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  1. Haven't been able to get one of those here yet,although I have put out a few enquiries,I'm also desperatley trying to get a pompon without a dorsal fin,you can only get the finned type here.

    Most of my collection are telescopes,ryukins,pearscales or bubble eyes

  2. I didn't grow it to that size,I bought it after it was returned to the lfs by it's previous owner who was stripping his tank down. I'm really hoping to get some good growth on my 2 babies,which is why I bombarded Mr Lim with questions!

    I really would love to have a good at breeding pearlscales one day,if I can grow some on to a decent size,but it's not easy blink.gif

    In answer to your question CO_Goldies, I only have one oranda ohmy.gif !! But I do have a fairly wide selection of goldies,which I have collected over the years,and I am happy to share with everyone :)

  3. Hi,I have fry at the moment and since they were first free swimming they have been fed mainly on newly hatched brine shrimp and microworms.You can also buy liquid fry food (known as liquifry in the UK) and also powdered or frozen fry foods, if you have a good lfs they should stock various types.

    Feed little and often and keep your water conditions as good as you can,I do a small partial water change twice a day,vacuuming the floor at the same time to get rid of detritus.

    I suspect your babies will be more fantail like than moor like as I would guess than telescope eyes are a recessive gene,although nothing is certain with goldfish genetics,which is half the fun!

    Edit - Daryl beat me to it lol!

  4. Thought I'd add a couple of gratuitous shots of my fatty with crown - he had an accident and lost part of his dorsal which is now growing back a different colour smile.gif



    He's a chunky chap but I don't think he's anywhere near as round as a proper Tikus, I love him though heartpump.gif

  5. I am so glad this thread has been started as I love pearlscales especially Tikus and would love to grow some on to a large size and eventually breed them. I have pearlies with and without crowns and I do have one who is fat and has a head growth.

    Does anyone know whether Tikus can spawn naturally or do they have to be hand stripped because they don't swim fast enough to 'drive' ?

  6. Apart from the few that were deformed and removed early on I haven't taken any more out yet.

    I'm not going to cull for single tails/single anal fins,and I haven't seen any with noticeably deformed fins or tails so there aren't many reasons to take them out yet.

    I have a few with black eyes which I'm assuming may be matts but again I think I'll grow them on for a while,as I think they are quite attractive sometimes.

    If/when I spot any with deformities I'll cull them,but for now I'm not culling for what I consider 'cosmetic' reasons,I have room to let them develop a bit more at the moment.

    So yes,still about 60 ish - thank goodness for microworm,much cheaper to culture than brine shrimp :)

  7. As well as my indoor fancies I have a koi pond in the garden.

    It doesn't look great in the winter as the vegetation dies back and the koi stay in the depths but these photos were taken during a pleasant summer day (we have them occasionally in England lol)

    The pond is 22' long,12' wide and 5' 6" deep.




    That's my hand,giving the 'great white koi' a little tickle :)

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