degrees, my birds and plants are in there . There ARE towels and stuff over the tank to keep it dark. from the Tap?
  7. I thought they were permenant- both my males have retained theirs.
  8. You might also pick up some ammo-lock.
  9. Thanks! I think I'll leave the carbon out then, and use the OTB for it if I need it at some point. Merry Chirstmas!
  10. (In regards to this http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/forum/index.p...topic=23929&hl= ) We looked for hours this afternoon for some kind of documentation that we had bought the tank there in July, and couln't find ANYTHING. So, we decide to take it in anyway, and the lady doesn't even ask for one! She just says to go take another! ROTFL...ARG! Anyway, very happy about that! I wanted to ask (now that I am rebuilding the cannister), do you guys keep carbon in yours? I have not, but I am wondering what you guys prefer, and how often to change it out if you do? Thanks!
  11. If I'm using meds, I have mine set with a reg. filter, and a cabron piece one. Now that I have the canister, I don't have any carbon in it, so I just take off my OTB, but before the cannister, I kept a carbon and non-carbon floss in the OTB so I could take out the carbon cartridge and med. without re cycleing.
  12. I would think territory (they grow up to around 8 inches, usually), they were different sexes (they can be ruthless, and unless your tank is big enough and has ample hiding space they can kill each other), or one was sick, and a healthy fish will often pick on a sick one.
  13. Me neither! They used to carry the bloodworm ones at nooppee for 5$ that I'd picck up all the time. I've looked at vvvv as well, several times now, and they don't have them- nor the shelf space or labels for them! I haven't asked yet at the store, I will sometime when I'm not in hurry... Makes me mad, my fish love them!
  14. THe URL is the Uniform Resource Locator. It's basically your web address- for example, Koko's is http://www.kokosgoldfish.com. It is the address of whatever page you are lookign at. Now, for your avitar (I assume the ID you mentionis the pic by your name- mine is a cockatiel) you will have to upload a picture, or find one online that is not copyrighted. Once you find one, you can right click on it, and you will see a small grey box pop up. On this, select properties. In the properties box, it will say "Address". Copy this, and paste it into the URL box under your profile for your avitar. It will end with .jpg, or .gif usually. For example, http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/forum/style_e...ult/biggrin.gif . Did this help any?
  15. Thanks for all the replies, guys! It wasn't a cheapo thank, AND we can't find the reciept . So it looks like we'll end up paying for another; the fish can't stay in the 30. It leaked from the middle of the seal on the back side. Weird, eh? I am wayyy to uncomfortable with try to reseal that area, so I don't know what we'll do with it. I probably just got a bad tank; but has anyone else had probles with bowfronts (it was a bowfront LOL). Since everything is now apart, I am so glad i had the OTB filter, I took the cannister apart to rebuild it yay! I'd been wanting to, but didn't want to mess up the cycle so! On the other hand, does anyone know what white specks on the back fins could bt? It's nothing I recognize, and it's definitely not just pigment loss. They are about the size of 3/4 pencil eraser. They've had them since thanksgiving for sure, but I didn't want to medicate without being here to check levels. On that note, levels are all good- ammonia 0, nitirite 0, pH is 7.5, nitrate is 60 (water is being changed tonight to fix this). No idea what cause the link in the first place thanks again ya'll!
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