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  1. You may have seen my earlier thread about 2 lovely new fish I bought today,a white oranda with lovely finnage and a red/white veiltail.

    They are currently in quarantine but I am already thinking what beautiful babies they may make,I believe they are both male.

    So here are a couple of my best girls, a calico ryukin who some of you will have seen before and a metallic ryukin who has lovely finnage.

    I have a nice orange oranda too who could possibly go with the white male - although her finnage is not so good.

    I have a few other females who are very different varieties,lionheads,telescopes,bubbleyes etc. but I'm not considering them really.

    What do you think?




  2. I know,when I asked the guy how much he must've seen my face light up when he told me lol! I'd already said to my husband that they were worth between ?30 - ?50 each,based on other fish I have seen for sale online.

    I was tempted by one more which was a lovely solid red metallic,not quite as big but still nice (in fact I may go back in a few days for another look).The other 2 were both red/whites but looked a bit battered and one had only one eye.Still probably worth the money but not out and out bargains.

  3. I really can't see why someone would give them up for a heater....the shop must be laughing! How much did you pay for them if you don't mind me asking?

    It wasn't just a heater,the guy just said they were swapping to trops so traded them in so they could get the right equipment to get them started. I paid ?14-99 each for them which is an absolute bargain I felt,but they don't usually have larger fancies in,they are a pet shop really with a few ?3-99 littlies usually.So they probably only gave the previous owner a few pounds credit per fish.

    I don't know whether you can recall I picked up some albinos a while ago quite unexpectedly,that was the same shop.You can go in 100 times and there is nothing worth having then next time just hit the jackpot.

  4. Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time and today was one of those days.

    I often spend Sundays browsing shops in the hope of finding something nice but today I scored a hat-trick smile.gif

    A customer had converted their tank to tropical and handed in some very nice goldies to swap for a heater etc.

    So there were 6 decent sized,good quality fish up for grabs - I came home with 3!

    They look like three little boys to me,hope you like them heartpump.gif







  5. They are real veiltails!!! I am so pea green with envy. Lucky you. They are so cute. Keep us updated. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

    Thanks Hidr.

    I must admit I wasn't sure what to expect because I bought them without seeing them first but I have used this supplier before and he knows his stuff so when he said he had got some in from a good bloodline I took a leap of faith.Later in the year he is hoping to get some calicos in too,fingers crossed.

  6. They're here!

    OK I was wrong they are definitely not ugly ducklings - they are CUTE!!

    I ordered 6 and the supplier very kindly sent an extra one free,so I now have the magnificent 7 (or maybe the 7 dwarves)

    They are in a tub being acclimatised at present so just a few photos for now:

    Firstly,the very exciting box shot lol


    Then a couple of babies chosen at random and popped into a tiny tank of 3" x 1" for a quick photo


    Finally a couple of the whole group in the acclimatisation tub :)



  7. I'll happily take some of my usual rubbish photos tomorrow when they arrive but I am not expecting anything too exciting - my understanding is that the finnage can take some time to develop so these little ones probably will be more ugly duckling than swan at this stage.

    Watching them grow up will be the fun bit......

  8. I am expecting 6 baby veiltails tomorrow morning :)

    They are tiny,between 1/2" and 1" length and are still uncoloured and probably won't look very exciting yet but they are from a good strong bloodline so I'm hopeful they will develop nicely.

    It's very difficult to get veiltails in the UK these days so I'm quite excited at getting my hands on these babies - are they readily available in the US?

  9. I love your tank. My question is how do you keep the glass so clean? I have a 150g tank that is 3 feet deep and I have a hard time reaching down with the scraper to get the algae. I have long arms too......

    I use an algae magnet,a floating type so if it comes apart in the water it doesn't sink all the way to the bottom :)

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments folks.

    We have calculated the gallonage to just under 600 gallons,that includes the sump of course.

    I just wish I could take some better shots of it lol

  11. I have an 8' x 3' x 3' tank with an undertank sump for filtration of approx 6' x 2' x 2' so altogether it's quite substantial.

    It has always been tropical in the past as I had a giant Mbu puffer named Douglas.

    Sadly Douglas died a while ago and the tank looked a bit empty with just his pals in it - rainbows,angels etc.

    So the decision was made to rehome the trops into two 4 foot tanks and the giant tank is now a fancy goldfish tank smile.gif

    It is very hard to photograph it in one frame but I hope you can see the goldfish 'mansion' on these shots -



    There are 38 goldies in there btw lol!

  12. Thought I'd post a quick update.They are all doing well so far,eating anything and seem to be alert and healthy (crosses fingers)

    They don't have names although I have been collectively calling them the three blind mice.

    Thanks for all the positive responses,they are not the best quality specimens,tripod tails,single anals etc. but they are very sweet in their own way :)

    They are quite elongated at the moment although they are still tiny less than 2" incl. tail,so it'll be fun trying to fatten them up lol!

  13. They were very lethargic in the shop so I was a bit concerned,the shop does not really look after their fish that well and under normal circumstances I wouldn't entertain buying a fish there.

    But since being placed in the QT tank they have been grubbing around heads down and have had a few frozen bloodworm so hopefully they just needed some decent water and a bit of flow and oxygen :)

    The tank has a black background and a very thin sprinkle of black gravel so they really show up well,I'm a bit smitten :D

  14. I wasn't going to buy any more goldfish for a while,as I am concentrating on the fish I want to breed with at the moment.But some of you will remember that I have wanted an albino fish for a long time so when I was browsing today and came across three little ones in a local shop I just had to bring them home.

    They were the last three of a large batch that the shop had had in,and to be honest they are not great quality at the moment,but hopefully they'll fill out and blossom in time smile.gif

    I have taken a few photos but they are hanging out at the back of the tank so they are mainly bum shots lol!

    These are the best so far:




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