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  1. Congrats on the New Fish :)That's one Beautiful Calico Telescope,two of my favs in one goldfish... How lucky for you to find smile.gif If I had the room, that's next on my list smile.gif

    I've been on the lookout for one for ages tbh,I occasionally see tiny little ones but I wanted something a bit bigger and so when I saw him I didn't hesitate.His body shape isn't quite as round as I would like but he has nice fins and a very vibrant colour so we'll see how he develops,which is half the fun lol!

    (I have a very nice white female telescope lined up for him as a potential wife :D)

  2. He's a bit skinny,needs fattening up with some good food but he has nice finnage and I'm sure he'll fit in with my other boggle eyes when he's out of QT.

    I saw some really nice young ryukins too,but decided I didn't need anymore of them :D

  3. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments,much appreciated.

    They are all doing well and so far there have only been three that were culled as they were severly bent.The others are all straight and healthy so far.I certainly haven't started to look for anything else yet in terms of faults,my eyes are waayy to old lol!

    I'm not sure about the practicalites of shipping abroad,but if I am successful in raising these babies they will be available to any Koko members before I offer them to anyone else.

    I reckon at the moment I have about 50 or so,they seem to be getting more as they get bigger! (they are easier to count) but it is no exaggeration to say that mom laid thousands of eggs so if I breed her again it will be an intentional spawning when I can keep more offspring.I would probably use 2 males too,although at this point I have no intention of doing this.

    Another photo and a quick video :)



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