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  1. I've been to Star Fisheries and the size and quality of the fish available is unlike anything I have ever seen in a shop,although you do have to pay good money.My female Ryukin came from there,and I could easily have bought a dozen or more good quality fish.The guys name is Andy Green and he's very friendly too.

    If your parents are local it might be worth a visit,just to see so many fancy goldfish in one place,but I guarantee you will want to buy something lol!

  2. When I went to bed last night all the fry were looking healthy,happy and fat.When I checked them this morning there were about 20+ dead bodies in the tank. The water conditions remain excellent and I cannot see any signs of illness at all.I know that the 3 - 4 week period is a critical time,but I am at a loss to pinpoint what is happening.I only feed 'safe' foods,and my water changing routine is unchanged.All the equipment used on the fry tank is exclusively for them.

    I am treating for flukes as a precaution,and also fin rot.Any advice would be gratefully received.

  3. My giant freshwater Mbu puffer died overnight.

    He had been ill for a few weeks,off his food which was very unusual, but not showing any signs of disease etc. We treated him for all the usual things,flukes,internal parasites,worms etc. and checked his teeth and mouth as puffers can have problems with their dentition but sadly nothing helped and he died last night.

    He had been in captivity for many years before he came to us,and we had kept him in our 8'x3'x3' tank for three years with no problems at all,so I am hoping it was just his time to go,and that nothing we could do would have made him better,but it's a very sad household today.My husband was in tears when he had to take his body away :(



    Swim free gorgeous cry3.gif

  4. WOW! Half an inch in less than a month? That's amazing. That's like a one-month-old human baby growing to 20 feet or something!

    When will they start to get their ryukin characteristics (i.e. the hump)?

    That's the largest ones,there is quite a discrepancy in size between the biggies and the littlies,I'm not too sure about the hump development tbh,this is my first batch of ryukin babies,Daryl would know I'm sure,if she's around

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