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  1. Jayne where do you get all your fish from? Do you have a really good fish shop near you? I'm looking for a nicely developed red cap oranda and the only places I've found round here I'm not impressed with at all. I was wondering if there was somewhere near you I could investigate when it's speckie stealing time if I haven't found one I like before then.

    There are a few places round here that have decent quality fish in on occasion,I just try to visit them all regularly to keep my eye on things.I also have fish shopping days out when I put a couple of poly boxes in the car and head off to another part of the country to visit shops I have heard about.Sometimes I get lucky,sometimes I don't.

    My husband is quite well known in the aquatic trade because he makes tanks for shops to sell,so when he's dealing with them he'll ask about whether they have 'decent' fancies in stock.Word of mouth is very useful.

    I'm also a member of the Midland Goldfish Society

    When it's time to collect Speckie I'll happily visit a few local shops with you if you want :)

  2. Yep! thats the one I saw at the fish store!..so because they are fiesty, are they fast swimmers? would you recomend keeping them with Orandas?..probably not right?

    I would think they would be fine with orandas,although I don't know much about orandas tbh

    Certainly the pompon swims well,and his pompons don't impede his sight at all.He is not aggressive but I wouldn't keep him with my bubble eyes or celestials,as he is a bit too quick,he is fine with other varieties though.

    I think orandas could make good tank mates as they swim and eat well too (at least in my limited oranda experience :D)

  3. They have immense appetites! I feed several times a day (mainly live brine shrimp and microworms) in small quantities and do two water changes every day and the water conditions have remained good,but they need more room now so they are going into a bigger tank shortly.

    Mommy and daddy spawned again today but I haven't kept any eggs this time,although I had to do a huge water change on their tank as the water was yukky rolleyes.gif

  4. OMG they are all so beautiful! Did you have to cover up your filter intakes for your bubble eyes? Is that a plastic plant? The reason i ask is because i saw some beautiful bubble eyes last weekend but i was afraid to get one b/c i have plastic plants in my tank and i don't want to take them out lol!

    It is a plastic plant,but it's a very soft bushy type rather than the harder type if you know what I mean,and I've never had any problems (crosses fingers)

    The tank is filtered by a trickle tower and the water pressure is very slow as it is gravity fed so they cannot get sucked into it.I'd probably cover the intake if I had a different type of filter,where the water was under pressure.

  5. You're very welcome Rebecca,it was lovely to meet you and Steve,if slightly cold while they were loading the tank into the car!

    Glad you got back safe and sound and with everything still intact,it was a tight fit wasn't it ohmy.gif .

    Can't wait to see it when it's up and running,but you'll be very busy for a few days getting it scrubbed up and then set up that's the only down side of secondhand tanks really.I'm sure it'll look as good as new soon though and Hercules will love the room :D

  6. Are 'pinkies' matt fish?

    I thought perhaps they were calico but as you say they are not desirable I'm assuming they're not.

    I have a few black eyed fry,so I'm assuming they may become pinkies,although they're too small to tell yet.

    I have been told though that some matt fish are useful to keep as breeders because if they are mated to a metallic you get 100% calico,which is interesting.

    I have a matt bubble eye that I am hoping to use one day to test the theory :D

  7. Crikey they are way more developed than mine,and I thought I was doing well :)

    Mine are 2 weeks old now and eating new hatched brine shrimp,micro and banana worm, frozen cyclopeeze and I'm just introducing other frozen foods like oyster eggs,rotifers etc.all small enough for fry mouths.

    Anything else you can think of?

  8. Firstly can I sympathise about the photography skills,I'm exactly the same lol!

    The fry look really nice though,and the fact they have been in cold conditions for several months certainly doesn't seem to have harmed them,they are chunky and well shaped.Hope mine look like that in a few months :) Any pics of mom and dad?

    Can I just ask,do you own the fish on your avatar,that's a stunner.

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